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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Patrician 3

Автор: Antony69
"Patrician 3" is a great game which puts you in the late medieval period of Northern Europe. "Patrician 3" is much more than just a trading simulation game because of the in-depth features such as the sea battles, sieges, various elements of construction and there is much more. In my opinion, this game has been developed and designed very well and is worth buying.

Автор: sid
Patrician 3 is an amazing blend of real time trading simulation and maritime battle. The best thing about this game is it's huge gameplay. You can trade, hunt pirates, setup your own production facilities, build ships and with time develop a city and become it's lord mayor. This game will give you countless hours of serious gaming. A top game!

Автор: Dobermann Pharaoh
I have had this game since it came, I played Patrician II as well, I still play Patrician III today in Jan. 08'. However, it is not for beginners, the easiest difficulty still brings a lot of piracy, economical fluctuation, demands from princes and sieges from angry neighbors. And one thing is certain, there are no cheat codes. You can only use walkthroughs and player forums if you want help beyond your own skills. Good Luck Patician!

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