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     When  the  title  screen  appears, type 'AVALON'. It should flash
indicating you now have unlimited lives! If that doesn't work, try the

     Start  a  2 player game. Make it as far as you can with player 1.
With  player  2,  you  must  be able to make it as far as the fairy to
collect your boots. Now that you have gotten your boots, you are going
backwards to where you started. Push the THIRD cactus on the way back,
and  a  yellow pacman will appear. Get it, now kill player 2. Continue
playing with player 1. Every time player 1 dies, get the yellow pacman
with  player  2  and  kill  player  2 immediately. As long as you keep
getting the yellow pacman with player 2, player 1 will never die.


     Level  1 - Run to the third fire hydrant, and when you get there,
jump  over  it  and push it to the left. This will give you a blue hat
that  will  make  you invulnerable to the little ghosts that fall from

     Level  2  - Run to the third cactus, and push it to the left. You
will now be invulnerable for the entire level!

     Level  3  - After getting your magic boots, push the third cactus
on the way back for a free life.

- Jump on the roof of ghost's car to escape
- Only use powerpills when ghosts are in range, or else it is wasted
- When you reach the breaktime sign, jump when you are about 1 inch away
for a bonus (depending how high you are when the level ends)

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