Here  are  some frightfully useful tips for getting the very best
out of Overlord:

1) Campaign:

     If  you complete the campaign before June 5th the CO will put you
on leave until D-Day. If the mission presented by the Spy doesn't suit
you  then  go to the Planning Room and change it. Rodeo missions where
you can choose your own route are the most useful. If the air activity
starts  to  get  out  of  hand then try a few tower scramble missions.
Although you can only do one main mission per day you can carry out as
many scramble missions as you like.

2) Attack:

     Take  out  the  marshalling  yards first since this will stop the
reinforcements.  Generally  you  don't  need  to target the air fields
since dealing with the interceptors alone will keep you busy enough.

3) Destruction:

     Targets  are  made  up  of  a  number of elements. For instance a
marshalling  yard consists of buildings and tanks. Take out an element
and  the target will be damaged but to actually destroy it you need to
hit  most  of  the  others.  You'll  know  when  a  target is actually
destroyed  because  you'll  see  a secondary explosion. It's easier to
damage two targets than to destroy one but you get the same benefit so
on  the first mission move quickly from one target to the next getting
at least one hit to cause some damage.

4) Nitty Gritty:

     You don't have to waste time getting involved in the nitty gritty
of taking off and landing since it doesn't actually help the campaign.
Use the option on the Planning Room to start in the air rather than on
the  ground.  Once the mission's completed pressing [Alt]+[X] will get
you back to Tangmere.

5) Switching:

     In  Overlord  you  can fly any of the allied fighters. You switch
from  one lead aircraft to the next by pressing [Ctrl] and [1] [2] [3]
or  [4].  To  move  to  your  best  buddie's  aircraft use [Ctrl]+[9].
Switching aircraft serves several purposes:

1. If you get shot then switch before you hit the ground.
2. If you are left out of the action then move from 
   one aircraft to another.
3. If you run out of fuel or ammunition move on.

6) Chancing:

     When  you've  run  out  of ammo with a bit of gumption it's still
possible  to  do  some  damage.  Try  attracting  the  attention  of a
small-bore  flax  site then fly in front of another target. With a bit
of  luck  you can force an own goal. In general don't bother attacking
flax  sites  since  it doesn't actually help the overall campaign. The
best  way  to  avoid flax is to change direction and altitude every 15

7) Obsession:

     Many  WW2  pilots  used the term 'Target Fixation'. It means that
the pilot has become blinkered and is concentrating on nothing but his
target. This condition is usually fatal since the pilot either crashes
into  the ground or gets jumped by another enemy aircraft. In Overlord
it's  easy  to  get  Target Fixation when using the inside and outside
lock  views. The way to avoid getting jumped if flying on lock view is
to  press  [Ctrl]  and [F] every so often: this will reset the view to
the nearest enemy aircraft. If the view doesn't change there's no- one
on your tail.

8) Combat:

Here are some general rules you'd do well to follow in battle:

1. Dump your fuel tanks before you enter combat.
2. After diving on a target make your escape at low level.
3. Use Combat Boost to regain height as quickly as possible after 
   attacking a ground target.
4. The airbrakes in Overlord are a bit of cheat because the original 
   planes weren't fitted with them. Push [B] to activate them.
5. Keep your speed up during combat. It's easy to slow right down 
   and become a sitting duck.
6. Before starting a dive-bombing run on anything always check 
   the surrounding area for enemy aircraft. Do this by pressing [Enter]
7. Don't keep Combat Boost on for too long: it will result in 
   permanent damage. Use max rpm [>] and min rpm [<] to toggle 
   it on and off.

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