Seed factory:

     Use  the Elevation Map on the site map window to choose a landing
area.  The  clear  terrain is shown in black so the best locations are
black with the red dots - which mark potential mines - identified from
     When  you  place  the  Seed  factory a red 'X' will appear on the
diamond-shaped  tile  map.  Run  a  turn by left-clicking on the small
planet  in  the  lower  right-hand corner of the screen. Then the turn
number  will  appear below the planet. When you see the Seed lander on
the  map  (in place of the red 'X') you can start running turns to get
the Seed factory started. Construction tiles and pre- fabricated tubes
will appear.

Building with tubes:

     Tubes  carry  air  and power from your CHAP and power facilities.
For  most  structures  a  tube  connection  is  required to physically
connect  it  to  the  existing  network  of buildings and tubes. Since
construction  also  requires  a  tube connection on a tile adjacent to
your  intended building site you may find that nothing is available in
your tile selector window except for robots and tubes. After placing a
tube  on  a  bulldozed part of the diamoned-shaped tile map structures
will  appear  in  the  tile  selector  window  provided  resources are
currently  available to build new structures. When your colony is just
starting  tubes  will be unavailable in the tile selector window until
you've brought down your first colonist lander.

Early construction:

     During  the  first  50 turns or so you should build slowly. Allow
for the completion of each structure before starting a new one. In the
meantime  you  can  always  bulldoze  mine  and tunnel horizontally or
vertically  with  your  robodiggers (assuming these are available when
you  want  them).  Build  your  first  few  structures  in this order:
agricultural  dome;  CHAP;  power  facility; storage tanks residential
     If  your morale is falling fast you may want to build a couple of
residential  units  to  slow  it  down.  You'll  need to build a power
facility  before  the Seed Factory stops supplying power - around turn
150.  SPEW  facilities  provide resources from the sewage generated by
residential  units so it's also a good structure to build early on. In
addition sort out a warehouse and a robot command facility. The latter
will  allow  you to make use of your robots build by the Seed factory.
     Gradually  add  more  mines  to  ensure  that your resources keep
flowing.  Remember that an operating SPEW will generate MPG which will
replace  any  resources you may temporarily be missing. It's stored at
the   SPEW  facility  and  automatically  used  to  maintain  existing
structures.  You  can  check the amount of MPG in storage by getting a
SPEW report - simply left-click on it.

Seed factory collapse:

     Also  remember that you will lose your Seed factory units (power;
smelter;  robot  factory)  after  150 turns so if you want to maintain
those functions you must build replacement structures. Before the Seed
factory  units  collapse  make  sure that your tube connections can be
maintained  between  structures. Tubes are required to carry power and
air  both  for  construction of new buildings and maintenance of those
buildings.  You  need  a constant physical connection of buildings and
tubes  to  maintain the supply of power and air to all your structures
so  you'll  need  tubes  that  bypass  your  seed  factory  before  it

Using the robots that landed with your seed factory:

     Your seed factory landed with three robots on board: a robodozer;
a  robominer  and  a  robodigger.  While  the seed factory is building
itself   these   three   robots  can  be  assigned  to  tasks  on  the
diamond-shaped  tile  map  that  dominates your screen. When available
they are visible in the tile selector window at the top centre of your
     When  you first place your robots it's wise to place a robodigger
adjacent to one of the tube openings that are part of the seed factory
complex.  It  will  then  start  digging  a shaft to create your first
underground  level. On the surface of the planet a robodigger can only
dig  a new level when it starts next to the surface tube connecting it
to  its  home  colony. Because the robodigger constructs the air shaft
for  the  underground  levels the tube connection is required to carry
air and power to structures. When you want to extend an air shaft to a
deeper level place a robodigger directly on an existing one.
     Place  the  robominer  on  a red mining beacon. Later to extand a
mine  shaft  to  a  deeper level - on planets where this is possible -
position  a  robominer directly on an existing underground mine shaft.
This will not affect the functioning of the existing mine.
     Finally  position  a  robodozer  beside  one  of  the  other tube
openings  to  prepare  a building site. When you have placed all these
robots  the  tile selector window will be empty. You must run turns to
complete the current activity by those robots. As each robot completes
an  activity  it  will  reappear  in  the  tile  selector  window  for
assignment to a new task.


     The starship locates many potential mine sites and the geological
penetrator  probe can discover more. But to find the best mining sites
you'll need explorer robots. They perform their function automatically
and  each  is  capable  of  finding  undiscovered  mines.  On the Easy
difficulty   level  ten  explorers  are  sufficient  to  discover  the
remaining mine sites.

Building robots with your seed factory:

     Once  the  construction  of your seed factory is complete you can
use  it  to  build  additional basic robots. Familiarise yourself with
each unit of the seed factory by left-clicking on each of the finished
units and reading the report that identifies its individual function.
     When you select the robot factory portion of the seed factory you
can  start  building  additional robots. There is a text entry area on
the  robot  factory  report  which  has  a  small  arrow to its right.
Clicking on the arrow button will pull down the robot production menu.
By  selecting one of these robot types and closing the report you have
set the factory to produce one of those robots every five turns. After
you've  build  one  or  more of a single robot type you can go back to
this same report and reset production to build a new type.
     New  robots  must be stored in a warehouse. Usually one warehouse
is  sufficient  to  hold robots for a long time. Since those active in
the  field require no storage. You must have at least one warehouse to
store  the  robots  that  your  seed  factory  is building - otherwise
nothing will happen. To activate your automatons you must also build a
robot command centre (described below).

Building robots without the seed factory:

     The seed factory can keep producing robots right up to the end of
its life which occurs around turn 151. For the first phase of the game
seed factory robot production will often be sufficient for your needs.
However  at  some  point  you  may  decide to build more in which case
you'll need a surface factory: after turn 151 this is your only option
for  building  new robots. Active ones have a life of 200 turns before
their  fuel  cells die so you'll start losing them after this point if
you haven't already said goodbye to some due to accidents.

Activating new robots with Robot Command:

     However they are produced the new machines need to be stored in a
warehouse  from  which they are available to robot command units. Each
command  facility  can operate ten machines. If you want to operate 11
you will need to construct a second facility.
     If  a factory has produced robots and a warehouse exists to store
them and at least one robot command facility exists to operate its ten
automations  they will appear in your tile selector window so that you
can  place  them  on  the  tile map. If all of the currently available
robots  are  active  no  more  of  that  type  will appear in the tile
selector window.
     The  radius  of  a  command  area  is  unlimited  if  you  have a
communications  satellite  in  orbit (assuming you packed one when you
left  Earth).  If  you have no satellite communications towers must be
built  to  extend  the range of your robominers and other robots. Each
command  facility  and  each  tower  has a communications radius of 30

When buildings go idle:

     Buildings  go  idle due to lack of resources; power or people. In
the  case  of  laboratories  this  happens  if they are not assigned a
specific  line  of research. When a structure's report shows it status
as  'idle' you can find out what resources it needs by clicking on the
'Needs' button at the bottom of the report The CHAP facility report is
reached  through  the  Executive Summary Report buttons CHAP and power
facilities  are  at  the  top  of the priority list when resources are
scarce  allowing  time  to  react  to  the resource shortage. Bulldoze
unnecessary  structures  particularly  if you have an operational SPEW
facility  to  recycle  the bulldozed building materials. Make sure you
have  operating  mines;  an  operating smelter and sufficient space in
your  storage  tanks to handle all the processed resources coming into
your colony.
     If  buildings  are  only  idle  due to a lack of staff bulldozing
unnecessary  structures  will  free up employed workers. Alternatively
wait  for  your  population  to  grow  and  age  - giving you a larger
available workforce.

Why people die:

     People  die  naturally  from  old  age  or  by  accident (life is
designed  that  way of course). This will occur no matter what you do.
Deaths  also  occur  due  to  starvation  or lack of air but these are
problems  you can do something about. When you recieve a death message
after  running  a  turn  it  doesn't  necessarily  mean  you are doing
anything  wrong. Check to make sure that enough food is being produced
by  your  agricultural domes (one unit feeds ten people) and that your
structures   are  getting  enough  air.  If  you  have  handled  these
requirements  you know they're dying due to old age or accident. After
turn  60  deaths  by  old  age or accident are substantially reduced -
because the first part of the colony has been built; the weaker people
who   survived   the  trip  have  subsequently  died  in  the  hostile
environment;  and construction accidents are fewer because the workers
have learned better and safer techniques.

Resource movement from mines to colony smelters:

     Mined ores are stored at each shaft until a full load is ready to
be  moved  by the truck assigned to that mine. When built each pit has
one  truck  to automatically more ores to the Seed factory smelter you
can  build  yourself.  You  won't  see these trucks operating but rest
assured they're on the job. Storage tanks are also required to receive
the smelted resources and make them available for the colony.


     Trucks  can  be  produced  by  your surface factories speeding up
resource movements between the mines; smelters and storage tanks. They
are not affected by the robot command facility of ten robots each. New
trucks  are  automatically  created to serve each new mine. Any trucks
you  build  will  remain in your warehouses until one currently in use
breaks down; then one of the warehouse trucks is used automatically.
     On the Easy difficulty setting it is possible to get through most
or  all of the game without having to use extra trucks. Although there
are no roads or monorails in the version of Outpost that was released;
resources are moved automatically from place to place as necessary.


     Setting  up a colony on a new world needn't be a chore with these
cheats.  While playing the game pushing [Ctrl] with [F9] will kill all
the  rebels.  [Ctrl]+[F10] calls up a disasters menu. To get unlimited
resources  press  [Ctrl]+[F11].  To  get  maximum or minimum education
morale and crime toggle them by pressing [Ctrl]+[F12].

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