Original War

Last mission of Americans: Winning easy
     When  John finishes talking you and 4 other men walk to the hill,
if you can kill one before he becomes under your command then you will
not be attacked by anyone as this is a glitch, also you can build your
base inside the Allied base and not be sent off, =)

P.M. Belkov's relative
     In  the  first  Russian mission, allow P.M. Belkov to die. In the
next mission his relative I.M. Belkov will appear. Note: Sometimes the
game will glitch.

One On One mission: Easy completion
     Have  John Macmillan in a heavy gun turret on the hillside to the
east  of  the  base.  Have  Joan Furgusson do everything. Also let her
train apemen for the crates.

Y.I. "Burlak" Gorky's Masha
     Y.I.  "Burlak"  Gorky's  Masha  is recommended for Burlak's Masha
Gatling Gun Medium Track Alaskite.

Base invasion:
     A good way to invade someone's base is as follows:

American: Lots of heavy gun tanks
Russian: Lots of Behemoths

Gameplay Tips:
     Armories  make  excellent defensive structures early in the game.

     Mechanics  get a double level bonus inside vehicles, and soldiers
get a double level bonus inside weapon turrets.

     Characters can reach a maximum level of 10 for each class.

     The heavier the tread, the better the defense for vehicles.

     An upgraded depot gets a wider sphere of influence.

     Soldiers  are  useful  early  in the campaigns, but mechanics are
best by the end.

     Oil power plants cause a constant drain on your oil reserves, but
a  single  oil  drilling  tower  can  support  three oil power plants.
Meanwhile,  solar  and  Siberite  power plants only require a one-time

     During  in-game  cinematics, you can still use the numpad "+" and
"-" keys to speed up or slow down the proceedings, and you can use the
enter key to skip lines of dialogue.

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