Operation Flashpoint

SaveGame (all missions)

     Hold  [Left  Shift]  and  press  [Keypad  Minus] at the indicated
screen.  Release  the  keys,  then  type one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code                          Result 
savegame                      Saves Game (Gameplay Screen) 
endmission                    End Mission (Gameplay Screen) 
campaign                      Unlock Levels (Main Menu) 
topography                    Unknown Effect (Gameplay Screen) 
Iwillbetheone                 God Mode 

Infinite Save Games
     If you need to save more than once in a mission, then you need to
delete  the  old  save  game  file.  It  can be found in the directory
Users\\Saved\Campaigns\1985.  ALT-TAB  out  of the game, make a backup
copy (trust me!) and then delete the save file. ALT-TAB back and press
ESC  to pause the game. You should now be able to save the game again.
You can do this as many times as you like.

Full Ammo
     On  the second level on campaign mode when your officer shouts go
go go! Immediately type in moreammo and you will get full ammo.

Unlimited Ammo (Hex Method)

     To  alter the amount of ammo available to each weapon or magazine
simply edit the weapons.cfg file found in the 'saved' folder contained
within your user folder.


* Save a back-up copy prior to changing !!! 

     The  weapons.cfg  file  defines weapon classes where u can change
the ammo amounts.

class Magazine3
class Magazine4

     Once  changed  you will need to re-start your mission or continue
your  campaign for the changes to take effect. These changes are often
reset  at  the  beginning  of  new missions/campaings requiring you to
alter the new cfg file for that particular mission.

Bonus Level
     After you beat the gamem watch through all the credits and let it
go through all the loading screens. After the credits are over it will
start  a  scene  with  the  black ops guy talking on the phone to Dave
(Armstrong, the inf. guy) After the scene you get to fly a Cessna into
the  Everon  airport and pick up all the other characters that you got
to play and take them to a pub.

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