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Obscure: The Aftermath

Steam Achievements
6 feet under
Jedidiah won't make any more trouble.
Amy! Where's my car?
Find Corey's car and get to the hospital.
Amy's rescue
Find Amy at the Fallcreek dam.
Back to the drawing board
Get to the main yard at Leafmore.
Easy opening
Open a chest.
Recharge electric weapons 10 times.
Fully equipped
Obtain every available weapon during a game.
Consume 10 energy drinks.
It's over!
Finish the game.
Over-consumption of tea is not recommended.
No help in sight
Go through the hospital.
One hell of a night
Go to the Delta Theta Gamma party.
Poor Jun
Find Jun.
Prepare a serum, an improved serum and a powerful serum.
Heal a teammate 10 times.
The keys to success
Open all of the chests.
Turtle Island
Get to Jedidiah's house.
Valhalla, here I come!
Find Sven.
Where did they all go?
Meet up with Kenny and Amy at the Delta Theta Gamma party

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