NHL 98

Cheats during gameplay are as follows:

Cheat code:        Effect:
MANTIS             Makes the players bigger and stupid looking
NHLKIDS            Makes the players smaller and stupid looking
HOMEGOAL           Scores a goal for the home team
AWAYGOAL           Scores a goal for the away team
PENALTY            Causes a 5 minute major
                   + a game misconductto be called
INJURY             Duh, just be sure you hit them first
ZAMBO              Brings the Zamboni on the ice during the game
VICTORY            Starts fireworks below the scoreboard
FLASH              Camera flashes from the crowd
SPOTS              Turns on the pregame spot lights in the crowd
CHECK              Killer code enables you to flatten a player
                   by skating into him
GRAB               Enables grabbing each time you hit someone,
                   like check.
GLOW               Glowing puck

Internet Play:
     Click   the  X  in  the  bottom  left  to  quit,  but  then  type
ultimatejudge  (case doesn't matter, but no spaces). You should hear a
strange  noise. Then go to Connection and select Internet. You need to
know your opponents IP address....

Super Players: 
     Go to "Create Player," and enter the name of one of the main guys
in the credits name. It will ask if you want the same ratings as him -
go to Yes. The player you just created will be maxed out!

Other Cheats:
At the main screen type
eaeao for the EA Blades superteam. 
stanley and see the end of season video.

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