NHL 97

Hold Shift and type WAGD. This enables cheats...
     Hit  H  for  the  home  team  to score, hit V for the visitors to
score.  Be  careful; it could cause a season lockout or other problems
so don"t use them too much !

More cheats...
P - Ends period
G - Ends game
O - Goes to overtime
I - Causes an injury
F - Causes a fight
T - Shrinks players each time you hit it (shows when play stops)
    SHIFT-T - Makes players larger each time you hit it
    (shows when play stops)
1 - Two minute penalty is called
2 - Four minute penalty is called
4 - Five minute penalty is called
5 - Penalty shot

Secret EA Sports Teams :
     In  order  to get the two secret teams in NHL '97 you must do the
following:  Go  into the credits screen and when the picture of all of
the  Programmers appear, type pioneer. Let the credits finish and then
play  in  an exhibition game. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of
teams  in  the team select screen and EA Sports 1 and EA Sports 2 will
now appear.

     In the game controller setup, you can click on a teams logo. When
you  do,  it  should  make a high pitched funny sound. What that sound
does  is  it  activates the alternative third uniforms for Pittsburgh,
Boston,  Vancouver,  Los  Angeles and Anaheim. It makes a lower duller
sound  for  all  the other teams, but it only works for the teams that
have a third jersey.

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