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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Need for Speed: Carbon

Автор: nils
Need for Speed: Carbon is "almost" a clone of NFS: Most Wanted. There are just 4 good things in this game: 1.Canyon race. 2. Back the drift. 3 .Crew members. 4. More opponents during the race. So, as you can see, except the new things (in comparison with NFS MW) there is nothing good. More than that we can not again drive with a BMW during the career mode! The roads (tracks) are so easy, and the cops are too easy to beat. I've lost "just" 8 hours to end this game, in comparison with NFS: MW - 65 (just looking at statistics)!!! I don't know about the internet features of this game, but my resume - the worst Need for Speed game I ever played (and believe me, I have played all of them because it's the best car game collection)!

Автор: goofy
"Need for Speed: Carbon" is a great game. I think that it has attracted a lot of gamers because it combines facts from "NFS Underground 1, 2", "Most Wanted", it has the most realistic graphics I've ever seen and it offers a great variety of customizations and cars. But personally I am getting bored of it because of it's short duration. I recommend it to all the fans of racing games and fans of NFS series.

Автор: Chuckle
In reality, Need for Speed: Carbon is meant to follow on from NFS Most Wanted, and technically, it does. But to me it fells like a NFS Underground 3. Partially because it is set at night. Another thing I dislike is the interface. They have moved the Pursuit bar and Cooldown bar to the top right of the screen! What is the point in that? And, although it does seem to have a better storyline, it is too easy to complete. I got about 35% in about 7 hours! The safehouses are cool, but they have blue and pink lines floating around them. Most Wanted fells to me like it could happen in real life, this game does not. Another bad thing is the police are harder to beat, and there are less hiding spots from Most Wanted. But the storyline is great, and anyone who likes ruling parts of a city, this is the game for you. But if you just want something more realistic, choose Most Wanted.

Автор: Vinculon
This game is not as good as Most Wanted, but is still a great game. Some thing that are not so great: whenever you drive into a new section of town the game displays the name of the territory and who rules it right in the middle of the screen, obscuring the action. When I'm running from the cops or racing a rival I don't really care about that nonsense! Also, there is no way to race without a wing man (they invariably get in your way or win the race. The wing man winning is not as satisfying as winning yourself.) But all in all I greatly enjoyed playing this (somewhat short, but very replayable) game.

Автор: NFSfan
Need for Speed: Carbon is great, I like it better than Most Wanted. May be that's just because of the graphics. I wish there was more customization, like on Underground 2. The cars are so-so, I like the drifts, and that you can have your own crew.

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