Need For Speed 2 SE

Various cheats
     The following codes are typed at the main screen:

     This  cheat  makes  the opponents chase you as long as you are in
front. You can make them jump, fly, crash etc.

     Bonus track.

     You drive a rainbow colored car. (3Dfx only)

     Instead  of  dust  flying  behind your wheels, cows start flying!
(3Dfx only)

     You get pioneer engines.

     Enables  rainy weather. (Mystic Peaks and Pioneer Proving Grounds

     All T-REX.

     When you honk, all the cars in front of you will crash, opponents

     More traffic.

     Same as above, but instead of limos, you get buses.

     Type  as  your  name  when  you receive a record to make your car

     Makes the track slippery.

     This enables the computer to drive for you.

     All traffic will be limos, including you.

For the Extra Cars type:

FZR2000 - FZR2000 (duh!)
TOMBSTONE - Daytona Tombstone Racer

For Civilian Cars type:

GO18 - School Bus
"19 - Commanche Pickup Truck
"21 - Semi    
"23 - Audi Quattro
"27 - VW Fastback
"31 - Army Truck
"34 - Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
"35 - Limo
"36 - Mazda Miata
"39 - Supercharged bus
"40 - Wooden Crate
"41 - Wooden Cart
"42 - Wooden Stand
"43 - T-REX
"44 - Wooden Trailer
"45 - S.Stand 1
"46 - "2
"47 - "3
"48 - Log
"49 - Steel Crate
"50 - Box of Beer
"51 - Big Block of Stone

9 Camera Views:
     During  the  black  screen  after loading press and hold c, b and
RIGHT  SHIFT  6  times.  Then after the camera zooms to the car at the
beginning  of  the  race  press and hold these keys 6 times again. You
will now be able to drive in 9 different camera views.

Night Racing:
     Hold N while the game is loading to race in the dark.

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