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Need For Speed

     For  any of these cheats to work, you must first have either beat
the tournament twice (one time just gives you the extra track) or have
patched  the game. When this is done you must type the codes (complete
with spaces and in ALL CAPS) where your name goes: EAC POWR: Gives you
the "Warrior" car, an 800bhp car, capable of over 260mph.

     EAC RALY Changes the track that you are on, try it and see...

     EAC  WARP Makes the game faster by improving the handling of cars
and making the enemy better.

     EAC  4X4R  Removes  all  the 4X4's, trucks, and vans and replaces
them with cars.

     NOTE:  If  you  wish you can combine the codes, i.e. for the code
you could put in EAC RALY POWR.

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