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NBA Live 2000

Power Dunks
     When  in the main menu screen, type "redrover" in all lower-case.
At this time you should hear a noise.

Michael Jordan
     Defeat  Michael Jordan one on one in superstar mode to unlock him
on the roster.

Isaiah Thomas
     Get  fifteen  steals in a game in superstar mode to unlock him on
the roster.

Michael Jordan, The Easy Way
     Pick  a  player  in  superstar  mode against Jordan. Set the game
match  to 11pts. At the controller setup screen, select Jordan as your
player.  Let the other player score 10 points against you, then switch
the  control back from Jordan to the other player. Now all you have to
do is score 1 point on Jordan.

All-Decade Team Players
     There  is a set of five All-Decade Teams (1950's through 1990's),
and  all  of  the  players  on  those  teams can be unlocked to become
available  to  put on any desired roster. In order to achieve that for
each  player, the game will give you hints as to how this may be done.
Michael  Jordan, for instance (as well as for Wilt Chamberlain and one
other player from the 1950's team), can be unlocked by beating Michael
Jordan with any player in the superstar level in the game's one-on-one
mode.  If  there  is  a  way  to  u nlock players by achieving certain
performances  in a single game, the easiest way to do that is to use a
great  team  (like  the All-Decade Teams) against a poor one (like the
Chicago  Bulls). For seasonal achievements, just work your way through
it.  All the achievements can be achieved, but if you want to win by a
lot  over a team, do not try to make 15 'threes' or pick up 30 assists
in  a  game  --  just play up-tempo basketball. If you try to make the
achievements,  watch yourself because you also have to win the game to
unlock the legends.

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