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Nation Red

Steam Achievements
Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.
American Hero
Kill over 5000 zombies in Free Play in one game
Get 10 zombies sucked into one Meat Grinder
Kill 25 zombies while remaining inside one Turbine area
Kill at least 10 zombies with one grenade
Kill at least 250 zombies using sentry guns
Explosive Irony
Deal the killing blow to a Grenade Zombie with a grenade
Fire Chief
Burn 800 zombies with the Flame Thrower
Free Man
Finish off a boss zombie with the crowbar
Complete the Point Defense mission
Kill 50 zombies within a ten second period
Collect 10 zombie-attracting Rammers in one game
Moths to the Flame
Set fire to 50 zombies that are being attracted by a Rammer in a single game
No Guns
Kill 500 zombies with a melee weapon
Take 2500 zombies down with you using the Vengeance perk
Run a marathon length 26 miles/42 kms
Stopping Power
Kill 150 running zombies in a single game
Kill 100 zombies in Survival Mode without moving from start of game
Survive for more than 2 minutes in survival mode
Perform 20 grenade teleports
Tough Guy
Kill 1000 zombies in any single game without ever picking a perk
Complete any mission without taking any zombie damage.
Kill all zombie boss types
Complete all the story missions

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