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Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Coded messages
     On  almost every bulletin board in the school are pieces of paper
stuck  with  pushpins  that  have messages that do not make any sense.
Take  a  real  mirror and hold it up to the paper displayed on screen.
Also,  in  the  library  there  are  some books and charts with secret
codes.  One  is  "Don't run Nancy" and another is "The bolt cutter you
must take!".

Funny Responses
     Try calling one of the following numbers for some funny responses:

The number on Eloise's card (555-1204)
The police tip line from the article in Jake's locker (555-4855).
The drug store (555-3784)
Tony's pizza (number on sign by phone).
The Judo club (555-5836).
The Save The Manaties Club (number in book at library)
Maxine's Diner (number on matchbook in boiler room after sabotage).

On the Phone in the Magazeine Room
     Go to the magazeine room in the high school and choose the middle
phone. Don't call Bess, George or Ned. Instead call one of these:


Phone numbers
     Whenever you find a phone number in the game, try calling it. For
example,  the  number  in the "Save The Manatees" book in the library,
the  torn  note  for the pharmacy in the school halls, Tony's pizza by
the  phones,  the  judo  club  near the gym, the detective's number in
Jake's  locker  (the  newspaper)  , the number on the matchbook in the
boiler  room  (after  you are locked in), and Maxine's Diner number on
the same matchbook and containers (after locked in).

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