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Mysteryville cheats, tips and tricks

Author: gal27
In most cases, hold out to the last possible moment before using the Tip feature. The last item or two are usually the hardest to locate. In some cases, a needed item may be hidden behind another on the list. So, don't get hung up trying to locate one item...unless it's the last one. Quickly identify all the obvious objects. Then, focus on locating the more obscure ones. Learn to see both the forest and the trees. When objects elude you, try to view the scene both as whole, as well as individual parts. This is especially helpful with objects that are silhouettes as opposed to actual items. Don't be too literal when searching for an object. An elephant could be a statue, a depiction in a painting or photo, a shadow on the wall or an animal outside a window. When looking for a list of items, try to quickly "memorize" as many of the objects on the list as you can. It's easier to find them more quickly if you're looking for multiple items rather than one at a time. Objects are often hidden among those of similar color or shape. For instance, straight objects like pencils, rulers and candles are often hidden over or alongside of level surfaces like door frames, window sills and book shelves. A flower may be hidden in the design of a fabric pattern or tooling on a piece of furniture. If time's almost up, you're out of Tips and you still haven't found the last object or two, pause the game by hitting the Esc key. Though darkened a bit, most of the screen is still visible. You may just spot that last item if you look carefully while "off the clock."

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