** Fantasy Island **
     After  the  introduction,  you are left staring at the Myst book.
Touch this book and it expands to fill your screen. Touch it again and
it  will  open to reveal a small picture window on the right page with
no writing. If you wait a few seconds, the picture will spring to life
with  a flyby tour of Myst Island. Each Myst linking book will do this
when  opened.  It is best to sit back and watch the video, as it gives
you  a  general "lay of the land" that will assist you in finding your
way  around a new age. Each age consists of a giant puzzle in the form
of  an  island.  To  learn  more about each of these ages, consult the
local library.

 ** The Family Tree **
     You  will  not  encounter  many  people  in  Myst.  Atrus  is the
progenitor  of  Myst and all it's ages. He uses an art he learned from
his  father to link these ages together. It is never really explained,
but  it  seems that whatever Atrus writes in his books becomes reality
in the different ages. The 1 reference to this is in the Stoneship Age
and  the  gift he gave to the boys there. It will become obvious later
what  went wrong with the ship Atrus created. Atrus has 2 sons, Sirrus
and  Achenar,  whom you will learn of early in your adventure in Myst,
and  a  dear  wife, Catherine, who is apparently being held hostage in
another land.

 ** Where To Start? **
     Myst  island  is  where  you  start the game: First, Anything you
encounter  in  Myst that can be manipulated should be. In other words,
push all buttons, flip all switches, turn all dials, and so forth. One
thing  is  almost  certain:  if  it moves, it has something to do with
solving  a puzzle. There are no 1-way manipulations, everything can be
returned  to  it's original state. Your first objective on Myst Island
is  to  locate  all  the  marker  switches  and  turn them to the 'up'
position. These look like podiums with a large power switches set into
the surface. They must all be activated to get off the island.

 ** On Your Marker **
     You'll land on the dock after touching the page in the Myst book.
To  your  left is the outline of a door set into the wall by the dock.
If  you want, open this door and go in. This is the dimensional imager
that  you  will  soon  learn  of. If you care to venture forth at this
point, go down the stairs and at the base turn to your right and click
on  the  page  on  the wall. When it is in full view, note the list of
three  items and their associated imager numbers. Press the small blue
button  above and to the left of the page on the wall. This will slide
open an access panel and allow you to key in an imager code.

 ** Mirror Mirror **
     Use  the  up  and down arrows below each digit to set a code into
the  imager control panel. Now turn around and walk to the imager. Set
into  its  base  is  a yellow button which, when pressed, displays the
image.  When  no code is set, you will only see what looks like water.
After  you're  familiar  with the workings of the imager, it's time to
leave.  Go  back  out  to  the dock and walk towards what looks like a
large  gear  mechanism set on a hill at the top of some stairs. At the
base  of  the  stairs  you will encounter your first marker switch; go
ahead  and  flip it on. Climb the stairs and flip on the marker switch
next to the large gear.

 ** What A View! **
     Take  a  moment  to  catch  your  breath after climbing all those
stairs  and look around. Hmm... there's a lot more to explore. Go down
the  stairs  towards  the rotunda. On your way,pick up the note on the
grass.  It's  from  Atrus to his wife Catherine. It tells of a message
that's  left  on  the  imager  in  the  fore-chamber by the dock.Sound
familiar?  Onward  and  (back)  upward.  The  rotunda is used later to
decode  a  sequence  of  star constellations. For now, flip the marker
switch  to  the  left  of  the  door. Walk up the wood steps, past the
library, right and out to the spaceship on the point.

 ** What A Blast! **
     There's an elevated walkway leading out to the space-ship. Notice
the  brick  tower  to  the  left as you go out supporting a power line
running to the spaceship (you may be back for that switch later if you
trip  the  breaker.)  Go  out  to the spaceship and flip on the marker
switch.  Go  back to the library, follow the grassy path away from the
library  towards the distant Clock Tower. On your way, you will find a
large  water  filled  marble basin with a miniature sunken ship. Maybe
this  location  holds the key to raising that ship? Flip on the marker
switch just past the large marble basin and to the left of the path.

 ** Power Plant **
     As you've probably noticed, the power line from the spaceship has
been  running  parallel to the path just beyond those strange pillars.
In  front  of each pillar is a raised metal marker with a bronze plate
set  into  the  face of each that vibrates and glows red when touched.
Each  plate  has  a  symbol  etched into it. Do not touch any of these
plates  just  yet. Instead, sketch each of the symbols etched into the
plates.  Continue  on  down the path, past the marble basin, following
the  power  line.  Just  off  to  the  right  is  the  entrance to the
underground  power generation plant for the island, which is where the
power line ends.

 ** Shocking **
     Go  right  and you will find the small brick building that houses
the  entrance  to  the  underground  power plant. For now, flip on the
marker  switch  to the left of the door. Don't worry, you'll come back
to  this  building in a bit. Notice there's another brick tower with a
breaker  switch off behind the brick building. Go back to the path and
head  for  the clock tower in the distance. There's a control box just
at  the waters edge. On it there's a large and small dial as well as a
red  button.  These  dials  set the time on the clock tower. There's a
marker switch out by the Clock Tower. Unfortunately, you can't swim.

 ** Trees Through The Forest **
     Therefore,  follow  the  shore  around  to  the little log cabin.
There's another marker switch to the right of the door. As usual, flip
it  to  the  'on' position. That's a really large tree back behind the
cabin. If you want, go take a look at the big tree and poke around the
cabin.  We'll  be  waiting  for you when you get back here. That's the
last marker switch on Myst Island. Remember Catherine's letter? "Enter
the  number  of  Marker  Switches  on  this  island into the imager to
retrieve  the  message."  We've  seen 8 marker switches, and were only
able  to  activate  7.  Go back to the imager by the docks to get that

 ** Dear Catherine **
     Remember  the  hidden image sequencer panel behind the fake piece
of  paper  on the wall? Press the button and input the number 8. Turn,
walk  to  the  imager,  and  press  the  button. Atrus will appear and
deliver  his  message. He tells of his library being destroyed and how
he  suspects  his  sons.  He  tells  Catherine  that  he's  hidden the
remaining  undamaged books in their "places of protection." He reminds
Catherine  that  if  she's  forgotten the access keys, to remember the
tower  rotation.  Okay,  then  hop  it  up  to the library and do some
research. After all,wasn't that a tower that loomed above the library?

 ** The Book is Better Than the Movie **
     Go  into  the  library  and directly to the bookshelf on the back
wall. When it is in full view you will be able to read each individual
book.  Atrus  was right, most of these books are completely destroyed,
burned at the hands of an arsonist,which son could have done this? The
Channelwood Journal is the first readable book, it's red and green and
is  on  the left side of the top shelf. Take and read this book. Click
on  it once to bring it into full view, and again to open it. Clicking
on  a  page  will turn it. This book tells of a land of tree dwellers.
Each  book  will chronicle that land and show you some key drawings of

 ** Channeling **
     Channelwood  looks  like  a  land  of  tree houses. The next book
that's still readable is the red and blue Stoneship Age Journal on the
right  side  of the top shelf. This book tells the story of 3 boys and
their  adventures.  Make note of the submersible lamp, the lighthouse,
and  the  8  constellations  of  this  land. These constellations have
matching  symbols  like those etched into the bronze plates mounted on
the  markers  in front of the pillars that ring the marble basin area.
Use  the  empty journal provided with the game to sketch all pertinent
information. Remember, these books will give you many clues to each of
the ages.

 ** Apocalypse Now **
     The  next  readable  book  is  blue  and is located on the middle
shelf.  This  journal  tells  of  the Selenitic Age and reads like the
Bible's  book  of  Revelations:  replete with a land scorched by giant
balls  of  fire from the sky, large craters and burned out wastelands.
Make  note  of  the  drawing of the keyboard and receiving dish. These
items  will "play" an important role later during your travels to this
age.  It's  a good idea to sketch the map of each age, they will prove
invaluable  in  your  later travels. The next book makes little sense.
It's slightly singed, but still readable.

 ** The Book Of Patterns **
     At  the  far  right  side  of  the middle shelf is a book of many
different  block  patterns.  They all are based on a 8 x 6 grid. Don't
write  these  down.  Instead, remember what the patterns look like, as
you  will  need to reference this book later. There's 1 more book that
you can peruse. The brown book on the left side of the bottom shelf is
the  Mechanical Age Journal. In it you will read of an island fortress
and  an attacking fleet of ships. Make note of how the fortress works,
the  fortress  floor  plan,  and the stairs. Do not skip through these
books.  A  little  time spent reading here will save you a lot of time
later in the game.

 ** Son Tsu **
     On  the  left wall of the library, behold a red book on a display
shelf with a red page sitting next to it. Open the book and insert the
red  page  in  it to communicate with Sirrus. Through the heavy static
and  interference  you  can  see  that he is unsure of who you are. He
appears  to  be  well mannered, though. As he struggles to see you, he
pleads  for  you  to  bring more red pages. On the other wall you will
find  the  book  that  contains Achenar. He seems a bit, shall we say,
disturbed.  He,like  his  brother,  demands  that  you bring more blue
pages.  We  at  last  have  a direction to proceed in this quest. What
purpose do these pages serve?

 ** Are We On The Map? **
     The  map  on  the  left wall of the library holds the key to your
travels  through  the different ages of Myst. Examine it. When you are
close enough, all locations where you activated marker switches at are
illuminated.  Just behind the library you will see a blinking circular
marker.  Press on this marker and a line will appear. If you hold down
on  the marker, the line will rotate. As it passes over key landmarks,
it  will  turn  red. Release at the docks and you will hear creaks and
groans  as  the  tower  aligns  with  this location. After that pretty
impressive display, and now that the tower is rotated, what do you do?

 ** Secret Tower Passage **
     There  are 2 framed pictures by the bookcase. On the left wall is
a  picture of a set of stairs, on the right a set of book shelves that
look awfully familiar. Touch the picture of the stairs. The image will
swirl  and  the shelf of books will slide away to reveal a passage. At
the  end  of  that  wood paneled hallway sits an elevator. Once in the
elevator,  press  the  blue  button  to be delivered to the tower. The
indicator  above the button will display "Tower" when you arrive, just
to make sure. Exit the elevator and go straight to the ladder that has
an open book plaque behind it, climb the ladder to the platform.

 ** I Can See Clearly Now **
     Looking  out the window,the landmark highlighted during the tower
rotation  will  be visible,in this case he docks. Could this point the
way  to  the  place  of protection for 1 of the remaining books? Climb
down  and  go to the other ladder. A key plaque is mounted on the wall
behind  it.  Climbing  to the top reveals yet another plaque. This one
gives  3  dates  and  times: 10/11/1984 10:04am, 1/17/1207 5:46am, and
11/23/9791  6:57pm.  The  rotunda  holds a decoder that will translate
these dates. In order to leave the library, return to the pictures and
touch the bookcase picture to close the passage.

 ** Take A Break **
     This  concludes  the  first  part  of the Myst Walkthrough. We've
covered  quite  a  bit  of  ground  so  far.  The  island of Myst is a
beautiful  place,  the  likes  of  which  have never been seen on a PC
screen.  The  beauty  of  Myst  is  only  matched  by  the  rich aural
experience.  Take  a  break from your travels now, pick a place on the
island  and sit back and relax. In the second part of this Walkthrough
you'll  explore  the Stoneship and Mechanical Ages. So, for now, enjoy
these tranquil surroundings and stay tuned.

     Hopefully, you're well rested. We are going to set out to explore
the  Stoneship  and  Mechanical Ages today -- a major undertaking. You
will need to draw on your experiences on Myst Island in these travels.
The  keys to all the ages of Myst are contained on Myst Island itself.
As  you'll recall, we've just completed our first tower rotation using
the  map  on  the wall of the library. We have several dates and times
that  were  taken  from  the  key  plaque  for decoding at the rotunda

 ** It's A Date **
     Start  with  a  quick trip to the rotunda building. Open the door
and go in. Next to the door is a switch that will turn off the lights.
Click,  the  whole  room then looks like a planetarium. Take a seat in
the  chair  and  pull down the control panel. Input the dates from the
key  platform plaque. Each date will display a constellation that will
match  one  of  the drawings in the journal. The matching symbol icons
from this translation will be: Leaf, Snake, and Beetle. Go down to the
marble basin and find the columns with these icons. Press the matching
bronze  plates  for these symbols and they'll turn green (don't worry,
they're not jealous).

 ** Raise The Titanic **
     Upon  pressing the last plate, a loud rush of water will be heard
--  like  something  big  is  draining. Aha, the ship in the bird bath
raised.  But  that  couldn't  have made all that noise. What about the
bigger ship? Yes! The ship by the dock is also raised. Board it and go
below  deck  to find the first linking book on the blue chair. Open it
and  watch  the  flyby of the Stoneship Age. Touch the picture and you
will  be  taken  there.  You'll find yourself standing at the aft of a
ship  that  appears  to  have,  itself, materialized on a large, stone
island. A wood plank leads out to a sunken lighthouse to the right and
an umbrella structure to the left.

 ** Walk The Plank **
     There are several objectives on this island. First, restore power
to  the  island  structures.  Walk out to the umbrella structure where
there are 3 large buttons. Pressing the right button will pump out the
lighthouse. Return there and find the key chained to the walkway. Down
the spiral stairs is a large locked trunk. A small valve is set in the
left  side  of  the trunk -- open it to drain the trunk, then close it
and  return to the pump switches. Press the right button and return to
the  lighthouse. The trunk is floating alongside the key that's bolted
to the walkway. Unlock the trunk and remove the key hidden inside.

 ** Going Up **
     Climb  the ladder to the right of the chest. Use the key and open
the  attic  door.  There's  a  hand generator here and a battery pack.
Crank  the handle on the generator several turns until the power gauge
on  the battery pack shows solid white (i.e., you have a full charge).
Go  back  to the pump station and press the middle button. This drains
the  tunnels  in  the  large  rock structure. Sirrus' room is down the
passage leading from the aft platform where you entered this age. Look
around  this ornate area. There's lots to look at, but all you need to
recover is the single red page in the bottom dresser drawer.

 ** Return To Myst Island **
     There's  a telescope at the pinnacle of the rock formation at the
center  of  this  island.  Just  to  the  left  of  the walkway to the
lighthouse,  there  is  a  stone passage which you should follow as it
leads  up to the telescope. Look through the telescope and pan around.
Stop  on the roof of the lighthouse with the blinking light. This will
be  at  the 135 degree mark. Go back down the passage to Sirrus' room.
On  the  wall, 1 landing up from either brothers room, will be a large
recessed  plate.  Pressing  it  will  reveal  a  secret passage to the
compass  room.  On  the floor of this room is a large antique compass.
Now you're getting somewhere...

 ** Due East **
     Circling  this  compass  are a series of small buttons. Press the
12th button from the north portion, but beware! If you press the wrong
one, you will trip the lights and have to go back up to the lighthouse
to  recharge  the battery pack. A light goes on if you press the right
button.  How  strange, the light is underwater and can be seen through
the  windows  in  this  room.  Time to go back up to the pump station.
Press  the  left  button and the aft ship chamber will drain. Go below
deck  and  note  that  the  light  you just activated with the compass
button  is illuminating this room. At the bottom of the hold is a book
room. Go to the table.

 ** Can I Check Out This Book? **
     Touch  the  table  top  and  the  linking  book will materialize.
Remember,  you  can go into any of the chambers without the benefit of
light. Both bed chambers appear to have independent energy sources and
are  lit  up  regardless of battery charge. However, if the underwater
light is not lit, the book will not appear on the table. With the Myst
linking  book  before  you, open it and touch the picture to return to
the  library  on  Myst Island. Insert the red page in the red book and
listen  to  Sirrus.  He thanks you for the page and tells you that his
brother is guilty, and that he is wrongfully imprisoned, emploring you
to bring more pages.

 ** Back For The Blue Page **
     The  return  trip  is  a  breeze. Just go down to the ship by the
dock,  below  deck,  use  the  linking  book,  and  you're back in the
Stoneship  Age.  Recharge the battery pack and press the middle button
at  the  pumping  station  to  drain the center passages. Off the fore
section  of  the  ship  is  a  passage  leading  down to Achenar's bed
chamber. Achenar is not at all like his brother. From the looks of his
room, you might say that he is a little on the twisted side. There's a
lamp that looks strangely like a human rib cage. There, on the bed, is
the  blue  page.  Off  to 1 side of the room is a large dresser with a
strange apparatus perched on top.

 ** Only Half The Story **
     On  top  of  the  dresser is a holographic unit. Turn it on and a
rose  appears,  slide  the lever and it morphs into a human skull. The
second  from the bottom drawer of this dresser has a surprise. This is
the  left  half  of a torn page from a journal -- something to do with
marker  switches  and a vault. This could be important, so make a note
of  it's  contents.  With  the  blue  page  in hand, go to the pumping
station and press the left button. Return to the book room and use the
linking book to return to Myst Island. In the library, return the blue
page  to  the  blue book and listen to Achenar. He seems to be getting
crazier, doesn't he?

 ** Rubber Room **
     Achenar  says  that  his  brother  cannot be trusted, that he was
falsely  imprisoned and that he will seek retribution for his brothers
acts. The image is clearer this time, with less static. Maybe the more
pages  returned to the books, the better the communications link. With
the way Achenar is cracking up, though, how well do you want that link
to  be? Use the map to rotate the tower again. This time, position the
rotating  pointer  to  the  spaceship  out  on the point. Sure enough,
looking out from the tower shows the spaceship in view. The key plaque
displays a single message, 59 volts." Keep that number "current."

 ** Snacks Are Available In The Lobby **
     A trip to the power plant seems to be in order. The trip down the
hill  from  the  library is quick enough. Go in the brick building and
down  to  the door at the bottom, then press the blue button and go in
the door. There's a control panel with 10 switches in 2 columns. There
are also 2 dials: the left is for island power, the right for power to
the spaceship. Each switch powers up a generator. The trick is to flip
the  right  combination of switches to total 59 volts on each dial. To
do this press button 1 and 3 on the left column and buttons 3 and 4 on
the  right -- carefully! The number 59 should now be displayed on each

 ** What A Trip **
     If you press the wrong combination of switches you will trip 1 of
the  2  tower  breakers.  If this occurs, shut down all generators, go
out,  find the tripped breaker, and then start again. Once you hit the
59s, enter the space ship and you will see a keyboard at one end and a
set  of  5  slider  switches  and  a lever at the other end. Using the
diagram  from  the  Selenitic Age Journal of the keyboard, press the 1
key from the diagram and then adjust the first slider so that the note
generated  matches the note played on the keyboard. Repeat for each of
the  5  notes.  When  you  think you have the right settings, pull the

 ** Music To The Ears **
     If  the  settings  were  correct,  the linking book should now be
displayed  in  the  view screen. Touch the screen and watch a flyby of
the Selenitic Age (which is pretty desolate). Like the first puzzle, 5
sounds  must be identified and set into an access panel before you can
return  to Myst Island. Like the marker switches on Myst Island, there
are  sound  transmitters  scattered  about at 5 locations that must be
activated.  Locate each and press the button. Make a note of each icon
at  each  transmitter's  site.  Also note the sound that emanates from
each location. WARNING: This is possibly the most difficult of all the
puzzles of Myst.

 ** An Oasis **
     Cross  the  elevated walkway and follow the path through the pass
to  the  left  of the mountain. Set into the base of the mountain is a
small brick structure with a coded access panel. The first small trail
that  branches left off the main trail leads around the left side of a
large  crater.  Follow  it to the oasis. It is here that you will find
the  blue page on a wood bench, to the left of the transmitter switch.
Take it. The icon at this transmitter location is of 2 drops of water.
Press  the  red  button and listen to the sound of the water, you will
need to remember this sound later.

 ** Water To Fire **
     Go  back  to  the large brick staircase just past the Oasis trail
head.  This  leads  to the chasm Atrus spoke of in his journal of this
age.  Activate this transmitter switch and make a note of the sound of
the  furnace  below.  The  icon at this location is a chasm with steam
rising.  Go  back down the stairs and continue down the path away from
oasis  and  chasm.  You  will  quickly  come to the remnants of a once
mighty  clock  tower. Activate the transmitter switch. Listen and note
the  sound  of  the clock. The icon here is of 2 clock hands. Continue
down  to  the  fork  in the path, go right and up the hill towards the
crystal forest.

 ** Crystal Forest **
     In  the crystal forest, you will find another transmitter switch.
There's  a unique sound produced here as the wind whistles through the
crystal  formations. The icon here is of a shard of crystal. There's a
red  page sitting atop the transmitter pedestal, so pick it up. (Where
did the blue page go?) Return to the path and walk out to the jetty to
a  subsurface  tunnel.  The  loud  rush  of wind exiting the tunnel is
almost  deafening. Activate the transmitter switch. The icon is a hole
with   air  swirling  out.  Next,  climb  down  the  ladder  into  the
underground tunnel. Turn on the light switch at the ladder's base.

 ** The Light at the End of the Tunnel **
     Climb  the  ladder at the other end of the tunnel, then climb the
brick stairs to a large set of metal doors. Open the doors to expose a
control  panel,  complete  with video monitor, 2 directional arrows, a
receiver   coordinates   display,   5  icon  buttons  that  match  the
transmitter  icons,  and a sum button. The trick here is to rotate the
receiver  to  lock  in  on  each  individual transmitter. When you get
close,  a directional arrow will flash in the direction of the signal.
You  will  hear  a  clear sound played over the speaker when the right
direction  is  locked  in. IMPORTANT: Record the direction coordinates
for each icon.

 ** The Coordinates **
     The  various  coordinates  are:  Oasis-153.4,  Chasm-130.3, Clock
Tower-55.6,  Crystal  Forest-15.0,  and  the Underground Tunnel-212.2.
Once all coordinates are set, press the sum button and the sounds will
be  played  back  in  a  specific  sequence:  Crystal  Forest,  Oasis,
Underground Tunnel, Chasm, and Clock Tower. Return to the access panel
back at the start of this age. By moving the sliders, different sounds
will  play. Set the sliders so the sounds play in the same sequence as
above.  When all the sliders are set, press the red button to open the
doors.  Go  down the stairs to the rail car. Press the blue button and
go in and take a seat.

 ** Which Way Do I Go? **
     Press  'FORWARD' to start your trip in the rail car. Once lowered
to  the  track, use the directional arrows to set a compass direction,
forward  to move forward, and backtrack to reverse your last movement.
The   correct   sequence   of   directions   is:   N,   W,  N,  E,  E,
S,S,W,SW,W,NW,NE,N,SE,and  exit.  At  the  end  of  the ride, exit and
follow  the passage. There you will find the Myst linking book, so use
it  to  return to Myst Island. Back in the library, place the red page
in  the  red  book.  Sirrus is easier to see and hear now with another
page  inserted. He begs that you bring more pages and warns you not to
release his brother.

 ** The Blue Page **
     The  return  trip is easy this time. The code is still set in the
spaceship,  so simply use the already displayed linking book to travel
to  the Selenitic Age. Return to the oasis and retrieve the blue page.
When  you  go  back  to  the maze entrance, the sliders are still set.
Press  the  button  and  go  down  to the rail car which has magically
returned  to  the  start  of  the  maze. Run the exact same directions
through  the  maze. Use the Myst linking book to return to the library
and  insert  the blue page into the blue book. Achenar now claims that
Sirrus murdered their father and commands you to bring more pages. The
plot thickens...

 ** Shore Leave **
     That  concludes  the second installment of this Myst walkthrough.
The  two  brothers  offer a truly perplexing problem. Which of them is
rightfully  imprisoned  and  which  is  telling the truth? Does sanity
count  for anything, or has Achenar been driven to his insanity by his
grief  over  the  murder  of  his  father?  The  time is coming when a
decision  must be made. Which brother will you free? In part 3 of this
walkthrough,  we  will explore the Mechanical and Channelwood Ages, as
well as the End Game.


     Have you come to any conclusions? Which brother is sane and which
is  really  guilty? How did they get into their separate books anyway?
Why  are  their  pages scattered throughout the lands of Myst? So many
questions and so few answers. Maybe you will find some more answers in
the  remaining ages of Myst. If not, how will you decide which brother
to  release?  Your decision will ultimately lead to either your escape
or permanent residency.

 ** Trained Mechanics **
     You've  probably already guessed which landmark holds the linking
book  to  the  Mechanical Age; it's the large set of gears on the hill
above  the  docks.  Using  the map in the library, rotate the tower to
align  with  this spot. A trip to the tower will show proper alignment
and  disclose the key 2:40 2,2,1. That first part is a time, and where
is  time  used  on Myst Island? The controls on the shore by the Clock
Tower,  of  course.  After arriving at the control box, turn the dials
for  hours  and minutes to set the clock to 2:40. Press the red button
and a hidden walkway of gears will rise from the water.

 ** What Was The Combination? **
     Inside  the  tower is a strange device. It consists of 3 numbered
dials  in  a  vertical  stack,  and at the base are 2 levers on either
side: one on the wall to the right, and a counter weight on a chain to
the  left.  Pull  and  release  the lever on the left and the bottom 2
dials  will  rotate  1  digit. Pull and hold this lever and the bottom
number  dial  rotates  1  position  while the middle dial continues to
rotate  until released. Pull and release the right lever and the top 2
dials  rotate  1  position.  Pull and hold the right lever and the top
number  rotates  1  position  and  the middle dial continues to rotate
until released. Simple, right?

 ** Get It In Gear **
     You  are  limited  on the number of times you can pull the levers
because,  as you rotate dials, the counterweight drops. If it hits the
ground  you  have to pull the lever on the wall to reset the dials and
raise the counterweight. The quickest solution to this puzzle is: Pull
and  release  right  lever twice. Hold the left lever down until the 2
comes around on the middle dial, then release the lever. There will be
a  cranking sound as a mini-gear set in the base of the device rotates
open.  It  looks  a lot like the larger gear on the hill by the docks.
Time  to  get  up there and check if it has opened like this miniature
model has.

 ** Fortress Island **
     Sure  enough,  the  gear  is  open  and  the linking book is just
inside.  Use  it  to get to the Mechanical Age, a place full of gears.
Upon  arrival, to your left is a gear set on a pedestal with a control
panel.  There  are  4  icons that can be changed by pressing the green
buttons.  There's  also  a  large  red  button  under  the row of icon
buttons.  Across  a steel foot bridge sits a small fortress set on yet
more  gears.  The track that encircles the fortress, and the long trap
door  guarded  by  railings,  look  just like a few of the drawings in
Atrus  journal  of this age. Cross the foot bridge to the fortress and
go right once inside.

 ** Around And Around We Go **
     Achenar's  room  is  even  weirder  than those found in the other
ages.  There  are  all  sorts  of  weapons  laying about surrounded by
strange  wall decorations. There's a fortress rotation simulator here.
By  manipulating  the  levers,  you will see a graphic of the fortress
rotate  through  the  4  compass  directions.  When  you find the real
rotation  device,  you will not have the benefit of a graphic display.
Practice  enough  to  be able to do this with your eyes closed. Listen
carefully  to  the directional sounds. There's a recessed panel to the
right  of the simulator marked by a yellow stripe, press on this panel
and enter the secret chamber.

 ** Torture Chamber **
     The  Blue  page  is beneath a shelf with poison bottles. Find the
other exit from the bed chamber, follow it to the end, and you will be
at  the  back  entrance of Sirrus' room. Midway between these is a red
button and another hallway. There appears to be a column at the end of
the hallway. Pressing the red button opens a door in the floor. In the
lower,level  there's  a  small  table with a display of 2 semicircles,
with  1  set  inside the other, and a lever. Pull the lever and rotate
the circles lining up the openings, then return upstairs. Push the red
button again to close the stairs and go down the hall to the elevator.

 ** Going Up **
     The elevator has an up and down arrow with a square button set in
the  middle  that serves as a timer. Go to the top floor and press the
timer.  Exit  the  elevator  and, when the timer expires, the elevator
will  close  and lower out of sight revealing the rotation device. Use
the device to rotate and visit the islands north and east of this one.
On  each, you will find half of the 4 icon sequence needed to open the
stairway  at  the start of this age. Return the tower to it's original
location  (south)  and  use  this  4-icon  code  sequence  to open the
stairway.  Finally,  go  down  to the room and use the linking book to
return to Myst Island.

 ** Mental Case **
     Back  at  Myst  Island,  insert  the  blue page in the blue book.
Achenar  gets  a little further down the road to the big rubber walled
room  on  each  return  trip. He of course wants "more blue pages", so
what  else  is  new?  He  tells  of  Sirrus being the guilty party. He
explains  how  Sirrus has a greed that cannot be quenched. Most of the
conversation  is  the same old paranoid babble that Achenar seems only
capable  of  vocalizing.  Get  back  to  the  gear on the hill and the
Mechanical  Age linking book. Once back at the island, again cross the
catwalk  to  the fortress, go left inside the door. This will take you
to Sirrus' room.

 ** Sirrus Stuff **
     Sirrus'  room  is filled with miniature models of all the devices
on  Myst  Island.  Each can be closely examined. Since the fortress is
symmetrical,  it  only  makes  sense that there would also be a hidden
room  here.  Below  and  to  the right of Sirrus' "throne," behind the
tapestry,  is  where  the  panel  is  located. Here is where his greed
manifested  itself  in  the  gold bars and coins that litter the room.
Laying  in  a chest of gold bars, in the back corner of the room, is a
red  page.  There's a threatening note rolled up with the wine bottles
from  Achenar.  Return  to  Myst  Island  with the fourth red page and
insert it into the red book.

 ** The Fourth Red Page **
     Sirrus  actually seems a little calmer. With each page he says he
can  see  more clearly and that soon he will be free of his prison. He
sure is appreciative of the red pages and promises great wealth if the
last one is retrieved. As is always the case with these 2 brothers, he
mixes  no  words where his brother's concerned. He claims that Achenar
is  demented  and  took  advantage  of  their father. He warns that,if
released, Achenar will destroy both of you. He is anxious for the last
page  to  be  returned  from  the  last unexplored age. The only other
landmark that will activate the tower is the large tree.

 ** Channelwood Age **
     Use  the map in the library to rotate the tower to the large tree
behind  the  small  cabin  just up from the Clock Tower. A quick check
through  the  window in the tower confirms the tower position, and the
key plaque only displayed the numbers 7,2,4. What the heck could those
numbers mean? Just inside of the door and to the left in the small log
cabin  by the large tree is a wall safe. Setting the three tumblers to
7,2,4  and pulling the handle opens the safe. There's a box of matches
in  the  safe.  Is  anything on this island normal? Before leaving the
wall  safe, strike the match on the box to ignite it. Things will heat
up soon.

 ** Fire It Up **
     Turn  around  and  go to the furnace. Start by cranking the large
wheel  to  the right to get the gas going, then touch the match to the
pilot set in the lower left of the furnace base. Keep cranking the gas
up  until  the  temperature  readout  gauge  is  maxxed  out. The loud
thundering  sound  is  the tree moving up out of the base. Cut the gas
and  run  out  to  the  tree  and  you  will  be  able  to jump into a
compartment  set in the tree for a ride down. At the bottom, there's a
room  with  the  Channelwood Age linking book sitting on a tree stump.
Use  this  book to get to the Channelwood Age. Just as the journal had
stated, this place is filled with trees.

 ** Myst Family Robinson **
     There  are  3  levels  to  the  Channelwood  Age; the water level
walkways,  the  mid-level  huts,  and  the upper level bed chambers of
Achenar  and  Sirrus.  The lower level is a very simple tree structure
branching  out from the windmill. The mid-level huts are mapped in the
Channelwood  Age  Journal,  and  the upper level consists of a winding
walkway that connects the 2 brothers' bed chambers. Also on this level
is  Achenar's  imaging chamber. All mechanisms in this age are powered
by  a  series  of  water  pipes  that  emanate  from the windmill. The
windmill  is to your left at the start of this age, so you'd best make
your way there.

 ** Open The Valve **
     Inside  the windmill there's a water valve at the base of a large
tank.  Open  the valve and you will hear the water run into the pipes.
All  through  this  level, you will know if the pipes at your feet are
filled with running water by the sound -- no sound, no water. Also, at
each fork of the walkway there's a 2-way valve. Move the red valve bar
parallel  to  the  pipe  you  want  the  water  to go down. The spiral
staircase  seems  like the logical way up, but the door is locked with
no  key.  From the windmill, route the water left, then right 3 times.
This  will bring you to an elevator. Use the red lever in the elevator
to go up.

 ** Open Sesame **
     On the drawing of the middle level in the Channelwood Age Journal
there's  a  line connecting a hut to the spiral staircase. Go straight
from  the  elevator,  then right 3 times, then out to the hut with the
switch for the spiral staircase door on the middle level. Pull the red
handle  to  open the door. From this "switch hut," go straight through
the  first  hut,  right 2 times, through the square hut, elbow through
the  next  square  hut,  and  straight  to  the staircase. Go down the
staircase  and  open the door on the first level. Go back to the first
fork  from  the  windmill  and  redirect the water right to the spiral

 ** Top Of The World **
     Go  up  the  spiral staircase and use the elevator to the left at
the top of the stairs (which now has power). This will take you to the
top  level and the 2 bed chambers. Leave the elevator and head for the
first  hut  that's  visible.  This  is another of Achenar's play rooms
(Achenar  is  a sick puppy). There's an imager that will activate when
you  enter  the  room,  although it has no real purpose. Continuing on
past  this hut will bring you to Achenar's bed chambers and the master
control  for  the imager. Flip through the 4 messages and see the nice
message from Sirrus. The fifth blue page is at the base of the imaging

 ** Linking Paths **
     At  the  other  end of the winding walkway is Sirrus' bed chamber
(we'll  come  back  for the red page later). Go back down the elevator
and  staircase to the first level. Return to the first valve after the
windmill and set the valves: left twice, then right to a dead end with
a  lever.  Pull  the  red  handle  and a hidden walkway will float up.
Follow  the  walkway in a half-circle past the elevator, and around to
another  dead  end.  Turn  the  crank here to extend a hidden pipe and
connect it to the other side. Go back to the first valve again and set
the  valves:  left, right twice and then left. Go back to the elevator
across the floating bridge.

 ** Return Trip **
     Go  up the elevator to the Myst linking book. Use it to return to
the library. Insert the blue page and wait for psycho boy to be freed.
Achenar will speak of yet another page and a trap. He warns of a green
book that is a trap. To get to his final page, pattern number 158 from
the  odd  book  of  patterns  in  the  library  must be entered in the
fireplace  located here in the library. Before getting this last page,
go  back  and  get  the  blue  page  left behind. Retrace the path and
actions  through  the  log  cabin,  the  large tree, and all the valve
settings to get back up to the top level of Channelwood.

 ** Sirrus' Room **
     Exiting  the  elevator,  swing  left  and  go  to  the hut at the
opposite  end  from  Achenar's.  As  always,  the room is the model of
perfection.  The  sought-after  page  can  be found in the desk drawer
under  the  window  with  a  view of the windmill. In the right drawer
under  the  bed  is  the  other  half of the page found earlier giving
instructions  for  access  to  the  hidden vault on Myst Island. Seems
there are now 2 things to do back on Myst Island. By now, the way back
is easy. Reset the valves yet again to power the linking book elevator
and  return to Myst Island, insert the red page in the library for the
"other story."

 ** Sirrusly Now **
     Sirrus now owes a debt of gratitude for returning the fifth page.
He  still  claims  that  he is the innocent party and that his brother
should  not  be  released  for both of your safety. The secret code on
page  158  is given along with another dire warning about not touching
the green book. Follow the directions on the reassembled journal page.
Go  to  the dock and turn the marker switch off (all the others should
still  be "on," not "off" as written on the page --this is important).
There,  in a secret compartment in the base of the marker switch, sits
a  white  page. But there are no white books. Mu-hu-ha-ha-ha! The plot

 ** Stoke Up A Fire **
     Go  back  to the library and get the code book (middle shelf, far
right). Carefully turn to page 158. Sketch this pattern and go over to
the  fireplace  on  the right wall, by the blue book. Crawl in and hit
the red button to the left of the opening. Pressing on the metal plate
that drops down will raise squares on the metal, duplicate the pattern
found on page 158. Push the red button again and the fireplace rotates
around  to  a  small  chamber.  Here sits the last 2 pages and a green
book. Let's see, both brothers are more than a little whacked. If they
both warned you not to touch the green book, what should you do?

 ** The $64,000 Question **
     If  you  really  are a glutton for punishment, go back and insert
the blue and red pages into the brothers' books. You will quickly know
what  it  feels like to be imprisoned in a book and watch anxiously as
each  brother  removes your pages while having the last laugh. If you,
instead, open the green book, you will get to meet Atrus in person and
hear  the true story. You'll know what to do with the white page after
Atrus  is  done  talking.  If  you  hurried  through  Myst  using this
walkthrough,  or  you  just want to go do some sight seeing in some of
the  best  graphics available on a PC, use the book Atrus gives you to
go back to Myst.

 ** An Open Book **
     All  the  ages  of Myst are open now for you to explore (at least
until  a  Myst  II,  if any, is released). Atrus did say that he would
summon  you when he needed your assistance to rescue his wife (can you
say  "sequel?).Go  back to the library and at least take a look at the
brothers  final fate (which shows that you don't want to get on Atrus'
bad  side).  This  concludes  the  Myst walkthrough but there are many
things to see in this game that were not touched upon here. While they
do not play a key role in solving the game, many of the items are very
detailed and you may spend considerably more time just exploring Myst.

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