Mortal Kombat 2


1.  When the credit screen shows up, type AICULEDSSUL
2.  Press F9 before you start a game to access the cheat menu!
3.  Kick some ass!

Double Forearm     :   HIGH PUNCH  (closest to opponent)
Standard Fireball  :   2 Forward - HIGH PUNCH  (can be done in air)
Crouching Fireball :   2 Forward - LOW PUNCH
Flying Kick        :   2 Forward - HIGH KICK
Bicycle Kick       :   HOLD LOW KICK (5 seconds) then release
Pit/Spikes         :   Down, Back, 2 Forward, LK
Babality           :   Down, Forward, Back, LK / D,D,F,B LK
Friendship         :   FORWARD - 3 Back - LOW KICK
Animality          :   2 Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Down, HIGH Punch
Fatality 1 (DRAGON):  Down - Forward - 2 Back - HIGH KICK
Fatality 2 (W.KICK):  Rotate joystick 360 degrees away from opponent

Headbutt       :      HIGH PUNCH   (closest to opponent)
Ground Teleport:      Down - Up    (flick joystick down)
Aerial Kick    :      Down + HIGH KICK  (must be done in air)
Hat Throw      :      Back - Forward - LOW PUNCH
Whirlwind Spin :      2 Up - LOW KICK  (Hold BLOCK)
Pit/Spikes     :      3 Forward - HIGH PUNCH
Babality       :      2 Back - 2 Forward - HIGH KICK
Friendship     :      2 Down - Up - Tap Block (hold low kick 5 seconds)
Animality      :      (HOLD Block) 4 Up, HP+LP, (Release Block)
Fatality 1 (SLICER):  3 Forward - LOW KICK
Fatality 2 (THROW) :  (HOLD LP), 2 Back, Forward, (RELEASE LP) 

Stomach Jab    :      HIGH PUNCH  (closest to opponent)
Drop-Kick      :      HIGH KICK or LOW KICK  (closest to opponent)
Low Green Bolt :      Half-Circle Towards - LOW PUNCH
High Green Bolt:      Half-Circle Away - HIGH PUNCH
Shadow Uppercut:      Back - Down - Back - HIGH PUNCH
Shadow Kick    :      Back - Forward - LOW KICK
Ball Breaker   :      LOW PUNCH + BLOCK
Pit/Spikes     :      3 Down - HIGH KICK
Babality       :      3 Back - HIGH KICK
Friendship     :      4 Down - HIGH KICK
Animality      :      3 Down, 2 Forward, Down, Forward, HIGH PUNCH
Fatality 1 (TORSO) :  2 down - 2 Forward - LOW PUNCH
Fatality 2         :  2 Forward - Down - Up
                      * Hold down and the bottom three
                        buttons to knock off multiple heads. Stand close.)

Backhand    :         HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Acid Spit   :         2 Forward - HIGH PUNCH
Slide       :         Back + LOW PUNCH + BLOCK + LOW KICK
Forceball   :         2 Back - HIGH PUNCH + LOW PUNCH
Invisibility:         2 Up - Down - HIGH PUNCH (Hold BLOCK)
Pit/Spikes:           Down, 2 Back, LOW KICK
Babality  :           Down - 2 Back - LOW KICK
Friendship:           2 Back - Down - LOW KICK
Animality :           Movement Unkown
Fatality 1 (TONGUE):  2 Back - Down - LOW PUNCH
Fatality 2: Part 1 - (HOLD BLOCK), 2 UP, DOWN, HP   (TURNS INVISIBLE)
            Part 2 - (WHILE INVIS), 2 FORWARD, DOWN, HK
                     (While invisible Reptile cuts the torso off the victim.
                     Stand close.)
Backhand     :        HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Iceball      :        Quarter-Circle Towards - LOW PUNCH
Ground Freeze:        Quarter-Circle Away - LOW KICK
Slide        :        Back + LOW PUNCH + BLOCK + LOW KICK
Pit/Spikes:           Donw, 2 Forward, BLOCK
Babality  :           Down - 2 Back - HIGH KICK
Friendship:           2 Back - Down - HIGH KICK
Animality :           2 Forward, Down, 2 Forward, HIGH PUNCH
Fatality 1:           2 Forward - Down - HIGH KICK
                      (Opponent will FREEZE. Stand just out of sweep range.)
                       forward - down - two forward - HIGH PUNCH
                      (After deep freezing the victim, Sub-Zero will
                      shatter the top part of the body.  Stand close.)
Fatality 2:           hold LP, Back,back,down,forward release LP.
                      Works from  everywhere but close
                      (Sub-Zero will throw an ice grenade into the stomach
                      of the victim, exploding their top half.
                      Stand about a jumps length away.)
Flaming Skulls:  two back - HIGH PUNCH  (one flaming skull)
                 two back - forward - HIGH PUNCH  (two skulls)
                 two back - two forward - HIGH PUNCH (three skulls)
Morph to Liu Kang:  back - two forward - BLOCK
         Kung Lao:  back - down - back - HIGH KICK
      Johnny Cage:  two back - down - LOW PUNCH
          Reptile:  up - down + HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
         Sub-Zero:  forward - down - forward - HIGH PUNCH
           Kitana:  tap BLOCK three times
              Jax:  down - forward - back - HIGH KICK
          Mileena:  hold HIGH PUNCH (3 seconds) then release
           Baraka:  two down - LOW KICK
         Scorpion:  two up (hold BLOCK)
           Raiden:  down - back - forward - LOW KICK
       Pit/Spikes:  movement unknown
         Babality:  back - forward - down - HIGH KICK
       Friendship:  two back - down - back - HIGH KICK (hold BLOCK)
        Animality:  Unknown
       Fatality 1:  hold HIGH KICK (3 seconds) then release
                    (Shang Tsung turns into a mist and enters
                    the victims body, which explodes.
                    Stand just within sweep range.)
       Fatality 2:  up - down - up - LOW KICK (hold BLOCK)
                    (Tsung picks up the victim with one hand,
                    and drains their life force into his other hand.
                    Stand close.)

Elbow     :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Fan Swipe :  back + HIGH PUNCH
Fan Throw :  two forward - HIGH PUNCH + LOW PUNCH (can be done in air)
Fan Lift  :  three back - HIGH PUNCH
Air Attack:  half-circle away - HIGH PUNCH
Pit/Spikes:  forward - down - forward - HIGH KICK
Babality  :  three down - LOW KICK
Friendship:  three down - up - LOW KICK
Animality :  3 Forward, 3 Back, Low Punch
Fatality 1:  hold LOW KICK (two forward - down - forward) then release
             (Kitana leans and kisses the victim, which then expands to
              unnatural proportions and explodes.  Stand close.)
Fatality 2:  tap BLOCK three times - HIGH KICK
             (Kitana draws her fan and decapitates the victim with one
              swipe.  Stand close.)

Overhead Hammer:  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Ground Smash   :  hold LOW KICK (3 seconds) then release
Gotcha Grab    :  two forward - LOW PUNCH
Quadruple Slam :  throw the opponent then tap HIGH PUNCH
Energy Wave    :  half-circle away - HIGH KICK
Back Breaker   :  BLOCK (must be done in air)
Pit/Spikes     :  movement unknown
Babality       :  Hold Block, D, U, D, U, Release Block, LK
Friendship     :  hold block, down down, up up, and both kick buttons
Animality      :  Movement Unknown
Fatality 1     :  hold LOW PUNCH (three forward) then release
                  (Jax claps the victims head with a loud pop,
                  and the skull crumbles in pieces to the ground.
                  Stand close.)
Fatality 2     :  tap BLOCK four times - LOW PUNCH
                  (Jax grabs the victim by the arms and rips them off the
                  body.  Stand close.)

Elbow        :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Teleport Kick:  two forward - LOW KICK
Ground Roll  :  two back - down - HIGH KICK
Sai Throw    :  hold HIGH PUNCH (2 seconds) then release
                (can be done in air)
Pit/Spikes   :  forward - down - forward - LOW KICK
Babality     :  three down - HIGH KICK
Friendship   :  three down - up - HIGH KICK
Animality    :  3 Back, Forward, Low Kick
Fatality 1   :  forward - back - forward - LOW PUNCH
                (Mileena repeatedly stabs the victim, lifting them up as
                blood sprays everywhere.  Stand close.)
Fatality 2   :  hold HIGH KICK (3 seconds) then release
                (Mileena removes her mask revealing Baraka-like teeth and
                inhales the victim, spitting out the bones.  Stand close.)

Backhand   :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Double Kick:  tap HIGH KICK twice (closest to opponent)
Blade Swipe:  back + HIGH PUNCH
Blade Fury :  three back - LOW PUNCH
Blue Bolt  :  quarter-circle away - HIGH PUNCH
Pit/Spikes :  movement unknown
Babality   :  three forward - HIGH KICK
Friendship :  up - two forward - HIGH KICK (hold BLOCK)
Animality  :  Movement Unknown
Fatality 1 :  four back - HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
              (Baraka extends his blades from his arms, then decapitates
              the victim with one swipe.  Stand close.)
Fatality 2 :  back - forward - down - forward - LOW PUNCH
              (Baraka stabs the victim and lifts them up, then they
              slowly slide down the blade.  Stand close.)

Backhand      :  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Spear         :  two back - LOW PUNCH
Teleport Punch:  quarter-circle away - HIGH PUNCH (can be done in air)
Leg Grab      :  half-circle away - LOW KICK
Air Throw     :  BLOCK (must be done in air)
Pit/Spikes    :  DOWN, 2 FORWARD, BLOCK
Babality      :  down - two back - HIGH KICK
Friendship    :  two back - down - HIGH KICK
Animality     :  Movement Unkown
Fatality 1    :  two up - HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
                 (Scorpion removes his mask and breathes fire at
                 the feet of the victim, which then twitches and explodes.
                 Stand a step or two out of sweep range.)
Fatality 2    :  hold HIGH PUNCH (down - three forward) then release
                 (Scorpion slices the victim across the neck then
                  cuts them in two. Stand close.)
Mini Uppercut:  HIGH PUNCH (closest to opponent)
Body Launch  :  two back - forward (can be done in air)
Lightning    :  quarter-circle towards - LOW PUNCH
Teleport     :  down - up (flick joystick down)
Electrocution:  hold HIGH PUNCH (4 seconds) and release
                (close to opponent)
Pit/Spikes   :  three up - HIGH PUNCH (hold BLOCK)
Babality     :  (HOLD BLOCK), 2 DOWN, UP, HK
Animality    :  (Hold Low Kick) 2 Down, 2 Forward, (Release LK),
                LK Repeatedly
Friendship   :  down - back - forward - HIGH KICK
Fatality 1   :  hold LOW KICK (5 seconds) then release
                (Raiden grabs the victim and lifts them up, then proceeds
                to shock them.  Stand close.)
                tap BLOCK + LOW KICK repeatedly
                (After a dose of the shock treatment, the victim will
                explode into bits.)

Hidden Chars:
Jade: Win using only Low kick before "?" stage
Smoke: Uppercut at portal, wait for "Toasty" and Press Down & Start
Scarlet: At Forest get double flawless, fatality, Cannot use BLOCK

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