Mortal Kombat


     Here's  a  top  cheat  to reach the developer's screen. Go to the
normal options screen and push [F10]. Then turn Caps Lock on and type:
DIP.  This  will bring up a screen bearing the numbers 0-8. Using this
screen toggles the following variables:
0 - Fatalities
1 - Gore
2 - Music
3 - Comic book advert
4 - Fatalities (again!)
5 - Freeplay
6 - Announcer's voice
7 - Try it and see
8 - Other voices


     Here is an infinite credits cheat: When you're defeated by the PC
and  the  'Finish  Him!'  message flashes up on screen push [F2]. This
will  activate  the  two-player  mode. Pick your character and take on
Sub-Zero as player two. Win the fight then let player two's counter go
down  to zero. You will be returned to one player mode at the level of
the fight that you've just lost but you won't have used any credits.


     For  all  you  joystick  wagglers  and  key bashers who've yet to
master  the  finishing moves here's the lot. Execute the moves after a
winning match when Finish Him flashes on the screen. You may have some
trouble  getting  them  right  first  go  but  with practice you'll be
swimming  in  blood  in no time. Just be careful that violence doesn't
poison your sensibilities.


     She's  the  only woman in the tournament and in true sexist style
the  Special  Forces  girlie  blows  a kiss at her foe causing them to
burst into flames ending up in charcoal.

Two   Button   Joystick:   TOWARDS,  TOWARDS,  AWAY,  AWAY,  FIRE
Four-button joypad and keyboard: TOWARDS, TOWARDS, AWAY, AWAY, BLOCK


     With a flourish and a grin trained assassin Sub-Zero rips out the
fighter's backbone and gives it a shake. You could call it a primitive
and basic spinal- ectomy.

Two  Button  Joystick:  TOWARDS,  DOWN, TOWARDS, FIRE
Four-button joypad and keyboard: TOWARDS, DOWN, TOWARDS, HIGH PUNCH


     Removing  his mask, Scorpion reveals a grotesque skull and with a
huff  and a puff turns his opponent into toast. Well what else did you
expect from a fighter who was already dead anyway?

Two  Button  Joystick:  DOWN,  DOWN,  FIRE
Four button joypad and keyboard: Hold BLOCK down, UP, UP


     The  God  of  Lightening  and  Thunder  has  a  predictably flash
finishing  move.  Summoning  up his lightening powers Rayden blows him
foe's head clean off its shoulders.

Two  Button Joystick: TOWARDS, AWAY, AWAY, AWAY, FIRE
Four button joypad and keyboard: TOWARDS, TOWARDS, AWAY, AWAY, AWAY,


     Keeping  it  simple  Johnny rips off his enemy's head ... and you
expected  something  a  bit  showbiz  from a movie star-surf dude like
Johnny didn't you eh?

Four button joypad and keyboard: TOWARDS, TOWARDS, TOWARDS, HIGH PUNCH


     This  one's not for the faint hearted. Kano smashes his fist into
his  enemy's  chest rips out the heart and holds it aloft. Kano turned
bad  after  his  dream  of  becoming  a  social  worker  was ruined by

Two Button Joystick: AWAY, AWAY, FIRE
Four button joypad and keyboard: DOWN, TOWARDS, LOW PUNCH

     A decent fellow seeking to restore old traditions Liu Kang's move
consists of a simple Spin Kick followed by a combination of punches.

Four button joypad and keyboard: TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY, UP, TOWARDS, DOWN

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