Mind Grind

     The  game  is meant to crack your cranium but it was decided that
not being able to save the game in progress was a little too tough for
most trivia buffs. Now anyone who has a copy of the game that does not
have  the  Save  Game  Option  (elicited  by  the F10 Key), can either
download    the    patch    from   GameSpot,   MicroForum▓s   web-site
(  or  by calling Microforum's technical support at
(416)656-6369 and have the update sent to them on floppy diskette.

     Keep  in  mind,  to keep the game a challenge, no matter when you
save,  the Re sume Game option will place you at the very beginning of
the  level  you saved on. It wouldn't be fair to be able to save after
every  question  you  answered  correctly now would it? That'd be like

     Okay,  a  few  more  words  of  advise for the trivia lover... be
warned  that  goo  d  old  Newton  Knowmore  keeps track of your worst
category.  Whenever  there is an opportunity, he will throw a question
from your most hated topic back at you before you can continue.

     When  you  reach  the  "Pillars of Wisdom", act fast in selecting
your  next  move. The wonderful tornados will pick you up and drop you
back  down to the bottom of the line if you don't make your selections
quickly. If you get the question wrong twice on any one pillar, Newton
Knowmore  will  take  the  pillar  away,  completely.  You have to set
another  line of attack when this happens, therefore it is a good idea
to try to negotiate your way up the middle of the layout.

     In  the "Maze of the Mind" there is always a special door, It may
not  be one of the doors you must go through to get to the exft of the
maze.  This  door  after opening will launch a ultra-cool door opening
video  sequence  that plays with no explanation This, my friend, means
you  have  been  awarded a second life. If, later in the game, you get
crushed  in  the  *Platforms  of  Insight or smacked by a meteor while
"Looking  for  signs  of  Intelligent Life" you will be given a second
chance to finish the game.

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