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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Metal Heart: Replicant s Rampage

Автор: Rad
Metal Heart: Replicant's Rampage was obviously written by someone who doesn't understand english. The dialog, all painfully rendered in voice which you can't interrupt (at least in Diablo II you can shut up Cain by clicking again), so you have to sit through some European programmer's guess at taking 'kewl' in english. The 'F' word thrown in liberally. The part where your very curvaceous female party member does a pole dance in the local dive for extra cash is rather over the top and unnecessary, but perhaps my biggest complain is not having much control over the main character's talking (and weirdly, you DO have control over what the NPC says back to you in some rare cases). In short, your party is being led by a boorish, loudmouth JERK who feels it is his personal duty to let every farmer and poor kid know that if someone MESSES with him, He's gonna go NUCLEAR all over their Ass. By the first hour of the game, he introduces himself to this ramshackle colony by mouthing off the local mob boss and then telling the local super empire faction welcome hologram to get lost or he'll shoot it (uh, it's A HOLOGRAM, you frikken IDIOT!!!) This of course, causes guards of said empire to take pot shots at you with their laser rifles as you stroll down the street looking for a grocery store. Fun. In short, you can expect to get wacked at any moment, usually after spending an hour completing some annoying quest that you will now have to re-do. Searching high and low for a walkthrough resulted in NOTHING out there, so I am uninstalling today.

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