Men in Black

     During  the  game,  press  escape  to get the main menu then type
DOUGMATIC  several  times  until  it  drops  you back into the game to
activate the cheats.
Press escape again and enter these codes:

Cheat code:             Effect:
GIVEME                  All the weapons
AGENTJ, AGENTK, AGENTL  Swap between agents
ARCTIC                  Goes to Arctic Level
HEALME                  Full health
HQ                      Goes to HQ
KILLEM                  Kills villains
LOADME                  Unlimited ammo
MOVEME                  Gives saved games of all levels
PROTECTME               Invulnerability


Men in Black 

     Warning: The following is a detailed walkthrough of Men in Black.
It  contains  information that will help you through the game. Please,
DO  NOT  READ  FROM  START  TO  FINISH.  If you do, awful things might
happen.  For example, your head might explode. Or maybe your feet will
turn  into  hands and your hands will turn into feet. It happened once
to my sister's friend...


     NOTE: Be sure to check all the bodies of all the enemies you beat

Initiation - New York

-  Walk forward and go through the first door on the left.

-  Go through the door on the left.

-  Kill the thug.

-  Walk over the flashing red light (the bomb) and press space bar.

-  When  the largest square is lit, use the mouse to click on the wire
connected to the bomb. This will defuse it.

-  Exit the room through the door you walked through in the first place.

-  Kill the thug.

-  Go to the room on the right and kill the thug.

-  Open the window by pressing space bar and go out to the fire escape.

-  Go down one set of stairs on the fire escape.

-  Walk  to  the  upper right - you will take a couple of shots on the
way.  You  may want to load yourself with some health here. Press CAPS
LOCK and click on one of the medicine kits.

-  Jump into the dumpster.

-  Kill the two thugs, then kick down the dumpster door.

-  Walk to the right and kill the thug.

-  Walk forward and kill the two thugs.

-  Kick down the middle section of the wall in the middle of the screen
at the top.

-  Walk forward and kill the thug.

-  Jump onto the crate at the far right.

-  Jump  from  crate  to  crate then climb the ladder. Climb ladder by
pressing space.

-  Kill thugs.

-  Go  to  the  right  section  of  the roof and jump over to the next
building, make certain you are on the ledge before you jump.

-  kill thugs

-  jump over to next building again

-  kill the alien, then take the idol from the dead alien.


You must do this between each mib mission.  

1. Go to briefing room and select your character.
2. Pick another weapon if you from dispenser.
3. Then head to transport area.

Mission 1: The Arctic Listening Station

-  Enter first building, then go through brown door.

-  Use computer, no power. Will come back after.

-  Open  safe  below  computer, get flare. Leave the room and take the
door to the left.

-  At the end of the path is a small building, get the keycard from it.

-  Exit building, take walkway to upper left.

-  Enter building at end of walkway and enter brown door to the right.

-  Take ice axe.  Leave the room and go down small hallway to the right.

-  At  end  of the hall is another brown door, go through it and avoid
opening  the  lockers  right  away. Go to next room, take shotgun from
sink.  Now  go  open  the  locker, open the bag, take health pack that

-  Go  back  to  main  room,  go through brown door on the left to the
kitchen.  Go  to  far  end  of  the room and turn around, get ready to
fight.  Get  the shotgun ammo from the guy you defeated. Open the door
on the floor, and go downstairs.

-  Use  ice axe on swinging beer, take the piece that falls. Go up the
stairs  to  the outside. You will see someone trying to open the door,
kill him with a gun. Get the ammo from his body.

-  Go through the door he was trying to open, active the switch on the
wall. Click the switch twice to turn it on. Now you got power.

-  Go back to kitchen and from there leave the building.

-  Go  all the way down the path until you come to two building, enter
the one on the left.

- Drop the meat beside the bowls, get the items the dog was laying on.
Then click on the telegraph thing on the desk to signal for help.

- Go back outside to the other door, u need to kick it to open it once
you've  slid your card through. Go to far end of room, kill the doctor
that attacks. Get injector from his body, then leave the building. Use
the injector on yourself.

-  Go back to the very first room where the computer had no power. You
can  now use the computer with the password DAISY. Use the computer to
turn  on the security system. Go back to the main room, go to the desk
at  the end and activate the monitors by press space. Click on channel
three.  Ahhh, now you see where the aliens have gone, go there and you
will fall through into the underground where the aliens are.

Mission 1, Part 2: The Arctic Underground

-  Run  forward  and  turn  right at the end of the hall, take another
right,  and  then run forward through this screen and open the door in
front of you.

-  Run  down  the hall and take another right, then run down this hall
and open the door in front of you.

- Follow this hallway until the next door. Enter this door, you should
see  4  probes. Select the flare and hold it. Proceed to the top right
with  all the tentacles, they will let you pass through the door. Kill
the  probe  and  newt that approach. Go around the hallway to the left
and enter that door.

-  Kill probe, enter door on left.  

-  Kill alien and take red key.

-  Enter middle left doorway and kill alien. Take blue key and activate
console at the middle left of room.

-  Enter  middle right doorway and kill alien, activate console he was
on. Click on the circle at the top and left of the diagram that lights
up when the cursor moves over it, then exit the room and kill alien.

-  Kill alien then go back through right door and back one more screen
and  go  on  platform.  Click on console pad on the right of platform,
then helicopter comes to rescue you.

Mission 2: The Amazone

-  Walk forward till guard confronts you, let him search you.

-  Walk  through gate and run forward through to the next screen, turn
right  and enter hospital. Go into next room, kill doctor and take his
credit card.

-  Go outside the gate, use credit card on terminal to buy ticket.

-  GO back into the gate, enter building to your left.  Kill both guys.

-  Go  upstairs, kill the guy who runs at you. Click the ticket on the
near door on the left.

-  Go  back  outside  and  run  down  the alleyway to the right of the
hospital. Click on the graffiti on the wall to the right.

-  Run in and kill guard before he shoots, go upstairs and jump across
to the ledge on the left where the ladder is.

- Climb ladder, kill guard on roof, then take roof key he has. Open up
hatch, and go down.

-  Read  Relief  Plate  Puzzle note on desk, then get relief plate off
floor.  Go  back  to  the  screen  to  you  back left and pick up mine
entrance  key  off floor. Exit building and go back through the secret
wall  entrance  and  back into the courtyard outside of the church and

-  Run to the right and run pass the miners and go to next screen.

-  run through spotlights trying not to get hit.  Use mine key on door.

Mission 2, Part 2: The Temple of the Amazone

-  Cross bridge, enter mine area where miner is running out. Kill frog.  

-  Enter  first mine shaft on left (the one the frog came out of), get
figure relief next to the miner on ground.

-  Exit  mine  shaft,  go to last mine shaft on the right. Follow this
passage until you reach the moving stones.

-  Kill frog with gun. SAVE HERE Jump stones to other end.

-  On  the following shot pick up the panther relief which is near the
bottom  of  the  screen and go through the passage to the north to the
relief puzzle.

-  You  must  use the relief pieces in correct ofer (like u saw on the
puzzle  clue  at  the  amazon HQ) to get past this puzzle. First place
face relief in center. Then walk clockwise from the stone at the upper
left  corner around to the 3:00 position. You will know when you do it
correctly.  Then  place  panther  relief  in the center of the puzzle,
resetting  the  stones.  Start  at  the  upper  right  stone  and walk
clockwise.  Place  the  final  figure  relief  in  the center and walk
clockwise from the 9:00 stone. This will open stone doorway.

-  Go through doorway until you see stairs.

-  Go downstairs until you reach idol puzzle. Don't step in the center
of the circle or you will die.

-  Go  back  upstairs and you will see a invisible frog coming at you,
you  can see where it is using your gun's targeting. Kill the frog, go
through  the  door that opens up which is on the level between the two

- Kill frog and get olmec idol off the body. go to the close up of the
miniature idols (take a good look) at the back of the room and use the
idol on the center so that it appears.

-  Walk  back down room at the bottom of the stairwell and pick up all
the  idols.  Place  the  idols  on  the 5 spots corresponding to their
positions  on  the  miniature  idol  model  at  the top of the stairs.
Correct  clockwise  order  is  Blue, Black, Green, White. Then step in
center  of  puzzle  and you will be lowered down to the final alien of
that level.

-  As  you  come down the lift, you shoot the bug until you run out of
ammo,  then  you should run off as you get close enough to the ground.
Then proceed to kill the bug.

Mission 3: Frales Island

-  Kill guard and maybe dog too.

-  Go  up  steps, find blue button/light on back wall. Press space and
run  for  the  lift that's going up. Get ready for the guard at (ready
your gun).

-  kill  guard, take health and hit blue button again and head for the

-  You  will  repeat the above steps 4 times. SEARCH THEIR BODIES EACH

-  When you reach the top of the lift you will see a guard, kill him.

-  At the top their is frog, kill it. 

-  Section  of  wall will be able to be opened. Just walk up to center
section and press space.

-  Save your game, go to main floor.  

-  On main floor. This part is tricky, you need to walk slowly so they
don't  all  attack  at once. If you are fast enough you can catch them
before they shoot.

-  Walk  over  to  center  of  room where the light can be seen in the
middle  of  the  floor.  The  four blocks around the light control the
mirrors.  As you step on the blocks these mirrors will turn. Object is
to make all mirrors face each other so the lights hit each other. Once
you've done this, walk to the center floor and press space bar. If you
done  good,  the  lights  will  go  to  aliens  eyes which opens a new
walkway. (SAVE GAME)

-  Go into walkway, kill guards.

-  Keep  walking,  kill  the  drones  you see. (EACH ONE TAKES 3 SHOTS

-  You will come to a black wall, just walk into it. Opens up new path.

-  On this new path walk to left.  (SAVE GAME)

-  You  will see 2 aliens at controls and one big one waiting to shoot
you  as  you come into sight. KILL THE BIG ONE QUICKLY. If you stay to
the  left  of  the screen, the one at the controls wont come after you
until  after  you  killed the first one. Search all the aliens for the

-  Walk back around the path all the way to the right. (SAVE)

- At control booth, kill alien. another one attacks you, kill it also.

-  Keep  walking around the path, to next screen. kill both aliens. If
you cant kill the frog, just run for the black wall and hit space bar.
You use the key here you found from the alien.

-  Another drone is behind wall, have gun ready.

- Once you killed the drone, look for the switch sticking out from the
door  you  have just entered from. Press spacebar on the switch. Arrow
will turn green and glow.

-  Go up path, kill drone.

- Push switch, green arrow again. (MAKE SURE ITS THE GREEN ARROW THATS

-  Now door opens that blocks your way. (SAVE)

-  Repeat  the  above  steps while going through the path, and pick up
everything you find. (SAVE)

- You will come to a big room with a guard and alien. Best way I could
figure out was to kill the alien first then the guard.

-  Go for the steps leading down. There are lasers, shoot them to stop
them.  If you aim for the lights at the edges of the steps you can get
a  crosshair  icon  on them. After shutting them off walk to next one.

- At bottom of steps there is human guard, kill him. He will turn into
TIMES  BEFORE  YOU  DEFEAT HIM). The trick here is to run towards him,
punch  him  a  few  times then back up. As soon as you do this he will
move  forward towards you. As he walks forward hit/kick him some more.
Keep doing this.

-  When  bug  is  dead, head for ladder at far right. Skip Frales will
appear. Kick his butt.


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