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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Medieval 2: Total War

Автор: turnip50
Medieval 2: Total War is an excellent game. More than an excellent game. It takes all the good elements of a good, turn-based game and combines them with all the elements of a good, real-time battle game. Moreover, it has more options on how to play and who to be than any other game I've ever even seen. If you're looking for a game with diversity, historical accuracy, AMAZING gameplay, and an addictive quality, this is your game.

Автор: IgnesAndros
The battle mode is sorely lacking. You can't really use tactics that well and half the time you can't see what needs to be done. I am forced to always auto-resolve. The developers should play Knights of Honor and then totally redevelop the battle mode.

Автор: John Doe
This game is extremely addictive. It has very nice visuals, and the gameplay is enjoyable. It is easy to learn, but gets complex as it progresses, giving the player a challenge.

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