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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Автор: Ron
I have played all the war games on xbox and Splinter Cell both versions and never cheated. This game is poorly designed, no gamepad or joystick controls. Trying to fly a plane with a mouse and keyboard sucks. After sinking both ships you cannot follow the planes back as the slightest move and the game stops and needs to be loaded again. I called EA Games and asked why no support for gamepads or a joystick and they seemed not to care. So now I will need to cheat to get past this level and will never buy another game from them until the have more control options.

Автор: Jon
I have played this game too and think overall it is an excellent game, except for the flying mission. It is quite difficult to fly with a mouse and keypad and it took me several hours to pass the mission. I think there should be a way to connect a game pad or joystick to the game to make this mission, at least, easier.

Автор: Bud Tugly
No joystick for the flying mission, whose brainchild was that?!? That dude needs to get fired today! Talk about a blown call, EA blew this one.

Автор: Spudds
Overall I love Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, but what sadistic jerk of a programmer decided to include a flying mission without joystick capabilities? That is the only reason I am looking for cheat codes. Sure wish they would create a patch for this major oversight!

Автор: Obgeektor
STUPID level. Can't control the plane once in a dive. Can't hit the zeros properly, OR they even present themselves to be hit - that's not a game. What's the torpedo for? Your idiot wingmen don't use theirs, so what's the use of launching just ONE at an aircraft carrier? Why is there no aid to determine the distance at which to launch - since it obviously only works at the correct one? Oh, and why do I look down to find that the torpedo is selected when I had bombs selected already? It seems to sometimes auto-switch between them and sometimes not! I've got it on 1280x1024 resolution and I can't tell who's a zero and who's an invader at far enough distance to avoid enemy fire AND attack properly. BAD level in a fairly good game.

Автор: Buster
People who can't play a game with a mouse and a keypad are evidently kids who are used to consoles. I'm old school. I was using a keyboard and a mouse whilst most kiddies were barely born. However, I totally agree that whoever thought up this flying mission really screwed up - not because of the mouse and keyboard 'issue' that many have complained about, but that it seriously goes out of the norm for an MoH game. Paratrooping is one thing, flying a plane? Totally out of sync with the rest of the entire series - and I have the entire series.

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