Max Payne

Activate Cheats
     To get access to the game console, you need to start maxpayne.exe
with  the  command line parameter "-developer". Once you have the game
running  in  developer  mode,  you get access to the game console with

Example: C:\maxpayne\maxpayne.exe -developer
     See  our  "Cheat  Essentials"  page for more info on command-line

Cheat Codes
     Press [F12] to bring up the console, then type: Code Result

coder                 God Mode, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, etc. 
god                   God Mode 
mortal                God Mode Off 
getallweapons         All Weapons 
getinfiniteammo       Unlimited Ammo 
noclip                No Clipping Mode 
noclip_off            No Clipping Mode Off 
getbullettime         Fill Up When Bullet-Time Runs Out 
showfps               Show Frame Rate 
getpainkillers        Get 8 PainKillers 
c_addhealth ( 100 )   Add 100 to Health 
jump10                Jump Higher (set to 20 or 30 for even higher) 
SetWoundedState       Walk as if Wounded 
SetNormalState        Walk Normally 

Get Item Cheats
     You can use the "get" command to add individual weapons and items
to your arsenal:


Jump to Level
     To jump to any level, type the following in the developer console
while playing any level:


where levelname is one of the below: 

end_combat (Secret Finale, use this method instead of
"maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );") 




Easter Eggs

Part I: The American Dream

Chapter Two: Live from the Crime Scene
     Right  at  the  beginning,  there  is a hole in the bricks in the
wall.  Cheat  yourself  a  grenade  and  throw  it  in.  Your  mission
objectives  now  say "I had declared a war against rats". A bit later,
after  walking  through  some  water and taking out a few enemies on a
train  platform, walk up the wide stairs. In the room at the top are a
bunch  of  rats... with Desert Eagles! Now shoot at one of the ceiling
lamps  that's off. Hit the base of the lamp and it will fall. The rats
will  now  battle  each other. If "your" side wins, the remaining rats
will  take  up defensive positions around you. If your side loses, the
remaining rats will come after you.

Chapter Two: Live from the Crime Scene
     You can shoot the wailing siren in the central vault area and Max
will thank you.

Chapter Three: Playing it Bogart
     If  you  walk past Rico Muerte's room to the end of the hall, you
can  shoot  away a boarded-up door. From this room you can walk across
the  ledge and shoot away a boarded up window to find a dead body with
a stake in it lying next to the word "Buff" in blood (as in "Buffy the
Vampire Slayer"), as well as some other goodies.

Chapter Six: Fear That Gives Men Wings
     As  you  ride  the elevator up from Luigi's Laundry, shooting the
speaker  playing  sappy  elevator music will bring another "Thank you"
from  Max.  Shortly  thereafter,  as you leave out the window from the
room sporting the thug in the bathroom and the TV news report, walk to
the  left  and  there  will be a window you can jump through to a room
with  two Soldier of Fortune 2 posters and a stash of shotguns. If you
didn't  destroy  the  elevator  speaker earlier, you should be able to
hear the music from within this room.

Chapter Seven: Police Brutality
     When  Gognitti reaches the locked door, there is a satellite dish
behind  you  on  the  ledge. If you jump from this corner to the ledge
across  the  alley,  you can drop down into the fenced area and open a
door to a room with a nice assortment of ammo and a poster proclaiming
"Dopefish  Lives!"  Dopefish  is  quite  possibly  the  most  prolific
character in Easter Egg history.

Chapter Seven: Police Brutality
     At  the  basketball  court,  there is a Beretta stuck in the net.
Also,  if you wait by the fence, an SUV wil drive by. If you shoot it,
it will crash and the driver will get out to shoot at you.

Chapter Eight: Ragna Rock
     When  you  reach the inner stage area, you can "use" the drum kit
and microphone and step on the guitar for some interesting effects and

Part II: A Cold Day In Hell

     Chapter  Five: Angel of Death,br> When you reach the grand piano,
you  can  "use"  it  and  Max will play the title theme. You can get a
different effect by shooting out the lid support and trying again.

Part IV: A Bit Closer To Heaven

Chapter Four: Backstabbing Bastard
     At  the  entrance  ramp  to  the car park (from where you start),
there  is a stack of barrels and an air conditioning unit that you can
jump  on to reach the roof of the garage. Shoot the off-color panel of
the  shed there and it will fall away. Inside, you can jump on a grate
to  fall  into  a  room  with the grafitti "R Thanks", a radio you can
"use"  to hear audio from the production team, and a sniper rifle with

Chapter Five: In the Land of the Blind
     In  the small room after Woten's office (where you find the Aesir
building  plans),  there is a small picture that you can shoot off the
wall,  revealing  a  button.  Pressing  it will raise the couch on the
other  side  of  the  room,  revealing  a staircase down to a "private
area".  In  it  there  is  a  big  screen  TV  you  can  use to play a
3DRealms-themed  parody of Star Trek. In the adjoining room there is a
bed with chains next to a closet full of bondage gear.

Secret Finale Ending
     To access it, enter the following in the developer console:

maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( ); 

Советы наших посетителей (1)

Прислал: fenixk19
Активация кодов
     Чтобы  получить  доступ  к  консоли,  нужно  запустить
maxpayne.exe с параметром "-developer". Вы запустите игру в
режиме  разработчика,  и  сможете  открыть консоль нажатием

Например: C:\maxpayne\maxpayne.exe -developer

Нажмите [F12], чтобы вызвать консоль, и затем наберите: 

Код                     Результат
coder                   Режим бога, все оружие, 
                        бесконечные патроны
god                     Режим бога
mortal                  Отключить режим бога
getallweapons           Все оружие
getinfiniteammo         Бесконечные патроны
noclip                  Ходить сквозь стены
noclip_off              Не ходить сквозь стены 
                        (отменить предыдущий код)
getbullettime           Востановить режим пуль, 
                        когда он заканчивается 
showfps                 Показать fps
getpainkillers          Получить 8 обезболевающих 
c_addhealth ( 100 )     Добавить 100 здоровья
jump10                  Высокий прыжок 
                        (можно использовать jump20 и 
                        jump30 для более высокого прыжка) 
SetWoundedState         Ходить также, как при ранении
SetNormalState          Нормально ходить

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