March of War

Steam Achievements
African Sunrise
Awarded for exceptional service.
Amazonian Conqueror
Take part in the capture of Amazonia.
Banker Legacy
Have 75,000 gold in storage.
Battle Master
Win 50 battles.
Battlegroup Ace
Be part of a battlegroup with 100,000 score.
Blitzkrieg Ace
Win five Blitz battles in a row.
Win 50 PvP battles.
Deal the final blow in the conquest of 10 territories.
Cossack Homeland Medal
Awarded for conquering the North Caucasus.
Destroyer of Worlds
Awarded for firing a nuclear weapon.
For The People
Become the Faction Leader.
Fought the Dragon
Repelled the new Emperor's advances.
God Among Men
Reach the top 10% and become a High Commander.
Hemingway Medal
Awarded for exhilarating fan fiction.
Heroic Fan
Awarded for being a longtime ISOTX fan.
Hitchcock Medal
Awarded for excellent camera work.
Infantry Combat
Win a battle using only infantry.
Jungle Justice
Che Guevara was brought to justice
Latin Unity
Junta forces captured Che Guevara
Broker peace three times.
Massed Firepower
Deploy 20 units or more in a battle.
Most Valuable Player
Awarded for vigorously supporting the community.
Nuclear Sunrise
Capture Rhodesia and Niari Okoro's Laboratory.
Nuclear Warmaster
Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons in 20 Battles.
Panama Conquistador
Take part in the capture of Central America.
Peace on Earth
Win 100 territory battles on Christmas / Boxing Day
Picasso Medal
Awarded for revolutionary fan art.
Awarded for funding the war effort.
Red Parisian Dawn
You captured Paris for the Union!
Red Wall Breaker
Purchase ten Soviet Walkers.
Savior of Paris
You defended Paris from the Russian assault!
Sinatra Medal
Awarded for bombastic fan made sounds.
Son of Heaven
You fulfilled the Emperor's will!
Soviet Storm Medal
Awarded for exceptional performance during the Soviet Storm.
Special Services
Awarded to war heroes.
Tactical Support
Use 10 Command Powers in a single game.
Win 50 Coop battles.
The Force
Add 30 units to your army.
Tropical Thunder
Awarded for exceptional service.
Veteran Most Valuable Player
Awarded to battle-scarred MVPs.
War Correspondent
Awarded to the fearless March of War Wikia reporters.

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