Maniac Mansion

Classic Solution 

Getting Started
     Go  to  the  front  of  the mansion and pick up the bushes on the
left,  the  door  mat and the key. Unlock the front door and go in. Go
through the door on the far right, then the next door on the far right
(notice  the  key  in  the chandelier). Turn on the lamp and go to the
loose  panel  on  the  far right. Pull the panel, pick up the cassette
tape  and go back to the entrance hall. Push the gargoyle on the right
while  another character goes to the basement. Turn on the light, pick
up the silver key and leave the basement. Next, go through the door by
the  grandfather  clock  and get the flashlight. Open the refrigerator
and  get the can of Pepsi and the old batteries. Go through the dining
room  to  the  storage  room and get the jar and the fruit drink, then
unlock  the door with the silver key and enter the swimming pool area.
Fill the jar in the pool and then return to the entrance area.

Upstairs, Downstairs
     Put  someone  by  the  mailbox  to  wait for the package, then go
upstairs  and  enter  the  room on the left. Pick up the wax fruit and
paint  remover  and  leave the room. Use the keypad, enter the correct
codes  and go through the security door. Go up the stairs on the right
and  give  the  wax  fruit then the fruit drink to the green tentacle.
Next,  go  up  the  stairs on the left and enter the first door on the
left.  Get  the  dime  and walk to the ladder by the bed. Climb up the
ladder,  get  the  record and the key from the right wall of the room,
then  go back down to the hallway. Enter the fourth room on the right,
use  the  hunk-a-matic  machine  and  leave.  When the doorbell rings,
switch  to the mailbox and get the stamps from the package (don't pick
up  the package itself). Switch back to the top floor, and while Ed is
out  of  his  room, go in. Get the hamster and the card key, then open
the bank and get at least three dimes - be sure to leave quickly or he
will catch you. Next, enter the right-hand door and use the jar on the
man-eating plant. Use the paint remover on the blotch on the wall then
return  to the second floor. Enter the codes for the security door and
go  through.  Go to the door on the right and enter the room where the
piano  is,  use  the  cassette  on  the  player  and the record on the
Victrola.  Turn  on  the  cassette and the Victrola, then turn off the
cassette player and pick up the tape. Leave the room and go downstairs
to  the  room on the right. Open the cabinet door and use the cassette
on  the  player,  then  turn on the player and get the rusty key (this
will get you out of the dungeon). Grab the tape and leave the room. Go
back  upstairs to the piano room with someone who can play it, use the
cassette  in  the  recorder,  turn on the recorder and play the piano.
Then turn on the TV and watch it. Get the cassette and leave the room,
letting  Dave  watch  the TV for the address. Go to the room where the
green tentacle is and give it the tape, then pick up the demo tape and

Combination Moves
     Bring another person to the top floor and then give dimes to both
of  the  characters.  Have  them enter the room with the man-eater and
then  switch  to  Dave.  Position Dave by the door to the right of the
radio  room  on the top floor. Go into the old lady's room and quickly
go  up the ladder to the right. Turn on the light and pull the picture
in front of the safe.
     Switch  to  the  man-eater  room.  Use  the  can  of Pepsi on the
man-eating  plant,  walk to the hatch and use a dime in the coin slot.
Push  the  right-hand button. Use the second dime in the coin slot and
push  the right button again, then use the telescope and read the safe
combination  (1029,  normally).  Switch  to the safe room and open the
safe.  Get  the  envelope but don't open it yet. You'll be caught when
you  leave  the  room, but don't worry - just use the rusty key to get
out  of  the dungeon. Leave the telescope room and the man-eater room.
Be  sure  to use the hunk-o-matic, if you have not done so yet, before
leaving the floor.

The Garage And The Pool
     Return to the main room to meet Dave, then send one strong person
with  the yellow key to the garage door behind the pool area. Open the
door,  open the trunk and get the toolbox, then go to the pool. If the
power goes out, wait about five minutes for it to come back on.
     Switch  to  another  strong  person and go to the grating, by the
porch.  Open  the grating and enter, then go to the water valve on the
right  and  turn on the water. Switch to the guy at the pool and enter
it. Get the glowing key and the radio, then leave. Switch to the valve
and  turn  off the water, then exit to the kitchen. Switch to the pool
and go to the kitchen.
     Give all the items to Dave, then fill the jar with water from the
tap.  Use  the  envelope  and  the  jar  in the microwave, turn on the
microwave,  then wait for the items to cool before removing them. Open
the  envelope, take the envelope to the man-eater room and use it with
the typewriter.

Amateur Electricians
     At  this  point  you  will  need  the  tools, flashlight and good
batteries  with  you.  Open  the  room to the right and enter the room
above,  turn  on the light and walk to the open wires on the left. Put
the  good  batteries from the radio in the flashlight and wait. Switch
to  another  person  and  send  them  to  the  circuit breakers in the
basement.  Open  the  fuse box, turn off the circuit breakers and then
switch back to the person in the wire room. Turn on the flashlight and
fix  the wires with the tools. Turn off the flashlight and switch back
to  the  basement.  Turn  on  the  circuit  breakers  and  return both
characters to the main lobby.

The Final Stages
     Use the stamps on the envelope and put the demo tape into it. Put
the  envelope  into the mailbox, pull the flag and leave someone there
with  it.  After  Dr. Fred plays a video game, go to the room in which
the games are (the far right door on the second floor). Enter the room
and  go to the Meteor Mess machine. Use a quarter in the coin slot and
write  down the high scores (8640, normally). Return to the front door
and wait for the doorbell to ring. Go to the mailbox, open it, get the
contract  and  return  to  the  house.  Give the contract to the green
tentacle  in the large speaker room. Then go to the basement, open the
door  with  the  rusty  key  and  the  padlocks  with the glowing key.
Finally,  open  the  inner  door with the numbers from the video games
machine. Enter the lab and walk to the right, open the door and enter.
Walk  to  the  cabinet on the right, open it and get the suit. Use the
card  key  on  the  door  and  enter. Turn off the switch, pick up the
meteor  on  the  right,  open  the  door and enter the garage. Use the
meteor in the trunk and the yellow key in the weird Edsel... That's it
- you've finished the game!

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