Table of Contents

     * Access Points
     * Walkthrough
     * Problems

Access Points

     * Bridge (dead end)
     * Probe Room
     * Capt. Quarters (sealed)
     * Lounge (sealed)
     * Airlock (initially sealed)



   PROBE #1

     Enter Capt. Quarters. Link to the Data Storage Unit (Captain Jack
Reynolds  Personal  Log)  to  get the captain's access code "Harry and
Betty arrived home and dwelled happily ever after" (HABAHADHEA).

     Return to the Shuttle via Reverse View and then enter the Bridge.
Link  to  the helm control station and enter the captain's access code
to  remove  the  command  lock.  Identify the coordinates of the alien
vessel  (red  circle): 160,112,12. Link to the weapons control station
and enter coordinates 16011212E and Fire to destroy the alien ship.

     Note: Firing weapons on the Shuttle coordinates 150,110,10 causes

     Director Player 4.0 error:

     script error: Cast member not found


   from which the Continue button causes the game to hang.

     Return  to  the Shuttle via Reverse View and then enter the Probe
Room  by  using  Torch mode on the spacecraft hull. Head for the crane
control  pod  in  the  shuttle bay. Link to the crane control unit and
activate  the  anti-grav  cargo  crane  to  reposition the shuttle and
unblock its entry.

     Go  to the Lobby and get the message from the alien. Reverse view
and  enter  the  Shuttle.  Link to the portable data unit (Prof. Norma
Miller personal recorder). From message #2, download the Phase Viewer.

     The  game is more interesting with the computer sidekick, so give
priority  to  the search for that... Exit the Shuttle and head for the
security  foyer  off the main hall (via the restaurant foyer or one of
the other exits from the main hall). Bear left to the library and link
to the database computer terminal. Complete the dialog with the AI and
download  its  program.  You can now get comments from the AI whenever
the question mark icon lights up.

     Return  to the main hall and head left into the swimming pool. Go
up  into  the  utility  ducts.  Reverse  view  and proceed through the
utility ducts to the (Baron's) quarters on Level 1.

     Move  forward  to  the  hallway,  then reverse view back into the
Baron's quarters. Link to the data storage unit on the brown fireplace
shelf  (personal  log  of  Roland  Carson, Baron of Sombury). Note the
reference to nine-ball pool in message #5.

     Reverse view and go right towards the cargo deck. Enter the cargo
deck after solving the riddle:

     Seperated (sic) by an icy wall,
     We cannot touch,
     Though you reach your left hand,
     For my right,
     How I would love to talk with you,
     But though you open your mouth,
     I hear only my words...
     What are you?

   Answer: MIRROR

     Go  to  the ladder and down to the airlock. Reverse view and scan
the maintenance bulletin. Note the elevator access code: HEADACHE.

     Go  back  up the ladder and exit the cargo deck. Proceed down the
hallway  to  the elevator. Link to the elevator control unit and enter
the access code for Level 3.

     Go left, then left again into Prof. Norma Miller's quarters. Link
to  the  data  storage  unit  (Prof.  Norma Miller personal log). From
message #7, download the alien translation algorithm.

     Return  to the elevator and take it down to Level 2. Head for the
nightclub off the main hall. For entry, solve the riddle:

     I  am  two-thirds  of  one  hundred,  and  three  fourths  of one
thousand. I mean nothing to a miser and grief to a student. What am I?

   Answer: ZERO

     Enter the pool hall to the right of the nightclub. Scan the right
rear  pool table. Click on the individual balls and note that the only
ones  not  needed  for  nine-ball  are  15 and 12. Link to the general
purpose  computer unit on the back wall. Enter the code 1512, followed
by  E  for  Enter.  Read  the  Baron's  message and note the telescope
reference.  Return to the Baron's quarters on Level 1 via the elevator
or utility ducts.

     Link  to  the  digital  imaging  telescope.  Note  that telescope
position  preset  #1  is the chessboard. Scan the chess table and note
that  the  white  rook  has  been  (illegally) moved to the third file
(row).  A  similarly shaped and colored object in the Baron's quarters
is his fireplace -- zoom in on it. Scan the third brick from the right
in  the  third  row from the bottom to reveal the hidden portable data
device. Link to it to disclose the riddle:

     The hand of the dead man has five fingers,
     only one points to the artifact.

     As  your AI companion points out, the answer to this riddle is an
aces-and-eights  poker hand. Head for the poker room off the nightclub
on  Level  2.  Scan the poker table and click on the poker hands until
the  aces-and-eights  hand  is found. Note that the fifth card in this
hand is the King of Clubs.

     Head left across the main hall to the bank. Note the King picture
on  the  wall. Link to the data storage unit on the table and click on
Panel  Access.  Link  to  the code key panel on the wall. Enter CLUBS,
followed by E for Enter. Watch the alien steal the artifact.

     Head  for the kitchen across the main hall. Use torch mode on the
two cups on the center counter. Probe #1 is damaged. Switch to

   PROBE #2

     Enter  the  ship  via  the  probe  room  or  the  airlock  (torch
required). Enter the utility ducts and head for the kitchen. Enter the
kitchen  (two  mouse clicks required) and torch the alien. Link to the
artifact  on  its back to bring it into your possession. Return to the
utility ducts. Probe #2 is damaged. Switch to

   PROBE #3

     Enter  the  ship  via the probe room. Head for the Level 2 lobby.
Enter the lifeboat station after solving the riddle:

     This Postman does not dress in blue,
     Though is the stuff he travels through,
     From an old salt's hand on a desert isle,
     His one last hope, his one last smile...

   Answer: BOTTLE

     Continue  on  to the Engineering foyer. Link to the computer core
door  and  enter  the  captain's  access  code.  Link  to the portable
computer device to bring it into your possession. This computer device
must  be returned to the Shuttle in order to successfully complete the
game.  Note  that  this  probe cannot carry anything else, such as the
artifact, so return to the Shuttle via the probe room and switch to

   PROBE #4

     Enter  the  ship  via  the  airlock  or the probe room. Enter the
utility  ducts and head for Engineering. Link to the artifact on Probe
#2. Click on the artifact icon and your AI companion will tell you the
artifact  needs to be recharged with "pingorium" energy. Go to Level 3
via  the elevator (HEADACHE). Enter the smoking lounge across the hall
from   the  elevator.  Use  torch  mode  on  the  ashtray.  Using  the
translator, you can determine that you've tempted the alien out of the
smoking  lounge.  Reverse  view  to  the  hallway,  turn  left  to the
ballroom,  reverse  view  again,  and  link  to  the Level 3 emergency
control.  Turn  the  emergency  force-field on to trap the (invisible)
alien from the smoking lounge.

     Reverse  view and move up to the chandelier. Use the torch on the
chandelier  to destroy the (invisible) alien in the ballroom. Continue
straight  ahead  into the hallway. Click on the artifact icon to enter
the  aliens' dimension. Be careful when clicking to remove the AI text
as  you  don't  want  to  move  forward into the alien boarding craft.
Reverse   view   and  pass  through  the  ballroom  (alien  killed  by
chandelier)  and  hallway  (alien  trapped  by  force-field)  into the
smoking  lounge.  For  the endgame sequence, torch the alien explosive

   Final score: 2350/2950. No idea where the other 600 points are since
   all tasks seemed to have been accomplished.



  * Game is very limited in scope and interface quality in comparison
    to comparably-priced competition.
  * Many AI comments are logically out of sequence.
  * Movement interface needs work. Too often it's necessary to move
    forward and then reverse the view in order to access something.
    Examples of this are moving from the Promenade to the Security
    Foyer, from the Nightclub to the Promenade, or from the Level 1
    Elevator to the Baron's Quarters.
  * No warning about overwriting previously-saved games.
  * Have to respecify drive letter and directory for saved games every
    time the program is restarted. The default save-game drive is the
    CD-ROM, which is often difficult to write to ;)
  * Annoying noises when POV is in Bridge or during access point
    decision. Are those supposed to be radio voices?
  * Very small playing screen.
  * Less-than-inspiring riddles.
  * Music cuts out suddenly in places, most noticeably after the
    endgame sequence.

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