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Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014

+5 trainer (for v1.2 by MrAntiFun)
+5 trainer (for v1.0 by MrAntiFun)
Steam Achievements
Acquire the Sliver Fossil
Defeat the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode
Win 75 games
Bloodless Triumph
Win a game while dealing no combat damage to a player
Burn Monster, Burn!
Lose the "Angry Mob" encounter
Chandra's Ally
Defeat Ramaz
Counter Crazy
Control a permanent with ten or more counters on it.
Death Dealer
Destroy and/or deal lethal damage to 300 creatures
Deck Eclectic
Win a game with each deck
Defeat Ramaz's Ally
Defeat the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode
Counter 25 spells
Field Marshal
Have 40 permanents on the battlefield
Flawless Victory
Win a game without losing any life
Heavy Hitter
Deal over 200 damage in the "Go Berserk" Challenge
Control seven or more Slivers with different names
In It to Win
Win 25 games
Land Lord
Control seventeen land of a single type
Lord of Foriys
Win a Two-Headed Giant game
Maestro of Sealed
Complete the Sealed campaign
Master of Magic
Unlock every deck
Masterful Strategist
Win a Multiplayer game
Recover the Scrying Shard
Defeat the "Enter the Dracomancer" deck in campaign mode
Sealed the Deal
Win a Sealed game
Secrets of the Dimir
Defeat the "Masks of the Dimir" deck in campaign mode
Skilled Tactician
Solve a Challenge
Deal a total of 5000 damage
Sparer of Pawns
Win a game without destroying or dealing lethal damage to a creature
Spell Delver
Unlock 50 cards
Spellbook Complete
Fully unlock one deck
Super Sleuth
Solve every Challenge
Worthy Adversary
Defeat the "Avacyn's Glory" deck in campaign mode

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