Magic Carpet


In the beginning ...
     The  first  10 levels of Magic Carpet have a solid learning curve
that  a  smart player will take immediate advantage of. The first five
levels   should   be   used   as   a  contrived  training  ground  for
would-be-wizards. These levels are perfect for honing your skills as a
master  carpet flyer and you should remember that being skilled on the
carpet  is  the  most  important  attribute  you can have - above even
skilled  spell  casting.  Use  these easy introductory levels to train
yourself  in  flying. Play them again and again if need be so that you
can  despatch  any  nasties  in levels 1-10 with ease. You should also
concentrate on learning to switch spells as fast as possible.

Flying Tips:
     Learn  to  use the left and right strafing keys properly and they
can become invaluable assets. They can be used in conjunction with the
backward and forward keys to pull off some amazing moves.

     When  attacking  a  castle  - always use the left and right arrow
keys to fly sideways around the castle while shooting offensive spells
at  it. This prevents the castle's archers from targeting you with any

     If you are in a tight spot and don't have enough mana to cast the
Accelerate  spell quickly turn yourself left to a 45 degree angle from
your  destination. Then hold down the forward and right strafe key and
you  can  fly there quicker than if you flew in a straight line. (This
also works vice versa.)

     To  turn left quickly use the right and backwards arrow keys. For
turning  right press the left and backwards arrow keys. This gives you
a big advantage.

     If  you  have someone on your tail shooting you in the back don't
turn  around  and  face  them directly. A better idea is to reverse as
quickly as possible so you are behind them. If you have the Accelerate
Backwards spell - all the better.

     Learn  to  use  the  landscape to your advantage and you can gain
quite  a  lead over other players. For instance if a rival's castle is
positioned  at  the  foot of a mountain - hide behind the mountain and
take  pot-shots at it. The Archers won't be able to hit you with their
arrows  and  the  only  way  the rivals can get rid of you is to leave
their castle and fight you out in the open - on equal terms.

     If  ever you find a spell or some mana down a crater too steep to
fly  down - use the carpet like a skateboard. Fly in a downward spiral
around  the  walls of the crater and you should get to the bottom with
no problems.

     Sometimes  you come across deep pits in the land that just aren't
wide  enough  to  fly  down. If you wish to get to the bottom of these
pits  for  a spell (or whatever) come to a complete stop over the pit.
When  you  are totally motionless you begin to sink downwards. Use the
arrow  keys to position yourself properly and you eventually reach the
bottom of the pit and find whatever is in it. NOTE: If you are sinking
down  the  pit  be  extremely  careful when using the forward and back
arrow  keys  because  if  you  hit  any  of the pit walls while moving
forward  or  backwards  you shoot up and back out of the pit - wasting
all your work.

Playing the Game:
     If  you  find  yourself short of mana fly around the level taking
possession  of as many buildings as possible. This can sometimes yield
huge  amounts of mana to play with because most wizards tend to ignore

     Never  build  your  castle  close  to  a wall or another player's
castle.  Ideally  your castle should always be build with expansion in
mind  - so always have enough space around your first-stage castle for
the  next six stages. Walls are permanent fixtures and cannot be moved
unless you have enough mana for (and have collected) the Crater spell.

     You  should learn to use the potential of your Castle spell. This
can  be  used  in  ways  you  might not have realised and can become a
powerful  spell in its own right. For instance if you find yourself in
the  midst of a full scale Giant Bee attack a well-placed Castle spell
in  the  middle  of the group can be devestating and can gain you huge
groups of mana. Your castle may well be destroyed in the process - but
build  it  again  and again until all the bees are destroyed then take
the  mana  at  your  leisure.  Because the mana is centred around your
castle your balloons can collect it quickly to give you instant power.
This  tactic  works with almost all creatures but especially well with
swarming  nasties such as Skeleton Armies, Archers, Vultures, Griffins
and Giant Bees.

     Always  assign  your  spells to their key spaces - numbers 0-9 on
the  keyboard.  Learning  the process can be time-consuming but if you
always  assign  the same spells to the same keys it will become second
nature and a definite advantage during fast paced play.

     Sometimes  you  find  yourself  in a click-fest - fighting over a
pool of mana with a multitude of other wizards. These click-fests only
really  happen  if  there  is  just  one pool of mana on the level but
there's  a  sly  tactic  that  can  sometimes  work well. As the other
wizards  fight over the mana pool use your Accelerate spell to get the
nearest  creature  and  destroy  it. Then make its mana and accelerate
back  to the original mana pool. If the tactic has worked some or even
all  of  the other wizards move away to the other newly-formed smaller
pool leaving you to lap up all the mana for yourself.

     During  the  game  you  sometimes  find  a large pool of the mana
belonging  to  a rival wizard with the enemy wizard hovering above it.
On  possessing the mana you find that he immediately repossesses it as
his  own with the result that your balloons are never attracted to the
mana.  The  best  way  to work around this is is to concentrate on one
mana  ball  and  if  he  possesses  it  again  fire your Possess spell
indiscriminately  around  the pool. While he moves around repossessing
you  can  once  again  concentrate  on  the same mana pool. Repeat the
process  until  your  balloon  eventually  arrives and then go mad and
possess  everything  in  the  pool  as  quickly as possible until your
balloon is full or there is no mana left. With experience you can also
try to fend off any enemy balloons that arrive.

     If  you are up against a particularly tough opponent whose castle
is  much  more advanced that your own it is imperative that you reduce
his  castle  as much as possible. An efficient method is to lure other
creatures  into the castle and have them destroy it. First of all wait
until  a  particularly  dangerous  creature  or even better a group of
dangerous creatures such as Griffins are near his castle. Hover in and
around  the  enemy  fortress and open fire on one of the Griffins then
retreat  to the centre of the enemy castle. The Griffins should follow
you  and  attack  both  you  and the enemy's castle believing it to be
yours. If you have the Shield spell use it and then accelerate home at
top  speed.  If this is done correctly the enemy castle is levelled in
seconds. Wait until the Griffins disperse then mop up the mana.

     If you are ever attacked by creatures hiding in a forest just let
loose  at the trees. This starts a forest fire which can wipe them out
without  you  firing  another  shot. This is very useful with Skeleton
Armies  and  Archer  groups.  Effectively  once you start the fire you
could  fly  off  to deal with more pressing matters and return to find
nothing but mana.

     Whenever  your  castle  is  under  attack  by  creatures who seem
relentless  press  [Shift]+[L]  together  to level your castle. It may
seem stupid but this leaves you to create another directly beneath the
creatures  which  does some serious damage. Assuming you've built more
than two castle stages a more efficient ploy is to rebuild your castle
just  after  the  creatures  have destroyed a stage which has the same
effect  but  leaves  your  castle  intact. But make sure other wizards
don't  take  advantage  by possessing your mana while you're trying to
rebuild your castle.

Multi-player tips:
     The  most  important  thing  to remember is that you should never
build  your  castle next to another player's. This leads to a fight to
the  death  at the start of the game and the loser is blown out of the
game  permanently.  This  may  not sound like a bad thing but the more
players  that  are around at the end of the game the more fun is to be
had during its climax.

     When  you  are  attacking  a  castle approach it as stealthily as
possible  (casting the Invisible spell if you have it) and try to land
your  carpet  in  front of the outside wall. This will shield you from
the archers on the castle stockades and hide you from the rival player
for  a time. Also if you are close enough to the wall your shots don't
show up on the other player's All-Seeing-Eye.

     If  you have the Teleport to Castle spell at the start fly over a
rival's  castle  then  use  it. Whenever you want to attack his castle
simply  use  Teleport  while  in  your  castle and you'll be instantly
transported  to  his. Blast away at the castle and when you've run out
of mana or are in poor shape use Teleport to return home Recharge your
health  and  mana bar - use Teleport again and continue blasting until
the castle's destroyed. Then polish him off.

     Whenever you feel like having a go at thrashing an enemy fortress
you  should use any spell you can to ensure you're not detected on the
trip  across.  The  best is the Invisible spell because it's much more
flexible that the Teleport if used correctly. When you are at your own
castle  wait until your health and mana bars are at full strength then
use Invisible. Fly to the other player's castle re- using Invisible if
it begins to run out. Blast away as quickly as possible with your most
powerful  offensive spells until almost all your mana has gone leaving
just  enough  to use Invisible gain. Then fly home recharge and repeat
for one dead enemy castle.

     When  a rival's castle has crumbled take advantage by stealing as
much  mana  as  you  can.  Most players think that because the mana is
right outside the castle the enemy balloon will collect it before you.
Many don't try any strategies and either shoot indiscriminately at the
mana or fly off. What a waste. Instead as soon as you've beaten away a
stage of the enemy castle cast Accelerate and fly around the castle at
full  speed  possessing furiously. You may well have possessed most of
the  mana  by  the  time your balloons get there. The best thing about
this  tactic  is  that  the  other  player  knows that if he begins to
repossess  mana  his  castle  is  open  to  attack; plus he'll need to
rebuild  his castle to its original state so that it's large enough to
hold all his mana.

2. Cheat:
     Type I at the prompt, and a little red thing will appear. Now, on
screen type: RATTY. Now press one of the following key combinations:

To recieve all spells, press [ALT] and [F1].
To restore your mana, press [ALT] and [F2].
To move on a level, press [ALT] and [F3].

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