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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter

Автор: Erpgore
This game initially looked like it had a lot of promise but it sucks for the following reasons:
  1. The enemy AI is REALLY POOR
  2. There are loads of irritating platform game type things where you have to jump really stupid things to progress. (and when you die you have to go way back in the game to get there again because they won't let you save...) >:-(
  3. You cannot save your game, there are only check points which auto save your progress
  4. I expected the game to be a bit less linear, where you could choose what bounties you decided to go for but it is in fact a totally linear game with no player choice whatsoever.
It does have it's plus sides in that what looks like a half life engine is put to good use with some very big environments etc, and the graphics although now a little old are really not too bad still..

There is also a very small amount of humour in the game and 5*'s go to the designer who put the religious technophile fanatics in with the TV screen smiley (or frowny depending on mood) faces!

Otherwise I'm sad to say it is nothing remarkable, and has to be classed as "Just another shoot-em-up" with no new innovations to offer, apart from the fact that you get to occasionally fly a space ship for an extremely short period of time..

The designers could not even be bothered to put a hyperspace visual sequence in when you star jump, your ship just flys off without you and disappears into a couple of rather dissapointing little rings which frankly look pathetic..

Overall have a go if you are bored, but don't expect too much from this one!

Автор: coleby
I had high hopes for Mace Griffin, but I would have to go with the overwhelming consensus of this game and say it completely stinks. The main reason I feel this way is the game provides no way of manually saving and the missions go on forever with little variety. I don't understand this trend from being able to manually save. The gaming experience is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. What the hell are you really accoplishing by completing an extremely difficult level or an entire game anyway? Do you get an award in the mail?

Автор: Davide.It
I'm playing the Italian version and I've been very disappointed finding the impossibility to save the game manually! It's a very stupid thing that takes as a result my next avoiding of purchasing a game released by the developers of this annoying game!

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