Lure of Temptress

Complete solution:

The jail:
     Pull  the  torch  on  to  your  bedding  and  stand in the bottom
left-hand  corner  of  the  screen. When skorl comes in leave the room
shut  the  door  and  lock  it.  Speak to Wulf who is prisoner chained
against  the  wall  and then go through to the guard room. Pick up the
green  bottle.  Look at the barrel at the left of the room and use the
bottle  on the tap. Pick upp the knife from on top of the barrel. Look
at  the  sack  on the right and use the knife on the sack. Look at the
sack and Dermont picks up a coin. Go back to Wulf. Give him the bottle
and he tells you af an escape route.

     Go  through  the  guard  room  to the torture chamber and use the
knife to cut the cord that's tying Ratpouch to the rack. Tell Ratpouch
to  go to the outer cell and push the bricks in the wall. When he goes
off  follow  him through the hole in the wall and down the sewers into
the village.

Turnvale - rescuing Goewin:

     Walk  through  the  two exits and you find yourself at the castle
gates. Walk left to the apothecary then left to the castle walls. Then
down to the monks house. Left to Ewan's shop. Left to the Severed Arms
and  then down. The opening on the left is the blacksmith's. Go inside
and  talk  to Luthern. Tell him you've escaped from the skorl. Pick up
the  tinderbox  from  the  floor at the front of the screen. Go to the
Magpie  Tavern  which is below the monk's house. Talk to Morkus. Bribe
him and he tells you Goewin was taken prisoner.

     Leave  the inn and find Mallin who is the guy in the green jacket
-  this  might  take some wandering around. Talk to him and ask him to
tell  you what you have to do. Take the bar to the shop and give it to
Ewan. Go back to the Magpie. Talk to the barmaid and give her the gem.
Go  to  the  blacksmith's.  Talk  to Luthern and then give Luthern the
flask.  Speak  to Grub - the beggar on the pavement outside the Magpie
Tavern. Go back to the Severed Arms and speak to Edwina who is sitting
knitting  at  the table. Ask her is she's seen Taidgh. Now examine the

     Go  to  the  market  place outside Ewan's shop. Give Ratpouch the
lock-pick  and  look  at  the door on the right. Wait for the skorl to
walk  past and notice that there is a long gap and a short gap between
his  appearances.  At the start of a long gap tell Ratpouch to use the
lock-pick  on  the lock on Taidgh's frontdoor. Open the door go inside
and  examine  the  apparatus.  Use the tinderbox on the oil burner and
after some steam is let off use the flask on the tap.

     Drink  the  flask  and  then  go off the top of the screen to the
skorl  who  is  guarding the gate. Talk to him. Open the door and walk
through.  Talk  to  the  left-hand  skorl  and then leave with Goewin.
Follow  her  to  the  apothecary. Talk to her. Stooge around until the
potion wears off and then talk to her again.

Turnvale - the dragon:

     Go  to  the  monk's  house  and read the notice on the wall. Find
Malin. Talk to him and say: 'Yes certainly.' Take the book back to the
monk's  house. Give it to the fat monk and talk to him about the smell
-  he  gives  you  some  herbs.  Talk to the thin monk about defeating
Selena  and  remember  the  three  herbs  -  houndstooth  cowbane  and

     Go to the blacksmith's. Talk to the old dear in the rocking chair
and give her the sprig of herbs. Go out of the blacksmith's and in the
garden to the left there are some flowers. To the right of the two red
flowers  there  is  some cowbane. Pick it up. Go to the apothecary and
talk to Goewin. Ask her to make an infusion of cowbane houndstooth and
elecampane. Then find Gwyn and talk to her - she's the lady in the red
hat.  Go  to the shop and talk to Ewan then go back to the apothecary.
Talk to Goewin and ask for the potion.

     Go  to the Severed Arms and talk to Ultar then go to the Weregate
and  talk  to  the Gargoyle. Go back to the apothecary. Talk to Goewin
and then go back to the Weregate and talk to Goewin once again. Now go
through the gates.

Exploring the caves:

     Pull  the  right-hand  skull.  Go through into the green cave and
then  into  the  entrance cave. Talk to Goewin. Tell her to go back to
the  green  cave  and  follow  her  there.  Tell Goewin to back to the
entrance  cave  and  pull  the left-hand skull. When the door opens go
into  the  blue cave. Pull the right-hand skull and then the left-hand
skull.  Wait  until  Goewin walks in and tell her to go into the green
cave  and  pull  the  right-hand  skull.  Go to the left when the door
opens.  Go  up  and  kill the guard. Go left and use the potion on the
dragon  straightaway.  Talk to the dragon and order it to help you. Go
into the blue cave. Pull the left skull and go to the green cave. Pull
the left skull then go back to the entrance and leave the caves.

The castle:

     When  you've  left  the caves talk to Goewin and then find Mallin
and  have  a chat with him. Go to the market place outside Ewan's shop
and wait until a skorl goes in. Look through the window and watch Ewan
and  the skorl's conversation. Wait for the skorl to leave and then go
in and talk to Ewan.

     When  you  arrive in the cellar look at the top cask in the stack
of  three  in  the  bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Go into the
kitchen  and  look  at  the carcass. Take the fat and the tongs and go
back to the cellar. Use the tongs on the bung on the cask. Go into the
passage  and wait for Minnow to walk past. Talk to him and tell him to
tell  the  skorl  that  there is a leaky cask in the cellar. Leave the
kitchen  on  the right. Walk up the steps to the balcony. Wait for the
skorl  to go through the door and after a short while go back down the
stairs. Walk through the room of drunken skorls and into the gate room
on  the  right. Use the fat on the lever. Go back into the room of the
drunks  and  tell  Minnow  to  go to the gate room and pull the lever.
While  he's  pulling  the lever operate the winch. Go back through the
room  of drunks up the stairs along the balcony and up the steps on to
the  drawbridge.  Kill  the  guard.  Walk to the left and get ready to
watch the finale.

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