LHX Attack Chopper


     Fed  up  with running out of missiles? When you've fired all your
weapons hold down [CTRL]+[R]. The helicopter is refuelled and you have
all  your  missiles  back  You  won't get any points or medals for the
mission but at least it's easier to get back alive. To keep your pilot
alive forever make a copy of the file LHX.CFG in another directory and
if your pilot gets killed you can copy it back to the LHX directory.


     While  flying  an  Osprey  through  the  mountains  by the bottom
left-hand  corner  of  the  Vietnam  scenario  you  might spot a black
rectangle  floating in the sky. Fly through it and it takes you to the
centre  of friendly territory at an altitude of 1500 feet. If you want
some more advice try this: First of all try not to get shot down. It's
hard to rescue hostages when your chopper has dived into the ground at
a  fast rate of knots. Learn to distinguish between the warning sounds
of heat-seeking and radar-seeking missiles. Heat seekers can be foiled
with  a  well-timed  flare  while  firing  chaff  should save you from
radar-seeking missiles. Don't go out of your way to attack enemy tanks
and anti-aircraft positoins - they can all too easily give you a nasty

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