Leisure Suit Larry 3

   Ctrl-Alt-X will help you cheat to get the dirtiest version.
     I  advise  you  to  explore  the  screens  and  get  to  know the
whereabouts of the different boards before you start playing.

     First of all, look at the plaque. Then go use the right binocular
--  the  left  one is busted. After seeing the action walk to the next
screen  and  follow  the  arrow  (hand). Get told off by your wife and
leave.  Pick  up  the  the  wood at the bottom of the screen after you
change into your leisure suit. Walk to the change rooms, take the soap
on  the  rope and take a drink. Go back to your house and get the mail
(credit card). Go to the beach and look at the nude lady on the beach.
Give her the credit card. You'll screw her but will get interrupted by
a  native  selling souveniers. You will end up getting a knife. You'll
have  to  stop  cause  you  get crabs. Leave the beach and sharpen the
knife  on  the steps. With your newly sharpened knife, carve the wood.
Cut the grass that is in the middle of the screen with the night club.
Use  the  grass to make a skirt. Put on the skirt in the change rooms.
Go  to  the  beach  and  sell  the  wood  to  Tawni. You'll get twenty
buckazoids. Put your suit back on.
     Go  to  the  Comedy  Hut and listen to those corny jokes. Some of
them  aren't  half bad. This will take quite a while though.Go back to
the  beach  and  take the towel. Use the towel to get a tan. Go to the
casino  and  pay  the  man. Show him the magazine. Tell him the number
from  the  page he says -- this is listed at the end of this document.
Enjoy  the  show.  When it's over, wait until Cherri Tart comes to use
the  phone.Talk  to  her and she'll say she wants some land. Offer her
some land.

     Go to the lawyer's office and ask for a divorce. He will tell you
that  the  lawyer  will  see  you.  Go  to  the lawyer and ask about a
divorce,  she will tell you that this meeting is free but the next one
will  cost  $500. Ask her about some land. Leave the the office and go
outside. Go back in and get your deed. Then walk back to the show room
door  and  knock on the door. Cherri will be so grateful, she'll screw
you. You'll end up having to dance because you accidentally put on her
costume. While you are dancing, people will throw dollar bills at you.
This is what you will use to pay the lawyer. When you are finished, go
the the lawyer (in the costume) and ask about a divorce again.When the
man  asks  you to pay, pay him. You'll end up screwing the lawyer. She
will have to answer the phone many times. When you leave, walk through
the front door then go back in and get your decree. Look at the decree
and  you'll find a keycard to Fat City. Walk back to and open the show
room door. You'll find your clothes where you left them. Put them back
on and go to Fat City.
     Look  at  the  back  of the keycard. The names on the back of the
card  correspond  to  a  number  at the end of this document. Open the
bottom left door with the card. Find your locker and it'll tell you if
you're  hot  or  cold.  When  you find your locker, open it. Take your
suits  and then close the locker. Go to the right door and use each of
the  four different weight machines. You only need to go up to 20 with
each  machine.  I tried more but it's just a waste of time. Go back to
your  locker and take off the sweats. Go into the left door. This is a
weird  screen,  go  to the top and turn on the water. Go to the middle
and  use  the soap. Go and turn off the water. Leave and use the towel
to  dry  yourself.  Go  back to your locker and use the deodorant. Put
your  suit  back on and leave. Go to the door on top and open it using
the  keycard.  Look at the girl and start talking to her. Keep talking
until  you start repeating what you've already said. Help her with the
tape. You'll end up screwing this one too.
     When  you  are  finished, go to the night club and into the cave.
Get  the  orchids  that are growing in the top right corner and make a
lei. Go to the bar and take the seat closest to Patti. Talk to her and
give  her  the  decree  and the lei. Go to the club. When she asks for
wine,  get  it  from  the  comedy hut. Go back to the elevators in the
hotel  and  go  to  the 9th floor. Go to the table and pour some wine.
Now, there is a cartoon for a little while.

     You become Patti at this point. Go behind the blue screen and put
on  your  bra,  panties,  pantiehose  (hose),  and dress. Get the wine
bottle  and go downstairs. Go to your piano and get the money from the
cup. Get the marker from the sign. Fill the bottle with water from the
sink  at the change rooms.Walk to the night club and pay the man there
to  watch  the show. When the guy comes out, stand up and talk to him.
After  you  finish  talking  to  him,  go  to  the  bamboo forest. The
following  is  a  rough map to help you get through this stage. If you
get thirsty, drink the water in the bottle. Save here before you enter
the forest.

     If  you've  basically followed the above map, go to the water and
take a drink. Then walk to the next screen and take off your hose. Tie
the  hose  to  the  big  rock  by the cliff.It will do the next bit by
itself.  After  you land walk to the bottom of the screen and get some
leaves.  Make  a  rope with the leaves. Climb the right tree and get a
few coconuts. Climb back down. Throw the rope to the rock and rip your
dress.  Walk  across  the rope. Take off your bra and put the coconuts
into  the bra.Walk across and up to the middle of the screen. When you
see  a  wild  pig  come  out, throw the bra at it. Walk to the top and
you'll  be  at  a  beach.  Go  into the water and to the log. Pull the
log.When  you  stop, ride the log. Save often from now on. You have to
dodge  the  obstacles. It is quite hard. You must be patient. When you
get  past this, you will be grabbed by a couple of lesbians. They will
take you to a village and put you into a cage with Larry. When you are
asked  if  you have a plan, use the magic marker. You will draw a door
and will go through it. You'll land in the Sierra studios. Walk to the
top  and you will be in a storage room. Walk to the right and you will
be on the Space Quest set. You will be floating around. Use the cursor
keys  to  navigate  your way to the magnet. Pull the wire and you will
fall  to  the  ground. Go right again and you'll be on the Kings Quest
set. This is the end of the game. This document will give you 3,890 of
the possible 4,000 points.

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