Legend of the ZYCA


     The  world  was  destroyed by ZYCA three thousand years ago, only
those  in  hiding  manage  to survive. It was predicted that ZYCA will
arise  again  to  destroy the world but at the same time, someone will
save the world.

     There  are 14 places for you to explore. Each area have creatures
of a certain level. Don't go too far away from you current location if
your  level  is  not  high enough. Gain a few more levels before going

During an encounter, 

YAP - ODP = demage done
OAP - YDP = demage done

where YAP - your attack power
YDP - your defend power
OAP - opponent attack power
ODP - opponent defend power

     Gaining a level will increase this attributes (+1 to +5). You can
increase this value by getting a better weapon and armour.

Weapons & Armours

The weapons are ranked as follows:

short sword
long sword
bronze sword
black saint sword
iron sword
zyca sword
steel sword

The armours are ranked as follows:

wooden shield           wooden helm     cloth shirt
leather shield          leather helm    leather armour
bronze shield           bronze helm     bronze breast plate
iron shield             iron helm       iron breast plate
steel shield            steel helm      bronze armour
zyca shield             zyca helm       iron armour
                                        steel armour
                                        zyca armour


There are three kinds of magic: Healing, Fire and Lightning.


Cure Poison             - SP  5
Basic Healing           - SP  5, Heal 40
Intermediate Healing    - SP 20, Heal 100
Advance Healing         - SP ??, Heal ???

Fire - attack hit a single opponent.

Basic        - SP  5, Demage 20
Intermediate - SP 15, Demage 50
Advance      - SP 30, Demage 100

Lightning - attack all enemies.

Basic        - SP  5, Demage 10
Intermediate - SP 15, Demage 25
Advance      - SP 30, Demage 50

Hints and Tips

     Temple  -  You  can  only  save  your  game  in the temple in the
beginning.  When you have reach the holy pagoda, you can find a device
that let you save the game anywhere you like.

     Healing  -  Don't  waste your spell points casting healing spells
when  you  are  near  any town. Just save your game in the temple when
your  hit points is low. After that go out to get killed (shouldn't be
difficult).  The  game  will  be  restored  when  you get killed. Upon
restoring  the game, you will be given FULL hit points. This is useful
when  you  are  low in cash and level. Note that poison is not removed
when  you  restore  the  game,  but  there is no need to cast spell to
remove it because the enemies will poison you again and again.

     ? Option - The following action will be executed randomly:

1. Stand still doing nothing.
2. Attack three times.
3. Restore hit points.
4. Lose half your hit points.
5. Execute a special attack with an attack power of 3000.
6. Half your attack power.
7. Execute an attack with double your current attack power.


     1. Town Cosy

     Walk  around  to get familiar with the place. Talk to the fortune
teller.  She  will tell you what to do. Go to the gate and talk to any
guard  over there. He will send you to prison. Once inside, search the
room  to  get a little saw. Use it to get out of the room. Use the saw
to  release  the  lizard  man  and  ask him to join you. Talk to those
guards  at  the  door.  Frighten  them to get out of the jail. Walk to
weapon  shop (the one with a sword symbol, like a cross) go inside and
search for a cloak. Use the cloak to cover the lizard man. Talk to the
guarding  the  manor  a few times, they will get angry and attack you.
Kill  them  and go inside the manor. The lizard man, Su Er, will break
open  any  locked  door  when  you  investigate.  Search the place for
treasure.  Search the book shelves to open a secret passage. Enter the
passage to get a security pass. Talk to the guard at the main gate and
show  them  the  security  pass to exit the town. You won't be able to
enter this town anymore.

     Check  you  inventory,  get yourself equipped. Follow the road to
Aule Village.

2. Aule Village

     If  you  didn't enter the village and accept the quest. You would
find  creatures  attacking  you.  Take  the opportunity to explore the
place.  Try  to  locate  the  bandits who kidnapped the young girl but
don't talk to them (or you'll get killed). It'll be easier if you know
the way.

     Enter  the  village.  Talk  to  village  head,  agree to save his
daughter.  Gain  a  few  levels  first  before  attempting to save his
daughter.  When you are strong enough, kill the three bandits and save
the  girl.  Go  back for a reward. Search the forest for a device that
improve hearing.

     Follow  the  path  until you reach a split junction. One leads to
the Deserted Place and the other leads to Mife City. It doesn't matter
which  way  you  take,  but i suggest that you go to Mife City to save
your game and buy some better weapon.

3. Deserted Place

     Talk  to  the guard, show him the bracelet Su Er gives you. Go in
and look for Su Er. Talk to him and go to Mife City.

4. Mife City

     This  place  will  be  one  you spend most of your time in. Go to
headquarter  and take the stairs behind the two guards and talk to the
general.  You  must  do  something  to cure the general. Go to the 2nd
floor  of the inn. Search one of the bed to find a piece of paper. You
won't be able to read it, it's written in some foreign language. Bring
the  paper  to Aule Village, show the paper to the girl you saved from
the  bandits.  Follow her instructions and go to the Deserted Place to
look  for  Sai  Jia.  Talk  to  him and give him the device to improve
hearing. Show him the paper and he'll translate it for you. Go back to
Mife City and talk to the teacher. Show him the paper and he'll attack
you.  Kill him and talk to the general again. You'll be given a bronze
key that will open many doors.

     Look for a job and go to work. Follow your employer to an old man
house. Go through the sequence, and win the fight with Grey. You'll be
given  the permission to get the two swords at the dungeon. Search for
the dungeon at the forest outside Mife City. It's easy to find it with
a  map.  Go  inside,  join  Grey to fight the dragon and get the black
saint sword. Go back to the inn. Use the bronze key to open a room and
talk  to  someone.  He'll  give  you a ring. At this point, spend your
money  wisely,  as  you are going to lose half of what you have. Go to
the  forest  NW  of  the  Aula  Village.  Talk to the man guarding the
passage.  Give  him  the ring. Go inside and use half of your money to
buy  a  VIP card. Go to the inn and use the VIP card to get inside the
gambling  den.  Go  inside the arena and fight Grey. After winning the
fight,  talk  to  the  soldier that have just come inside the gambling
den. Pay him $200 to buy the house from him. You'll be given a key.

6. Haunted House

     Follow the path outside Mife City. Your house is somewhere on top
of  the  mountain near the palace. Use the key to open the door. Fight
the  ghost  inside. Talk to him afterward. His name is Peter and he is
the  servent of Nita. Go to the deserted place to attend the ceremony.
After the ceremony, a soldier will ask you to see the general. See the
general  and  agree  to  find her daughter, Wendy. Look for her at the
classroom.  Give  her your magic necklace. With the necklace gone, you
lost all your abilities to cast spells. Go back to your house and talk
to  Peter.  He'll  give  you  a  crystal  that allow you to access the
cellar.  Reach  the diary of Nita (6 parts) and stand in the middle of
the statues to regain your spell casting abilities.

7. Elven Village

     Go to the elven village from your house. Follow the mountain path
carefully  or you might need to walk the path a few times. Once you're
in the village, rest in the inn and save the game by talking to one of
the elves. Talk to village head and get the lighting stone.

8. The Cave

     The  cave  is  just  outside  the elven village, use the lighting
stone  to enter it. There are two stairways leading down. You can find
a  special  mask  in the first. Exploring the second stairway, you can
find  the  following  items:  steel  helm, steel shield, steel armour.
Exploring  further  will leads you to the skeletons that are attacking
the  water  demon.  Defeat  the fellow from the holy pagoda. The water
demon  will  bring  you the zyca sword but you won't be able to get it
now.  After  the  old  man stab you, you'll find yourself in the elven
village again.

9. The Palace

     Go  back  to your house. Talk to Peter. Talk the path behind your
house  to  reach  the  palace.  Explore  the palace until you find the
princess.  After  the animation sequence, get out of the palace and go
back  to your house. You will meet Stailon and he'll give you the zyca
sword.  (He  was ordered to give the sword to Grey but he has mistaken
you  to  be  Grey  at  the  jail). Go home and talk to Peter. Wendy is
looking for you.

10. The Graveyard of Heaven

     Go  to Mife City and talk to the general. Go back to the cave and
talk  to the water demon. He will join you with 0 hit points. Heal him
to full hit point so that he can fight during combat. He will have the
same fighting power as you, but he can't cast spell. Go to the lake to
the SW of Mife City. The water demon will send you up to the Graveyard
of  Heaven.  Talk to Wendy and she will join you. Heal her so that she
can  fight  during battle. She have the same fighting abilities as you
and  SP  255  when fully rested. Kill the dragon guarding the entrance
(it  has  700 HP). After killing the dragon, walk carefully, you might
just fall to your death. Search for the coffin of Nita and talk to his
spirit.  Look for the zyca shield and zyca ring in the treasure chest.
Don't  ever  use  the zyca ring unless you want to start this trip all
over again. Walk to the place you came up, and return to Mife City.

11. The Temple of Zyca

     The  temple is NW of Mife City, go and have a look at the remains
of Zyca.

12. The Holy Pagoda

     The  Holy Pagoda is near Town Cosy. Cross the bridge to enter the
Pagoda.   Search  the  first  level  carefully  to  get  a  electronic
checkbook.  With  this  you can save your game anywhere in the Pagoda.
Those  glowing  ball are staircase, they are usually protected by some
guardian  robots.  If  you  find those guardians, you are on the right
track,  if  not,  you  are  going  to  a  death end but you might find
something  useful.  Special item found: zyca helm, zyca armour. Search
for Grey and Su Er. Once you find them, use the bracelet to wake up Su
Er.  Then  you  must  fight  the  three Gods. They cannot be killed in
battle, but you can use the zyca ring to invoke Zyca to destroy them.

     Watch the ending sequence that follows.

     You  have finally defeated the enemies, but you seem to be having
some family problems to deal with...

     Su Er does know how to make money...

     Poor Grey...

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