LawnMower Man

     This  document  contains  hints  for  the Multi-Media CD ROM Game
Lawnmower Man.


This hint file contains information about the following sections:

1.0  Ledge of Darkness - I

        1.1     There are no platforms or pillars the first time. When the
                voice says jump press on the up arrow. Down - Down arrow.
                You should  have the key depressed for the next jump or
                slide as soon as you complete the previous one.

        1.2     These are the moves that have worked for me every time.

2.0 Cyber Boogie - I

        2.1     When the voice says to turn turn. Watch the indicator on
                the right. Remember to press the down arrow to go up.

        2.2     The sequence of events that I have seen are as follows

3.0 Crackin' the Code - I

        3.1     Pick the button that is different than the rest.
                Here are some hints from doors that have been solved.

                3.1.a   six, square, Y and 2
                For instance, in the first example 6 wil be
                the only even number, the square is the only shape
                with an even number of sides, Y is the only non-vowel,
                2 is the only number that is not a multiple of 7.

                3.1.b  : See code1.bmp
                full square is bottom left hand corner &
                quarter square in bottom right, T, moon, S

                3.1.c   : See code2.bmp
                Rotate the shape. The two dots on top with the
                square in the bottom right is incorrect.
                A is the only vowel. The quarter circles with
                the pieces missing is incorrect. The triangle is the
                only shape with an odd number of sides.

                3.1.d  K, Y, Circle, 2
                K is not a direction and a circle has no sides.
                2 and Y are explained above.

4.0 Tune - In - I

        4.1     Play the exact same sequence of notes / lights that the
                keyboard in front of you does. Just watch the colors.

        4.2     These sequences seem to come up a lot.
                4.2.a Red Blue Green Magenta
                4.2.b Tan Red Magenta Yellow
                4.2.c Blue Orange Purple Green

5.0  Path to Freedom - I

        5.1     The middle tunnel seems to be clear all of the time. Follow
                the path back from this tunnel to a platform. Move to that
                platform and press fire(space bar). The rest is automatic.

6.0  Ledge of Darkeness - II

        6.1     This section seems to be a repeat of Ledge of Darkness -I
                except that it includes the pillars and platforms that are
                talked about in the manual. Jump when the voice says to.
                When you get to the track the first move is to jump. There
                will be no voice now.

        6.2     The moves are the same.

7.0 Access Denied - I

        7.1     Time is of the essence. A key will appear on the screen for
                hitting the fire button. Use the arrows to direct the robot
                to the key.

        7.2     These board configurations seem to come up a lot.
                7.1.a Left-Down-Down-Right-Right-Up
                7.2.b Left-Left-Left-Up-Up-Right
                7.2.c Up-Left-Left-Down

8.0 Cyber Boogie - II

        8.1     No voice this time. Watch the indicator on the right.
        8.2     The sequence is a follows
                Up-Wall-Right-Up-Gap #07
                Down-Wall-Right-Down-Left-Gap #83
                Evade Right-Left-Down

9.0 Crackin the Code - II

        9.1     Things to look for:
                9.1.a   Perfect squares and cubes.
                        2, 9 and 16 are perfect squares. 11 is not.
                        8, 27 and 64 are perfect cubes. 73 is not.

                9.1.b   Weather symbols. Cloudy, Rainy and Sunny.
                        The moon is not.

                9.1.c   14, 19, 23, 32 (19) is not equal to 5 the rest are.

10.0 Into the Void - I

        10.1    An invisible Dr. Tims moves towards you one step 
                for each step you take. 
                The trick is to get him behind you. At the 1/2 point
                change paths.

        10.2    This sequence seems to work each time.
                Forward-Left, Forward-Right, Forward-Right, Back-Right
                Forward-Right, Forward, Forward-Left (along the right edge)
                Forward-Left, Forward-Left. Home free.

11.0 Cyber Boogie - III

        11.1    No voice again. Watch the indicator on the right.
        11.2    Cyber Jobe will enter the tube with you. Shoot him or he
                will shoot you.
        11.3    These are the moves.
                Left - Up - Right - Down - Evade Left
                Right - Wall - Up -Left - Right - Gap #83
                Jobe - Left - Left - Up - Down - Gap #49
                Left - Down - Evade Right

12.0 Breaking Through - I

        12.1    Shoot thru the hole in the invisible wall. 
                When you hit the wall it shows you where you are 
                in relationship to the hole.

        12.2    You usually only get three chances 
                before he zeros in on you.

        12.3    Start with either the 3rd or 5th elevation and adjust up 
                or down.

13.0 Ledge of Darkness - III

        13.1    This time you start off on the track. You will then get to
                the pillars and platforms.

        13.2    The last jump is kinda sudden and tricky.

14.0 Leap of Faith

        14.1    Go down the slide. Leap off with the fire button.

        14.2    Wait until the mouth is 1/2 closed before 
                you hit the button.

15.0 Tune - In - II

        15.1    Name that tune! Repeat the sequence.

16.0 Cyber Boogie - IV

        16.1    Jobe will enter the tube with you. Shoot him or else.
                An energy ball will soon follow. Shoot it also.
                You will see two more energy balls. And a closing wall.
                React quickly.

        16.2    Left - Left - Right - Right- Down - Wall - Gap #33 - Gap #83
                Jobe - Left - Left- Ball - Left - Up - Down - Gap #49
                Right - Down - Evade Right - Left - Evade Left
                Right - Ball - Right - Ball - Right - Wall

17.0 Crackin the Code - III

        17.1    Things to look for:
                17.1.a Shapes that are rotated 
                       but one doesn't fit the pattern.
                17.1.b 3 numbers that are multiples of 13 or 7
                17.1.c Metric symbols "Lb" is not one
                17.1.d Directions such as N E W S - "K" is not one

18.0 Access Denied - II

        18.1    You have to direct the robot to the key 3 times.

        18.2    These board configurations seem to come up alot.
                18.2.a Left-Up-Left-Up-Up-Right-Right-Right-Down-Down
                18.2.b Up - Up - Up - Left - Left - Down

19.0 Ledge of Darkenss  - IV

        19.1    Two times on the track. You will jump on the pillars 
                between runs. The last jump is tricky. 
                Wait until the platform is at the top past the red band 
                and even with the top.

20.0 CyberBees

        20.1    Flip the walls of the maze to direct the bees to an
                exit with a fan that chops them to bits.

        20.2    Follow the path you create to the fan.

21.0 Path to Freedom - II

        21.1    Same as before.

22.0 Crackin the Code - IV

        22.1    Things to look for
                22.1.a T , M, L , S  I don't know why but S is out.
                22.1.b Math Symbols +-X - " | " is not one.
                22.1.c 5, 7, 9, 11  9 is not a prime number
                22.1.d ., ..,  ... , ....  ... is but I don't know why

23.0  Breaking Through - II

        23.1    Shoot thru the hole in the invisible wall. 
                When you hit the wall it shows you where you are 
                in relationship to the hole.

        23.2    You usually only get three chances 
                before he zeros in on you.

24.0 Into the Void - II

        24.1    The grid in the upper left hand corner shows your position.
                The first row is A the second row is B1 and B2

        24.2    This sequence seems to work each time.

25.0  Spinout

        25.1    The letters on the cube spell ANGELO.

        25.2    Position the A correctly in front of you. 
                You have to get each letter in sequence without any errors.

        25.3    From A, press Right to N, press Down to G, 
                press Right to E press Down to L, press Right to O.

26.0  Cyber Boogie - V

        26.1    You have to be quick for this one. 
                No indicators this time.
                This section is incomplete and probably inaccurate.

        26.2    Evade Left-Right-Ball-Left-Down-Right-Evade Left-Up!
                Wall-Right-Wall-Ball-Up- He Spins!
                Evade Right - Left -          -          -       -
                          - Left - Down - Evade Right-
                Ball - Left - Ball - Left

27.0  Ledge of Darkness - V

        27.1    Lots of pillars to start. Two times on the track.

28.0  Glory Road

        28.1    Jump through the pulsating energy field.

        28.2    When you are on the conveyer belt in front of the Director
                press jump. Since I have only done this once you may have
                to press fire. This is the end of the game.

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