The Last Express


     This  walkthrough  assumes  you  are  familiar with operating the
game's user interface.

     The  Last  Express  is  not  a  completely  linear  game, so this
walkthrough is only one order of events while others will also lead to
a successful game completion.

     The  events in this game do not always happen at the same time or
in  same  place  for each game played. For this reason you may find it
difficult  to  follow  this  walkthrough  exactly.  You may get behind
schedule  and  miss opportunities. Usually you will get another chance
to  perform  critical  actions.  If  the game ends prematurely you can
always rewind.

General Hints

     1.  Whenever the conductors are not at their stations take a look
at  their  books.  One of them sketches the passengers. These pictures
may provide clues. Check this book as often as you can. As the journey
progresses,  you  will  find more sketches in his book. The other book
contains the passenger list.

     2.  The newspaper in the smoking compartment contains interesting
political information.

     3.  Whenever  the  conductors'  views  are blocked you can try to
enter other passenger's compartments.

     4.  When  the guard leaves his office in the baggage car, usually
to  make announcements for meals or stops, you can explore the forward
baggage compartment.

     5.  Eavesdrop as much as possible.

     6.  Engage  the  other  passengers  in  conversation  as often as
possible.  This  walkthrough  will  not  enable you to listen to every
conversation, but you will hear most of them.

     7.Follow  the  passengers  when  they  move.  This  may represent
another opportunity for eavesdropping or conversation.

     8.This game, although mainly a puzzle solving adventure, involves
a  few action sequences where you have to fight with an assailant. The
fights  involve  hand-eye  coordination  and  fast reactions. They get
increasingly  difficult  as  the  game  progresses.  The game will end
prematurely  if  you  lose  the fight. But with practice you will win.
Don't  despair! 9.To begin with you will be unfamiliar with the layout
of the train. Here is the initial configuration:

     CarCompartments  in  Car  Rear of TrainPrivate Car:BedroomConcert
RoomRear    Slee    ping   Car:Compartments   1-9   Forward   Sleeping
Car:Compartments   A-I   Restaurant   Car:Smoking  Compartment  Dining
CompartmentKitchenBaggage     Car:Passenger     Compartment    Guard's
OfficeBaggage AreaEngineFront of Train

     24th July 1914, Paris to Chalons

     19:14 Tyler Whitney looks out from the stationary Orient Express.
He is clearly expecting someone.

     19:39  The Orient Express has left Paris. Robert Cath jumps on to
the moving train.

     At  this  point  you  take  control  of  Cath's  actions. You are
positioned  between  the  Private  Car and the Rear Sleeping Car. Turn
right and go into the Rear Sleeping Car.

     Find Compartment 1. This is Tyler Whitney's compartment. Open the
door  and  go  inside. You find Tyler's dead body. You must get rid of
the  body  or  you  will  be  arrested  for  Tyler's  murder! Open the
compartment  window.  Pick  up  Tyler's  body  and throw it out of the
window. Your jacket is bloody. If the conductor sees you like this you
will  be  arrested,  so  swap  it  for Tyler's jacket hanging near the
window.  Get  Tyler's case down from the rack and open it. Read Cath's
telegram  to  Tyler.  Take the Russian scroll. Try to read it. You are
going to need a translator!

     19:40 First Service Dinner is announced.

     Go  to  the  Restaurant  Car.  On  your  way  through the Smoking
Compartment, stop and listen to Sophie and Rebecca chatting.

     Go  into  the  Dining  Compartment  and  talk  with the older man
sitting  by  himself, August Schmidt. Tyler & August clearly had a
deal!  You  have  to  find some gold or this deal will go ahead. After
August returns to his compartment, stay in the Dining Compartment. Now
talk  to  the  younger  man  sitting on his own, Alexei Dolnikov. When
Alexei  leaves pick up his book and take the timetable inside it. Note
he  has marked the time 10:40 on the timetable. Alexei returns shortly
to  retrieve his book. Listen to the elderly gentleman and young woman
chatting. This is the Count and Tatiana, his granddaughter

     Leave  the  Restaurant  Car  and  walk through the Sleeping Cars,
until  you  encounter  the  child Francois Boutarel blowing a whistle.
Follow Francois to Compartment D. He will tell his mother how he saw a
dead man being thrown from the train!

     Return  to  the Dining Compartment. When the elegant woman, Anna,
enters, talk to her.

     Go  into  the  Smoking  Compartment  and  show Alexei the Russian
scroll.  He  wasn't  very  helpful.  You will need someone else who is
fluent in Russian.

     Return  to  the  Dining  Compartment.  Listen  to  the Boutarel's
discussion. Listen and watch August flirting with Anna.

     Leave  and  walk  through to the Rear Sleeping Car. The conductor
tells you that you are requested to go to the Private Car. Do so.

     20:30 Second Service Dinner is announced.

     In the Private Car, you meet Kronos and Tahina. Kronos alludes to
a  very significant exchange of something highly valuable...and a very
heavy briefcase. Return to the Dining Car.

     The  Count  and  Tatiana  are  leaving.  Follow  them. As they go
through  the  Smoking Compartment, Alexei confronts the Count. Talk to
Alexei. He leaves.

     Return  to  the  Dining  Compartment  and  listen  to  Sophie and
Rebecca's discussion.

     Return to your compartment, number 1, and you will be attacked by
Milos. When you win the fight by disarming him, he will talk to you.

     Leave  your  compartment  and walk toward the Restaurant Car. You
should  see  Tahina  in  the  Sleeping  Cars  corridor searching other
people's compartments for something.

     Go to the Dining Compartment and go through the curtain. The chef
and his apprentice are chatting. Return to the Sleeping Cars Corridor.

     21:16 The train arrives at Epernay

     You  should see Tahina leaving your compartment, stopping outside
Anna's then entering someone else's.

     21:19  The  French  police  board the train. You must hide or you
will  be  arrested!  I found the best place to hide was in the Count's
washroom.  Go  into  Compartment  A, then into the washroom. Stay here
until you here the police disembark. Go out to the corridor.

     At  Compartment  D,  Mme  Boutarel,  Francois  and  the conductor
discuss the police investigation. When Anna appears talk to her.

     Tatiana  goes  to  the  door area between the Private Car and the
Rear Sleeping Car.

     The guard and conductors chat at the conductors' stations.

     Go to the Smoking Compartment and listen to Anna and August 

     21:41 The train arrives at Chalons-sur-Marne

     21:46 The train leaves Chalons-sur-Marne

     Return to your compartment and go to sleep.

     25th July 1914, Strasbourg to Ulm

     You  seem to have woken up. Get up, leave the compartment then go
back in. You are having a nightmare about Tyler. You wake up.

     03:38 The train arrives at Strasbourg

     Go  to Compartment F and talk with Anna. Go to Compartment A. The
Count  is  having  an  attack. Afterwards, listen to Anna confiding in
Tatiana.  She  knows  her  compartment  has  been  searched, She wants
Tatiana to take care of something for her. Return to Compartment F and
talk  with  Anna..  Anna  then  goes  into  Tatiana's compartment then
returns to her own.

     Return to your own compartment and go to sleep.

     25th July 1914, Ulm to Munich

     When you wake up you find a scarf.

     Leave  the  compartment. You should see Francois playing with the
whistle. He will show it to you.

     Visit  Compartment G. Milos will chat with you. You now know that
Tyler  was  to  conduct  an  arms  deal  with  August. He was going to
exchange  an  item known as the "Firebird" for gold. Then the gold was
to buy the guns from August for the Serbian resistance movement.

     Back  in  the  corridor  or  in Compartment D, Francois has a new
game. The guard and conductor chat about a missing master key.

     Francois chats with his mother about a beetle.

     Go  to the Dining Compartment and talk to Tatiana. She will offer
to  translate the Firebird Scroll for you. She then gets up to talk to

     Go  to  the Smoking Compartment, and listen to Sophie and Rebecca
chatting  with August. Sit down at the table under the clock. Take the
box  of  matches  from  your  pocket and remove the matches. Catch the
beetle in the match box. This may take several attempts!

     Walk  through  the  Sleeping Cars corridors until you meet August
and talk with him.

     10:18 The train arrives at Munich.

     Watch August's merchandise being put on the train. Note the shape
of the box.

     10:28 The train leaves Munich.

     25th July 1914, Munich to Salzburg

     12:00  In  the Smoking Compartment, Alexei and Tatiana play chess
and chat.

     Go  into  the Dining Compartment. You will overhear Abbot talking
to the guard.

     12:12 First Service Lunch is announced.

     Chat  with  August.  Anna  joins  August for lunch. Return to the
Sleeping  Car corridor. Boutarel and Abbot are chatting in Compartment
C. The conductors are chatting.

     When  Francois comes along you can show him the beetle. Return to
the Smoking Compartment.

     Alexei  and  Tatiana continue to play chess and chat. Go into the
Dining Compartment

     The Boutarel family is chatting. Join Abbot for lunch.

     12:45 The train arrives at Salzburg.

     25th July 1914, Salzburg to Wels

     Pay Kronos a visit in his Private Car. Read the book on the couch
and  listen  to  Tahina and Kronos plotting. They believe Anna has the

     Return   to   your   compartment.  The  Firebird  Scroll  with  a
translation  will  be  on  the floor by the door. Return to the Dining

     August  and  Anna continue to chat. Then they move to the Smoking
Compartment. Follow them.

     August  and  Anna  continue to chat. Tatiana and Alexei are still
here chatting too.

     13:00 Second Service Lunch is announced.

     The  Boutarel  family  return to their compartments. Watch Kronos
arrange  a  music  concert with Anna. When everyone leaves the Smoking
Compartment,  check  out  the Dining Compartment. You may catch Sophie
and Rebecca chatting. Return to the Forward Sleeping Car corridor.

     13:57 The train arrives at Attnang

     Francois  will  trade  the whistle for your beetle. Then he plays
with the beetle. August will chat with you.

     Mme  Boutarel  complains  to the conductor about Anna's dog. Then
the  conductor  and guard discuss Mme Boutarel's demand. The conductor
talks to Anna and removes her dog.

     Return to the Rear Sleeping Car. The conductor will invite you to
the music concert.

     Return  to  the  Dining  Compartment.  You  should  hear the chef
berating his apprentice.

     14:23 The train arrives at Wels.

     Return to the Smoking Car.

     25th July 1914, Wels to Linz

     Sophie  and  Rebecca are chatting. Rebecca leaves. Try talking to
Sophie. Return to the Forward Sleeping Cars corridor.

     Anna leaves her compartment, has it locked and heads for Kronos's
Private Car. Return to the Smoking Compartment.

     Rebecca  returns to chat with Sophie. Return to the Sleeping Cars
corridor. Tatiana leaves her compartment.

     Go  into  Compartment  A  and then into the washroom. Look in the
cupboard under the sink and take the golden egg. Leave. The Count will
awaken and speak to you. Leave.

     Back  in  the  corridor  at  Compartment  E, you hear Rebecca and
Sophie chatting.

     14:55 The train arrives at Linz.

     25th July 1914, Linz to Vienna

     Return to your compartment and leave the golden egg in the chest.

     Around  15:10  go  to  the Private Car where the music concert is
starting.  Sit  down  and  appreciate  the music. Watch Tahina. Tahina
leaves  the  concert (to search compartments again). Tahina returns to
the concert a few minutes later. Now it is safe to do some compartment
searching yourself! Leave the concert.

     You  have  half an hour to an hour to complete the following very
interesting  activities  while  several  people  are  occupied  by the

     Go  into  Compartment E. Search it and read Rebecca's diary. Exit
through  the  window  and enter Anna's compartment. Open the trunk. In
the  bottom  drawer is an enlightening letter. Look at the jewel case.
In  the  bottom  of it there is a secret compartment. Open it and take
the master key.

     The  master  key  will  open all the compartment and outer doors.
Leave  Anna's  compartment and go to the outside door area between the
Rear  Sleeping  Car  and  Private  Car.  Use  the  key  to  unlock the
right-hand side door and go outside. Use the ladder to climb up to the
roof of the train. Turn around and walk to the back of the train along
the  roof.  When  you  get  to  the glass roof of the Private Car (you
should  hear  the  concert), smash it. Jump down into Kronos's private

     Look at the papers on the bedside table. It seems as though Tyler
had  the egg when he left Paris. Find the hidden switch on the wall to
the  right  of  the wardrobe and press it. This opens up a cabinet and
reveals  a  briefcase.  Look at the case. It is full of gold. Take it.
Leave via the door and go into the music concert! This causes a bit of
a stir. Leave.

     Return to your compartment. Put the case under your bed. Retrieve
the golden egg.

     Go  to  the  Baggage  Car and go though to the very end (when the
guard  is  elsewhere),  so that you can see the engine. Open the dog's
cage. Let Max out. Deposit the golden egg in the cage.

     Return  to  the  Sleeping  Car  corridor.  Abbot tries to talk to
Alexei in the Smoking Compartment. Alexei leaves.

     Alexei's  return will enable you to enter Compartment 3 using the
master  key.  Search  August's  compartment. Search his case. You will
find a draft letter. Return to the concert.

     When  the  concert  ends  return to your compartment. Collect the
case  full  of  gold. Go back out to the Sleeping Car corridor. In the
Forward Sleeping Car, Anna and August are chatting. Return to the Rear
Sleeping Car.

     Go  to  Compartment 3. Wait for August to go in. Visit August and
show him the gold.

     Tahina  tells you at gun point to see Kronos. Surprise, surprise!
Go  to  the  Private  Car.  Kronos will reclaim the case full of gold.
Return to the Rear Sleeping Car.

     Milos  will  chat  with you. Go to Compartment G. Visit Milos and
talk to him some more.

     You  may  hear  Tatiana  reporting to Anna, that the egg has been
stolen! Go to the Smoking Compartment.

     Listen  to Abbot and August chatting. When Abbot leaves chat with

     Go  to  the  Baggage  Car. And go into the now open baggage area.
Find  the box that was loaded on the train by August in Munich. Try to
open  it. Anna will appear and you will hear her story about Tyler and
the  egg.  Then  Vesna attacks you. Keep avoiding Vesna's attack until
Anna takes control of the situation. Take a look in the box if you get
a chance.

     18:00 The train arrives at Vienna.

     25th July 1914, Vienna to Budapest

     19:35 First Service Dinner is announced.

     Visit  Compartment  F  and  chat  with Anna. Return to the Dining

     August  is  waiting  for Anna. But Anna sends a message canceling
the  appointment.  Leave  and go to the area between the Rear Sleeping
Car and the Private Car.

     Here  you  will  find  Alexei  and  Tatiana talking. You can only
eavesdrop  if you listen from next to the guard's station so that they
don't  know you are there. You should overhear Alexei planning to blow
up the train! Go to Compartment 2.

     20:08 The train arrives at Poszony.

     Search  Alexei's compartment. Get the case from the rack and take
the detonator you find there. Abbot will walk in on you!

     When  you  return  to  the  corridor Alexei and Tatiana should be
parting  company. Go to the Forward Sleeping Car. Claude and Abbot are
chatting in Compartment C.

     20:30 Second Service Dinner is announced.

     20:47 The train arrives at Galanta.

     Return  to your compartment. When you hear the knocking, open the
door.  Tatiana  visits  you  and asks for your help. Go to the Smoking

     Chat with a very drunk August. Return to your compartment.

     Go to sleep. You dream.

     22:30 You wake up

     Go  to  Compartment  A.  In Compartment A, you hear Alexei's last
words and witness his death. Leave.

     You  overhear  Abbot asking the Guard to keep the incident quiet.
You  should  be hearing a fairly loud ticking. Remember how Alexei had
noted down the time of 10:40 p.m. on his train timetable?

     Track  down the sound of the clock to the Guard's forward station
panel.  Open the panel and find the bomb. Move the bomb once only. Use
a  cigarette  on  the  exposed wires to burn through the wires. Do not
open  the  box!  Turn  the  box  around and remove the screws from the
hinges.  Place  the telegram between the moving contacts to disarm the
bomb.  Phew! Not a second too soon! Congratulations! Go to the Smoking

     Chat  with Abbot. Follow Anna to her compartment. Although she is
tired  be  persistent  in talking to her . . . The Serbs take over the

     26th July 1914, Budapest to Istanbul

     04:40 You wake up.

     You  are  bound  and  imprisoned  in  a baggage compartment. Free
yourself.  Fight  the  Serb. You must hit him a few times to win. Then
free  Anna.  Go to the back of the train, go outside and up the ladder
onto the roof.

     Go  toward the engine and fight the Serb. Avoid the attacks, then
grab  the  bar he is using to attack you to win. Turn around and fight
Vesna.  Avoid  Vesna's attacks then when she ducks, you must duck too.
Return to the Dining Compartment.

     You explain what has happened and most passengers return to their

     The  Count and Tatiana won't move. Chat with them. Go to the area
between the Restaurant Car and the Sleeping Car.

     Open  up  the floor here, and de-couple the cars. August is not a
happy man! Return to the roof of the train.

     Go to the engine and chat with Milos, Anna shoots Milos and tries
to stop the train.

     Release the brake and the train will continue on crashing through
the  Serbian  barrier.  Go to the passenger compartment in the Baggage
Car. Chat with Anna . . .

     27th July 1914, Budapest to Istanbul

     07:00 You wake up.

     When  Anna  leaves.  Go  to the Restaurant Car. Chat with Kronos.
Fetch  the  Firebird  egg  from  the  dog's cage. Open the Firebird by
clicking on the gems according to the order in the Firebird scroll:

     Australia  (aqua),  Denmark  (blue),  China  (red), Island in the
South Pacific (purple), the Near East (green).

     Anna will make the Firebird sing by playing the violin.

     When  Kronos tells you to close the Firebird, immediately use the
gold  whistle  on  the Firebird . . . At last you understand how Tyler

     Enjoy the closing sequences and history lesson!

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