Lands of Lore

Northland Forest
     We'll   start   by  assuming  that  you've  searched  the  castle
thoroughly,  found the Magic Atlas, and worked your way into Northland
Forest.  Find the Thug's Hideout, fight the guards and enter the cave.
Push the wall lever, grab the lantern and then find the key.
     Note: The lantern burns quickly, so watch your oil supply.
     The  key will open the treasure chest and in this you'll find the
crowns,  a  lock  pick,  a  bezel cup and the salve. Search the forest
thoroughly  then  head  to the marina, give the writ obtained from the
castle to the attendant, and set sail for Southland Forest.

Southland Forest
     Wander  round  the  forest  until you find the Grey Eagle Inn. Go
inside  and  you'll  find  Timothy  near the fire. He'll give you some
useful  information, then click on the east door to get a compass then
exit and head off to Roland's Manor.
     Note:  Check  Timothy's status and take his armour if it's better
than yours.
     Search  thoroughly  for  a  burnt  scroll, oil flasks and healing
herbs  then  look for Roland's secret hiding place by using the switch
indicated  on the Magic Atlas. Now head back to the marina and venture
off  to  Gladstone Keep, where you should talk to everyone to find out
about Draracle and the elixir. Baccata will now join you, and you will
also obtain a Magic Album. Time to find Draracle's Cave.

Draracle's Cave
     Walk  east,  find the statue and pull its horns, then continue on
to  the  pits.  Push  the jewels in the following order to pass: blue,
green,  red.  Head  north  and  put  a rock on the pressure plate then
search  the  next  rooms for an emerald eye, and when you find it look
for  a  crack in the wall. You can't break through, even using a blunt
object, so head off to Level Two by jumping into the pits.
     Look for a secret button which opens a passage to the north, pick
up the bones you find, and continue north. Push all three pods and you
will  find  Lore.  Give him a weapon, then head back south. Look for a
ladder  which  takes  you  back  to  Level  One  and head back to that
crumbling  wall.  Break  through  the  wall using a blunt object, walk
through  to the next room and use a blunt object on the next crumbling
wall.  Find  the secret switch which takes you back to Level Two, then
search  the  new area for a treasure chest with a sapphire eye inside.
Find the Dragon Carvings and use the two gem eyes in the sockets.
     By  this  point  you should have found a niche with a note saying
'Dagger  In...  Dagger  Out?'.  Make  sure  you have a dagger and some
throwing  stars  in  your  possession (get the throwing stars from the
various  chests  in  the  cave,  while  the  dagger can be obtained by
throwing  a  rock at the switch beyond the pit found just south of the
niche),  then  place  the  dagger  in  the  niche.  The cubbyhole will
disappear,  so  turn  right and push the button, turn to your left and
click  the horns, then turn right again and push the switch. Now put a
throwing  star  in the niche and push the button. Walk to the treasure
chest and use a blunt object to open it and claim the jewelled dagger.
     Before  heading  to  Level  Three  make  sure you have either the
jewelled dagger or a silver goblet.
     In  Level  Three, to get to the treasure chest on the far side of
the  huge  pit simply walk into the pit - it's an illusion! Now search
the  caves  for  a  red  lock  and to the east of the lock you'll find
another  treasure  chest which contains a red key, so use the key with
the  lock. Next, look for an iron key which can be used in the west of
the  caves,  and  when you've found all the secret passages climb down
the stairs to the east of the caves, taking you to Level Four.
     Use  the Magic Atlas to find a secret switch. Press the switch to
unveil  a  treasure  chest.  Use the lock pick to open it and take the
bezel  ring,  which you should instantly wear. Look for a cracked wall
and  break  through using a blunt object. Now head back to Level Three
using  the stairs located to the north-east. You'll meet Draracle, who
asks  for  a gift. Click on the archway to his left and then place the
jewelled  dagger  or the silver goblet on the altar. You'll now obtain
information about the elixir and a scroll of riddles.
     Head  back  to  Level Two using the stairs outside the lair, then
make  your way outside and back to the marina. You should then head to
Opinwood using the rowing boat found at Lake Dread.

     Look for two locked tree trunks to the north. These can be opened
with  your lock pick. Inside one you'll find a Magic Lightning Scroll.
Head  south and search thoroughly to find loads of secret passages. If
you  run  into  a  beggar, give him some loose change, but if you find
Droek,  your  encounter  will prove useless until you visit the swamp.
So, head to the Swamp.
     When  you  encounter  bubbling pits simply freeze them to get by,
and watch out for the swamp gas as it's deadly. Head west and find the
Duble  Ring  in a treasure chest, then head to the centre of the swamp
to  find  the Witch Doctor. Give him the riddle scroll and he'll offer
clues at a price of 100 crowns a time.
     Head  north  to  locate Gorkha. Drop your weapons before entering
his  lair  and  he  will then show you a red stone. Now you can either
steal  it  or kill the stick people in order to obtain it. However, if
you steal it, you will repeatedly have problems with the swamp people,
so we advise that you accept his mission. Whichever method you favour,
once  you  have  the red stone take it to Droek. Dawn will then appear
and offer you a key to open King Richard's casket.

Urbish Mines
     Use  your  magic  to pass the Lahrkon. Once inside the mines look
for  a  secret  button  and continue down the passage until you find a
clerk.  Talk  to  him  and  then  take  his pick-axe. Continue heading
north-west  searching  all the desks until you find a fireball scroll,
then  head  into  the centre of the mines, where you'll find two doors
controlled  by  secret  switches  - remember to close the first before
trying  to  open  the  second. Beyond you'll find a chest containing a
silver key. Head to Level One.
     Use  the  silver key on the lock and push the secret button. Then
look for two wall wheels and then push the button situated just beyond
the  wheels.  Climb  onto  the  teleporter  - this gives you access to
Levels Two and Three. Save your game!
     On  Level  Three  use  the freeze spell to kill the stone monster
then  find  a  note which says 'Piscata Rosea 445'. Find a secret wall
located  to  the south-west and you will discover a chest containing a
gold  jewel, which can be placed in the nook to operate the mine cart.
The  levers  change  the direction of the cart - lift the right one to
turn  right,  lift  the  left  one  to turn left, or lift both to head
forwards.  Head  forwards to find two secret buttons and the coal bank
where,  using  the  pick-axe, you should grab a lump of coal. Find the
levers  (push  the  right  one up and pull the left one down) then get
back  into  the  cart. Use your lock pick to open the locked door. Use
your  freeze  spell  on  the  stone monsters you encounter (you should
receive a blood stone), then head to Level Four.
     Find  the  secret  button  and  use the teleporter, then use your
pick-axe  to  get  past  the  pile  of rocks. Find Orin's ghost to the
north-west and take the rusty key from his pile of bones. Look through
the bones to the south to find a gear - the gear and coal allow you to
operate  the machinery on Level One by placing the coal into the chute
and putting the gear on the spindle. Now give the lever a yank.
     Head back to Level Two using the teleporter, then find Mine Key 4
in  a  niche  to the south-west. The niche can be opened by placing an
object  on  the  pressure plate. This key opens the west-central lock,
beyond  which  you'll find worms which can be defeated with sparks and
the  electric  creatures with fireballs. Now head to Level Three using
the stairs located to the south-west.
     Push  the  switch and take the shiny key from the niche then head
towards  the  smell  of  gas. Step back and hurl a fireball. After the
explosion head through the new entrance, defeat the creatures and look
for  Mine Key 5. This unlocks the right lock on the double locked door
found on Level Two. Head back to Level One.
     Mine Key 2 can be found to the east. Continue east, find and turn
the  wall  wheel, then grab the key from the niche. Head back to Level
Two through the floor pit.
     Head  south-east  to  a  remote section, find a secret switch and
then  step  into  the  transporter,  placing an object on the pressure
plate.  Back  on  Level One use the second Mine Key 2 to open the west
door, then turn the wall wheel. This will take you back to Level Two.
     Get  ready  for  some serious fighting then walk into the pit and
throw  a  useless  object  onto the pressure pad. You're back on Level
Three  again!  Use  the  Wand  Of  Fireballs  on the Avian Worms. When
they're  dead  find  the  secret  switch  to  gain  access to a secret
passage,  then  head  north-west to find a pick-axe. Head east and use
the  pick-axe  on the crumbling wall, then look for the secret switch.
Now  head back to the mine car on Level Three. Push the right lever up
and  the  left lever down and you will come to some stairs. These will
take you up to Level Four.
     You  can  now  open  the  second lock on the double door with the
shiny key. Talk to Paulson then grab the yellow key. Start to exit and
he'll offer you some weapons. Take Mine Key 4 and Vaelan's Cube, which
is  needed  later in Opinwood. Head towards the rotating junction, use
the  north  teleporter to get up to Level One and then head out of the
mines to Upper Opinwood.

Upper Opinwood
     Look  for a hornet's nest and grab some honey using a flask. Fill
another  flask  with some bubbling swamp ooze and then find a worn key
from  one  of  the  skeletons  wandering  around. Head west and find a
locked tree stump, which contains a jade necklace.
     To  the  south-west  you'll find another stump containing a magic
green  skull.  Now  head  towards Scotia's barrier to the north of the
forest.  Give  Vaelan's Cube to a warrior (making sure he's holding it
in his hand), then use it on the barrier. Keep swapping the black cube
for  the white cube until the barrier is destroyed, then make sure you
have three Vaelan's Cubes before heading north-west to Yvel's Cave.
     When  you  encounter the Minotaurs use Spark to defeat them. Then
wander  the  woods  looking  for  the  White Tower and Scotia's second
barrier, which can be destroyed in the same way as the first one.
     Once  in  Yvel head north until you find the town council. If you
use the riddle scroll on Geron, he'll answer it for you. Then give the
riddle  scroll  to  Sadie, who'll give you a vial of earth powder, the
final ingredient to make the elixir. Now head back to the White Tower.

White Tower
     Inside defeat the Amazons, grab the mystic key and then use it in
the south-west lock, where you'll find another key. Use your pick lock
on  the  silver  lock  and  use the other mystic key in the north-east
lock.  Use  Freeze  on the Vixens and pick up the next mystic key. Use
the key in the northern lock, press the switch to raise the gate, then
help  Lyle  (there  is  an  amber ring in his cell). Head to Level Two
using  the  key  found  by  the east stairs on the door above the west
     To  get  safely  over  the  floor  pads  walk  backwards from the
entrance  of the room until you bash into the wall, then turn left and
keep  walking  backwards.  Turn  right, take the fireball scroll, turn
left,  walk  towards  the  wall  and grab the key from the niche. This
unlocks the stairs up to Level Three. First, find the pit room and use
the  Magic  Atlas  to get safely through the room, making sure you use
the  key in the lock. Step on the fake pit in the large wall niche and
push  the  switch.  Then  exit  the room via the secret passage to the
     On  Level Three walk east and find the secret floor pad. Find the
key in the niche and use it in the adjacent lock. Give a Vaelan's Cube
to  each of your party in order to defeat the ghosts, then head north.
At  the  pit push the switch behind you, throw something at the switch
the  other side of the pit then, with haste, head west, open the chest
using  the  pick  lock to get the blue mystic key, then peg it back to
Level One.
     To open the north lock use a mystic key. Keep heading north until
you  find the Altar De Blanca - this is where you can make the elixir,
but  first you need to find a crucible if you haven't already done so.
If  you  haven't found it yet, place the amber ring in the niche where
you find the note saying 'Ring For Admittance'. Kill Jana and take her
sword and her key then head to Level Three.
     Make sure your team is still holding Vaelan's Cubes to get rid of
the ghosts. Open the north-west door, grab the ivory key and head back
to Level One. Open the door to the west, then descend to the sub-level
via the stairs.
     Place  the  moving  objects  into  the  wall  niches to make them
disappear, then head east where the blue mystic key will open the lock
you  find. Talk to the lady in order to obtain the crucible, then head
back to the altar!
     Put  the  crucible  on  the  statue  then  put  each  of the four
ingredients into the crucible (earth powder, honey, blood stone, swamp
ooze).  Then,  when you've got the elixir, head back to the council at
Yvel. Leave the council and head back into Opinwood to find Dawn. Give
her the key then go back to the council. After reading the note on the
door go to Bruno's Lodge and examine the door behind the bar.

     Search  for  Frendor  and  kill  him to get Geron's key, the dark
gauntlet,  and a statue, then search the west wall for a hand imprint.
Use  the gauntlet on the hand imprint and again on the other one, then
to  get  past  the pit push the east button, followed by the west one,
then  the  furthest  two.  Continue through the caverns until you find
another  hand  imprint  and  use  the gauntlet to open the steel door,
beyond which you'll find a chest containing a mist of death scroll and
a yellow key.
     Now  look  for  a niche containing a scroll which reads 'Activate
And  Replicate'.  Then  give the gauntlet to one of your team and then
push the three monsters into each of the three corridors marked with a
metal  disk. When you've done this correctly, the jewels will glow and
you can then place an object into the niche to be replicated. Remember
that  you  can only use the niche once. Head north-east and follow the
corridor south until you find a double-locked door. Use the yellow key
in the left lock and then find the secret passage to the west. Further
west  you'll  find  a  pedestal.  Place  the statuette on it to open a
secret  passage but take the statuette before you depart. Heading into
the  central  section  use  the  gauntlet  on  the  imprints you find,
navigating  your  way  around until you find a steel door which can be
opened  using  the gauntlet. You need to find a key to open the locked
chest, so kill the knights and then open the chest to find another key
which will open the right-hand lock in the double door.

The Dungeon
     Use the teleporter next to the carving of the octopus thing. Keep
your distance from the Knowles using long-range weapons to defeat them
and  the  Mist  of  Death.  Find a niche to the north-west. Open it by
pressing the secret switch and inside you will find Nathaniel's casket
key.  Then look for a gold key towards the north which in turn opens a
chest  that transports you to a closed part of the dungeon. By killing
the  Knowles you'll obtain an iron key and an ebony key - the iron key
opens the adjacent door. Now use the teleporter.
     Look  for  a  yellow  lock  and  use  the  gold key, then use the
teleporter.  Kill  the Xeob to get a Xeob key, and use it to get up to
Castle One but make sure you've found a diamond first by searching all
the chests.

The Castle
     Look  for  a small key then run through the swinging door, making
sure you time your passage carefully. Look for Dawn and free her using
the  diamond  by  clicking  it  on  the crystal ball. Look for a niche
housing  a  cobra  and  exit  the room by jumping into the pit, if you
entered from the south. If you entered from any other direction, place
something in the cobra's niche after you've grabbed it.
     In  the  pit  room  place objects on the floor to find four floor
pads  which,  when  all  are  activated, will open a secret passageway
leading  up  stairs.  In the next room there is a secret switch on the
east  wall.  Throw something at it and it will activate a transporter.
Throw something into the transporter to close the pit.
     We're  almost  there  now! Emerging from the transporter grab the
key  to  open  the  door  to the north. Then, in the Room of Darkness,
place  four  figurines  on each of the four pedestals - the light will
move  when  you've  got  the  right combination. Finally, put the four
pyramid  keys on each corner of the blue shroud - the correct key will
stay in place.
     Blimey,  can  you  believe  it? You've finally won your battle to
cure  King  Richard, and if you're as exhausted after the ordeal as we
are,  join  us  in supping a well-deserved pint of beer down the local

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