Labyrinth of Time

     Note: Capitalized words have an expanded note at the end.

     You  begin  in the SUBWAY car. Of the four directions you can go,
two  are  non-productive.  One  (south)  leads to a VAULT DOOR that is
screwed  shut, while another (east) leads to an open door. Go thru the
open  door. This lands you in a hotel. To your right is a door leading
to the bathroom. There is nothing of interest in the bathroom, but the
toilet works...try it! To your left is a locked door (SERVANT'S ROOM).
Go  down  the  hall  a  bit further. To your right will a door that is
closed  but  will  open (ROOM 14). Inside are several things, the most
important  of  which is a locked closet. You can't get in there...yet.
Go further down the hall, and turn left at the end. To your right will
be  a  door  leading to the MIRROR MAZE; to your left an ELEVATOR; and
straight  ahead, a view of the LABYRINTH CENTER (the floating castle).
Note  that there is a LAUNDRY CHUTE to your left as you are looking at
that  castle.  For  now,  take  the elevator up (note the gauge on the
right  side of it). You are now in a reception area. To your left is a
locked door leading to an OFFICE, while dead ahead is a MOVIE THEATER.
Go  to  the  back of the movie theater, and you'll find a PUZZLE. Left
from  the  reception  area  is a hallway (lounge) leading to a crystal
view.  From  this  view, turn left and go forward -- it will look like
there's  nowhere  to go, but trust me... following the next hallway to
the  end  will  put you in an OLD TRAIN CAR. To your right is a locked
door.  (You will never open this door :-( ). To your left, the walkway
down  the  train  car.  Follow  it  down  to the end. Through the door
straight  ahead  is  another view of the LABYRINTH CENTER. Through the
door  to  your  right  is  the lovely old town of REVOLVER SPRINGS. Go
through  the  train  station to enter the town, and visit the bar, the
printer,  the  sheriff,  the  cemetary, and the mine. In the sheriff's
station, you can open a drawer to get a BRASS KEY. (This key opens the
closet  in  ROOM  14). You can also pick up a bottle of whiskey in the
bar  (never  used),  and  play  with the printing press in the printer
shop.  If  you  go into the mine, you will find that you can't go very
far  --  there's  a BRIDGE SECTION in the way. Go back to ROOM 14; use
the  BRASS  KEY  to open the closet, and take the JOURNAL and the CARD
KEY.  Both  are  necessary.  Go now to the MIRROR MAZE. Go through the
maze;  do  NOT  spend your COIN (yes, you have one; you began the game
with  one)  on the MAGICIAN - yet. He will only tell you that you will
wish  you  had that coin later, and he ain't kidding. Go to the end of
the  maze  --  the room with the funny machine with the green and blue
buttons (TELEPORTER). Insert the card key into it and press one of the
buttons.  The  green button will take you to the LIBRARY; the blue one
will  take  you  to  the  MUSEUM.  At the museum, you can look at some
exhibits  -  notice  the  phonograph. Looking at computer screens will
allow  you  to  gain  access to information about the exhibits. Notice
that  one  of  the  exhibits is broken and empty...You can go into the
next  room  to  pick up an alien belt (which isn't necessary) and play
with  three  levers.  Nothing  seems to happen when you pull them...or
does  it?  You  find out later. Try setting them all down. The library
has  a  number  of  computers  that  will give you information about a
variety  of  things. This information will help you figure out what is
going  on.  There  is  also  another room with a view of the labyrinth
center,  and  a  room  with another teleporter (no card key required).
Press  the  button,  and  you'll  end  in  a  cave; follow it out to a
mountain road. Run under the falling rocks and you'll find yourself in
a  hall  of  the Palace of Knossos on Crete. Going forward through the
next  door  (into another hallway), you can go right -- to yet another
view  of  the  labyrinth  center,  but  this  one is called the BRIDGE
PLATFORM. If you go left, you enter the palace. Go left again to enter
a  courtyard  and  get to the MEDIEVAL MAZE. Go forward to look around
the  MINOAN  PALACE. In the palace, you will find a LABRYS (battleaxe)
in  a circular fountain. Take it. You will also find a locked door. In
the Medieval Maze, wander around till you find the HELMET (you'll need
that  to get back under the falling rocks) and the end of the maze. At
the  end,  you'll find a closet with a CAN OF PAINT (take it!); to the
right,  there  is  a door into a DINER. Go to the back of the diner --
there's a JUKEBOX back there. Look closely at it. There's a SILVER KEY
there,  which  will  open  the OFFICE (near THEATER). Go left from the
jukebox,  down a hallway, to come to yet another view of the labyrinth
center. There's a TELEPHONE there -- insert your quarter. 13 more will
fall out! Insert one in the slot on the door marked TOILET. Go through
the  door into the HEDGE MAZE. Wander through till you find the end --
a   MAINTENANCE   ROOM.  Get  the  screwdriver,  and  write  down  the
combination  (for the PUZZLE in the movie theater) that's written on a
note  on  the  wall.  Go back to the library (back the way you came --
you'll need to use the helmet to get under the FALLINGS ROCKS. Go back
to  the mirror maze (orange button), and to the elevator. Go up to the
OFFICE  and  unlock it with the SILVER KEY. Inside, you will find some
notes,  a falcon statue (both unnecessary) and an IRON KEY (which will
unlock the jail cell in Revolver Springs). Go to Revolver Springs, and
go  down  into the mineshaft -- you'll find that the Bridge section is
gone.  (Could  it  be -- did the levers do something after all?! ) Ram
the  railcar  into  the  door to bust it open, and go inside the room.
You'll  find  Excalibur  (unnecessary, but cute) and a LANTERN (behind
the  door).  Take  it.  Go  back  to  the  THEATER.  Open it using the
combination you got from the maintenance room, and go inside to find a
BICYCLE  PUMP  and a GOLD KEY (Opens the servant's room in the hotel).
Go  back  to  the  Servant's  room. Open it with the gold key. Inside,
you'll  find  a  door  with  a  COMBINATION LOCK and a closet. Inside,
you'll  find  a  SHEET OF PAPER, and various other unnecessary things.
Take  the paper, and read the sign above the fireplace: "Newspaper and
Laundry  for  Room  14." Now, you have an idea that Room 14 belongs to
Prof.  Garrett,  because the phonograph in the room is his (the museum
exhibit  said so), and you know from the journal that what he wants is
a newspaper from Revolver Springs (to find out where the gravesite was
moved  to)  and  his lucky shirt, so...Take the paper back to Revolver
Springs,  print  a  paper using the printing press, and bring it back.
Leave  it on the mantelplace. Now...all you need is the shirt! Go back
to  the door south of the subway car. If the subway is flattened, pump
it  back  up  with  the BICYCLE PUMP. Open it with the screwdriver and
walk down the street. You'll get hit with a bolt of lightning and drop
down  into a maze. To get out, go east 3 squares and north one -- till
you  find  the  brick  room  with  wiggling shadows. Turn south and go
forward until you get out. (Any of the brick rooms you come to will do
--  they're  all the same...) Head to the ZIGGURAT. Halfway up are two
locked  doors. Go to the top of the Ziggurat, turn the MAYAN STATUE at
the  top,  and  go  back  to  the doors. They are now open. Inside are
rooms,  and you will find three levers. Pull one. It will teleport you
back  to the Bridge view...and you'll find that one of the bridges has
materialized.  Go  all  the  way  back to the ziggurat and repeat this
process  with  the  other two levers. Be sure to pick up the shirt and
drop it in the LAUNDRY CHUTE. Now the bridge should be complete -- but
only  if  the  levers  in  the  museum  are all down, too. Once you've
dropped  the  shirt in the laundry...reread the journal....notice it's
different! It mentions that "Cornelius" found a burial site and sealed
it  off with a combination the one you saw in the servant's
room...and  that  it  was  his  40th  birthday.  So try his birth date
(04/08/72) in the combination lock and -- voila -- it opens. Inside is
Minos'  tomb.  Open  the  Sarcophagus and take the MINOAN ARTIFACT. It
looks  like it'll fit in the locked door in the MINOAN PALACE, so take
it back and try does. Go inside (THRONE ROOM) move the throne,
and  take  the can of FRESCO PAINT. Now...go across the bridge (BRIDGE
PLATFORM, in the Minoan palace) and kill the MINOTAUR by painting over
the  two  mirrors (one can of paint for each). Place the LABRYS in its
spot  on  the minotaur's pedestal. It will rise to reveal the KEYSTONE
of   the   Labyrinth.   Now,   all   you  need  to  do  is  break  the
keystone...recall  that in the journal, a Mayan king was discussed who
had  some sort of tool to destroy enemy buildings? Where do you s'pose
that tool ended up? The museum, of course! Go back to the museum. Take
the  MAYAN  ARTIFACT  from the now-complete exhibit, and teleport out.
Theoretically,  it  shouldn't  matter where you teleport to - you will
land  in  the Revolver Springs jail. However, in practice, my computer
crashed  continually  when  I tried to teleport to the library, so try
teleporting to the mirror maze instead. Use the IRON KEY to get out of
jail, go back to the Labyrinth center, and break the keystone...

     SUBWAY:  It's  crushed,  what  do I do? Puff it back up using the
bike  pump  you'll  find  in  the  room behind the THEATER. It's got a
BRIDGE SECTION on it, what do I do? Go to the museum and mess with the
levers on the alien machine.

     VAULT  DOOR (south of subway car): How do I open it? Open it with
the  screwdriver  you  will  find  in  the MAINTENANCE ROOM behind the
THEATER.  The loose screw isn't important, but makes for some bad puns
later when you try to use it on things.

     SERVANT'S ROOM (across from bathroom in hotel): How do I open the
door?  With the gold key you will find in the room behind the THEATER.
How  do  I open the COMBINATION LOCK? See below... What do I do in the
closet?  Take PIECE OF PAPER and print a newspaper in the printshop in
Revolver Springs. Leave it on the mantelpiece.

     ROOM  14:  What is important here? You need to open the closet to
get  the  card key and the journal. The key is in the sheriff's office
in  Revolver Springs. Note the presence of the'll see
it later.

     MIRROR  MAZE  (across  from  elevator, through clown's mouth; or,
orange button on teleporter). What does the machine at the end do? The
machine  is a teleporter. It will take you to a variety of places, but
you need a CARD KEY first.

     COIN  (start  with  it)L:  When  do I use it? Don't use it at the
magician  or  the jukebox until you have first put it in the telephone
and gotten 13 more out.

     MAGICIAN  (in  mirror  maze): Should I use him? Once you have put
you coin in the telephone on the upper level, and gotten 13 coins out,
you  can  spend  a  couple on the magician. He will give you some good
hints.  You  will only need the coins to get through the door (TOILET)
across  from  the  telephone, and once you've gone through the maze on
the  other  side and found the clue, the gold key, and the screwdriver
at the end, you shouldn't need to go this way again.

     ELEVATOR: How do I use it? Try pressing the buttons.

     OFFICE:  How  do  I  get in? With the silver key you get from the

     THEATER: How do I solve the puzzle? The MAINTENANCE ROOM that you
can get to through the HEDGE MAZE behind the door marked TOILET at the
back of the DINER has the combination on the wall.

     PUZZLE:  What combination do I need? It's in the maintenance room
at the end of the hedge maze, but here it is:

7  2   9  10
1  11  5  13
8  15  14  12
3  4   6

     As  for  how  to  solve it...fiddle. Or, get the top row correct.
Now...leave  that row alone. You now have 10 outer tiles and two inner
ones  (looking  only at the bottom three rows). Get the outer tiles in
the  correct order by putting, one at a time, them in the inner spaces
and  rotating  the  outer  ones until you can swap that tile into it's
correct  spot.  Repeat 10 times to get all the outer tiles correct. If
the inner tiles are not in the right order, fiddle around some more...

do I get to it? Construct a bridge by moving the bridge platforms with
the  six  levers  -- three in the museum (move all down), three in the
ZIGGURAT  (move  all  back). Bridge will appear at the bridge platform
across from the MINOAN PALACE.

     OLD  TRAIN  CAR:  How do I get in the door at the end? You don't.
Ever. Bummer.

     REVOLVER  SPRINGS:  What  do  I do at the Cemetery: Nothing. Play
Taps. I can't get down the mineshaft - what do I do? Use the levers in
the  MUSEUM to move the bridge section, then push the railcar into the

     MINE:  How  do  I  get past the Bridge section? Move it using the
levers in the museum.

     LANTERN: behind door in MINE.

     BRASS KEY: Where is it? It's in a drawer in the Sheriff's office.
What does it open? It opens the closet in ROOM 14.

     CARD  KEY:  what's  it for? It works the teleporter at the end of
the mirror maze.

     JOURNAL:  what's it for? It gives you a general idea what's going
on;  it  gives you major hints as to what you're trying to accomplish;
and  it gives you a clue to open the combination lock in the servant's
room....but  only  after  you  have left the old west newspaper on the
mantel  in  the  servant's room and put the shirt from the Ziggurat in
the laundry chute.

     TELEPORTER  (at  end of mirror maze) How do I use it? Insert card
key  into  slot  above  button  (hard  to  tell it's a slot...), press

     LIBRARY  (green  button  on teleporter): How do I restore the bad
data in the computer? You don't.

     MUSEUM (blue button on teleporter): What do I do with the levers?
Move  them. They move the bridge sections you'll see scattered around.
What  do  I  do with the alien belt? Nothing. Wear it, if you like the

     FALLING  ROCKS  (after  teleporter in library): How do I get past
them?  The  first  time -- just run. Henceforth, you'll need a helmet,
which you'll find in the MEDIEVAL MAZE.

     MINOAN  PALACE (teleport from library, beyond falling rocks): How
do  I open the door in the palace? Use the MINOAN ARTIFACT you'll find
in  Minos'  sarcophagus in the tomb behind the combination lock in the
servants  room.  What's  the  labrys for? Later...much later. Yes, you
need it.

     MEDIEVAL MAZE (near Minoan palace): I can't pick up the shield on
the wall... No, you can't.

     HELMET (medieval maze): Use this to go back under the falling rocks.

     CAN  OF  PAINT  (in closet at end of MEDIEVAL MAZE); FRESCO PAINT
(throne  room):  What's  it  for?  Use  it to paint the mirrors at the
Labyrinth Center and kill the minotaur.

     DINER: at end of MEDIEVAL MAZE

     JUKEBOX  (on upper level, in the diner): Should I use it? Same as
for  the  magician, but the jukebox doesn't do anything :-( Be sure to
get the silver key from it.

     SILVER KEY: What's it for? Opens the OFFICE near the THEATER .

     TELEPHONE:  at  back  of  diner.  What  do I do with it? Put in a'll spit out 13 more.

     TOILET: across from telephone. You need a coin for this.

     HEDGE  MAZE:  Behind  door  marked toilet. You'll only need to go
through it once. Plan your coins accordingly.

     MAINTENANCE ROOM: At the end of the hedge maze, or behind the theater.

     BICYCLE PUMP (from maintenance room) What do I do with it? Use it
to puff up a crushed subway car.

     GOLD KEY (from maintenance room): What does it fit? The servant's
room in the hotel.

     BRIDGE  SECTION:  What's  the  deal with these stupid things? You
will  need  to  use  them  to  get into the labyrinth center. They are
controlled  by six levers - three in the museum that you can get to by
using  the  teleporter  (BLUE button), and three in the lower level in
the Ziggurat. To get them all in place, all three levers in the museum
must  be  DOWN,  while all in the Ziggurat must be UP (the opposite of
how  they  all  started!).  Intermediate  settings leave them in other
places  -  like  on top of the subway car, inside the mine, inside the
Ziggurat at various places, and so forth.

     SERVANT'S  ROOM:  What  do I do in the closet? You don't need the
broom,  the  bucket, or the teapot that you can pick up there. You do,
however,  need  the  piece  of  paper  to use in the printing press in
Revolver  Springs  to  make  a  newspaper. You will need to leave that
newspaper  (not  the  newspaper  you can get outside through the vault
door)  on  the  mantel, underneath the sign...after you have done this
and  put  the  shirt that you will find in the Ziggurat in teh laundry
chute, check out the journal again...

     LAUNDRY  CHUTE  (all the way at the end of the hall in the hotel)
Dump in the shirt that you find in the ZIGGURAT.

     SHEET  OF  PAPER (servant's room closet) Use it with the printing
press in Revolver Springs to print a paper.

     LIGHTNING:  I  keep  getting  hit  by  lightning and landing in a
surreal maze. What do I do? This is supposed to happen.

     SURREAL  MAZE: Get through by going east 3, north one to get to a
brick room with wiggling shadows and go south.

     ZIGGURAT  (After  surreal maze): I can't see. What do I do? Light
the  lantern  you  brought  from  the MINE in Revolver Springs. If you
didn't  bring  it...well, I hope you saved the game! How do I open the
doors? Twist the statue at the top.

     MINOAN  ARTIFACT  (in Minos' sarcophagus, behind door with combo.
lock in servant's room) Opens door in Minoan Palace.

     LABRYS:  From  round fountain in Minoan palace. Place on Pedestal
in labyrinth center after killing the Minotaur.

     THRONE  ROOM  (behind  door in MINOAN PALACE): What do I do? Push
throne to the side.

     MINOTAUR (Labyrinth center) How do I kill him? Paint over the two
mirrors. He's only an illusion...

     KEYSTONE: How do I break it? Use the MAYAN ARTIFACT.

     MAYAN  ARTIFACT:  Where is it? It appears in the museum after you
dump  the  shirt in the laundry and put the newspaper on the mantle in
the servant's room.

doors  you  can  never open. One is in the Ziggurat; one is on the old
railway car; most of the rooms in the hotel can't be opened either.

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