Knight Orc

     Knight  Orc  has  one  of  the  most user-friendly parsers of any
computer  adventure.  For purposes of this walkthru, we will be taking
full advantage of that parser. Instructions such as GO TO THE MOUNTAIN
or  FIND  THE  TROLL  do  not  require you to search around or enter a
string of directions. Simply enter that command and let the program do
the work.

     Unfortunately,  the  game  is populated by a party of adventurers
who  will  try  to  start  a fight with you for any or no reason. When
starting  out  on  any  one  section,  it  does  no  harm to enter the
"ramsave"   command.  If  you  take  too  long  trying  to  accomplish
something,  you  may look around to discover that every adventurer and
his  auntie  are  getting  in  your way. In these cases, entering "ram
restore" will bring you back to a, hopefully, manageable situation.

     Finally,  although the game comes in three parts, note that Parts
2  and  3  are  intimately  related so that you actually complete them
together.  If  you're  anxious to understand the workings of these two
parts,  read  "The  Story Behind the Story." Otherwise, you can try to
piece the background together as you proceed.

     Good  morning  Grindleguts!  Sleep well? Bit of a headache? Sorry
for  the  inconvenience  but  you're about to be skewered. It can't be
avoided I'm afraid so you'll just have to suffer the indignity; that's
a good orc.

     Wake up again and smell the garbage Grindleguts, it's time to get
moving.  Wear  the  cloak  (the  less  people  recognizing your Orcish
features,  the  better),  take  the  knife,  and leave the trash heap.
First,  go to the Bar and examine it. There's a lot to see and explore
there,  but  all  you need is the spear. Take it and go to the castle.
The  innkeeper may, at any time, decide he wants his spear back. If he
takes  it,  simply  follow him back to the Bar and take it again. From
there, go to the castle and read the note on the drawbridge. Throw the
spear  at  the  drawbridge  (lucky  you  decided  not  to  knock on it
yourself!), pick up the spear, and go in. While you're standing on the
lowered  door,  drop  the  spear  and  continue north. Go north to the
stairway  and  up.  From  the top of the tower you can see every place
you'll  need  to  visit  in  order to complete Part 1: the Gibbet, the
Clearing, the Crossroads, the Fairground, the Lawn, the Cave, the Oak,
the Tower, the Well, and the Viaduct.

     Go  down the steps and leave the castle, picking up the chest and
the  spear  on  your way out. Start at the Gibbet (which is apparently
where  criminals  such as yourself usually end up) and take the noose.
This  is  the  first  piece of rope you must obtain in order to escape
from  Part 1. From here, go to the Fairground and examine the flagpole
which  has  the  halyard  tied to it -- another piece of rope. Tie the
halyard to the rope you already have and you can be on your way.

     Go  to  the  Well and tie your rope to the roller. Climb down the
rope and take the Hessian hawser (yet another piece of rope), take the
bucket  if  you  wish,  and  climb back up. Take your rope and tie the
hawser  to  it.  Take  the  welcome  mat  and  the  key which you find
underneath it. With the key, unlock the chest from the castle. There's
a  cord  which supports the back of the chest -- yes, help yourself to
it  and tie it to your rope. By now, you've noticed that the so called
treasures  really aren't worth anything to you. But one, any one, will
now  come in handy. Take it and go to the Cave. Inside is a hermit who
breaks  into  laughter when you offer him your treasure. When he turns
around  to  put  it  in  his (ZORK?) trophy case (If you've played THE
PAWN,  you're  going  to enjoy this!). HIT HIM! While he's flat on his
face, take his belt and tie it to your rope.

     From  here go to the Clearing. There's a goat here with a tether.
(If  you've  played  GOLDEN  PATH,  you  needn't be worried). Take the
tether,  tie  it  to  your  rope,  and  ignore  the  goat.  Go  to the
Crossroads.  Tie  your rope to the signposts, and shortly you'll see a
wild orc-hunter swinging his lasso and coming right for you. Your rope
will  trip him off his horse and leave him momentarily dazed. Take his
lasso,  tie  it  to  your  rope and leave. Go to the Oak and enter it.
Ignore  the  gold piece and take the washing line. Tie it to your rope
and go to the Tower.

     The  Tower is separated from you by a heavy growth of thorns. Put
the  welcome  mat  on  the  thorns  and go north to the Tower. This is
Rapunzel's  Tower!  This is Rapunzel's hair! This is indecent! Cut the
innocent  girl's  hair, tie it to your rope, and go to the Lawn. Here,
as Sir Gawain was once challenged, so will you be by the Green Knight!
He offers you his ax and lays bare his neck for you to sever. Kill his
horse!  The  green guy is buried in equine gore for the moment, so you
can take the late horse's reins and add them to your rope.

     At  this  point  your score should read 100 and you must have the
innkeeper's spear. If he's taken it back, simply return to the Bar and
get  it.  Then, go to the Viaduct. Tie your rope to the spear and take
one step south of the Viaduct. Throw the spear at the ring which hangs
over the Viaduct and you will complete Part 1.


     You  are  not an Orc, nor are any of the other Orcs. The Rainbird
is  not  a bird, the troll is not a troll, the dragon is not a dragon,
and  the  mouse is not a mouse. You are all robots, programmed to play
roles  in  a  live action adventure being staged for the amusement and
participation of a group of role-playing adventurers.

     Visors,  worn  by  human  and robot participants, holographically
transform  the  dull  interior  of  a warehouse into the apparition of
Middle  Earth.  Similarly,  participants are transformed into wizards,
warriors, barbarians and so fourth. Hence, you are not an Orc; you are
a robot programmed to behave as an Orc.

     When  you  crossed the Viaduct you suffered just enough trauma to
loosen  your  visor and make yourself aware of your true surroundings.
By  reason  of  your  intelligence, you are overcome with the drive to
escape  the  warehouse.  To do this you need to reprogram (or recruit)
other  robots  to  help  you  along. To wit, the mouse, the troll, the
dragon and the Rainbird.

     Keep  your  visor on. There is only one time it will be necessary
to  remove  it,  or  it can be removed any time you wish to see things

     Accumulating  treasures,  as you have seen in Part 1, is not your
goal  in  Knight  Orc.  They may not be valuable, but they are useful.
Pick up the silver loaf. Try to hold on to it, and any other treasures
you  come across. But don't get upset (DON'T FIGHT!) over the theft of
one  of  these treasures. Go to the mountain and read the inscription.
Your  score  just  went up and you can now cast the GLOW spell. If you
don't  believe  me, enter the mountain and CAST GLOW (on yourself will
do nicely).

     Once  inside  the  mountain,  go south which will take you into a
very  small  maze.  Go southeast and CAST GLOW. This will transfer the
glow  from  yourself  to  the walls of the room. Go east and this room
will  be  dark. There are glowing letters there, the COLD spell, which
you  cannot  read  when  the  room is lit. Cast the glow spell back on
yourself (check out the letters if you didn't believe me) and go west,
northwest,  north,  east,  north,  east,  and  up.  WHACK! You've been
assaulted  by the Orc-pounder! You need a helmet to go up these steps,
and  Oink  is the Orc who is wearing one. FIND OINK. Once you do, take
his  helmet and wear it. GO TO LANDING then go back up the stairs. Now
you  can  take  the sack, the tray, and the knife. Put the silver loaf
(if you still have it -- if not don't worry) inside the sack. Anything
in  the sack will be hidden from sticky-fingered adventurers. Go down,
then west twice. Leave the tray for Grok, but be sure to take his map.

     The  Rainbird  is a very important character in the story. You'll
need  him  to  help  complete the game, but first you can get a lot of
valuable  information  simply  by  asking  him about things. GO TO THE
RAINBIRD.  Once  there,  you'll  also  notice  a  book. It's sort of a
hint/spell  book. If you decide to read it, you'll learn a free spell.
But  if you solve 100% of the game's puzzles, there will be no need to
open  the  book.  The  book  can only be read once, so think carefully
before touching it. Also near the Rainbird is a small pond and a druid
who  wanders  in and out. Watch the druid -- you'll learn the CHARISMA
spell  which  will make you or anyone else more handsome. Best to cast
it  on  yourself  --  an  Orc  needs all the help he can get. For now,
ignore  the  ants and their anthill. Before leaving this area, ask the
Rainbird about his perch to learn the LOCATE spell.

     Find  the  frog  now,  and  when the slimy, green creature stands
still  for  a  moment  (this shouldn't surprise anyone), kiss him. The
frog  will  belch  up a pebble which you should read to learn the JUMP
spell.  There  is  only  one  spot in the game where the JUMP spell is
useful.  Go  to  the  mountain  entrance,  and go east until you can't
continue  in  that direction. CAST JUMP EAST and you'll be in a secret
room  where  you'll  learn the SWORD spell. CAST JUMP WEST will return
you  to  your  possessions  which  you  lost  when  casting  the spell

     Go  to  the  Garden  and  take  the garlic. Go west and you'll be
inside  a  shed.  Wait for the custodian, who will eventually join you
and point out a piece of paper with the GROW spell. Leave the shed and
CAST  GROW  ON  MARROW.  Examine  the marrow and you'll learn the very
useful  CURE  spell.  Anytime your health becomes compromised, you can
cast  CURE on yourself and be fully recovered. Go east from the Garden
to find the Haunted House.

     Enter  the House and go north. In the Brown Study is a fireplace.
Cast  cold  on  the  fire;  then  examine  the  fireplace to learn the
mysterious  EYE  spell.  Go  east  and then south. Save your game here
because there's a lot to accomplish in this room, and you're likely to
be interrupted by the adventurers.

     The mouse enjoys this room, and if you look under the bed, you'll
see  his  favorite  hiding  place.  Cast  the  EYE  spell and tell the
floating  eye  to  enter  the  hole. From inside, you'll see a strange
card.  Take  it, put something else (perhaps Oink's helmet) inside the
hole,  and close the door. Try to catch the mouse -- he'll try to hide
in  his  hole, but you've prevented that; he'll hide in a crack in the
wall. When he emerges, put something in the crack, such as the garlic.
Try  to catch him again, and he'll hide in a crevice in the wall. When
he  emerges from the crevice, put something (such as the knife) in the
crevice.  Drop  the  sack and try to catch the mouse again. Now you've
done  it!  No place to hide so the mouse runs right in your sack. Pick
up  the  sack and anything else (the garlic, etc.) you used to plug up
mouse  hiding  places.  You should have the mouse now, though you have
not yet "recruited" him.

     Leave  the  room  by going north. You should now wait for or find
the  ghost.  Follow  him for a while, and eventually he'll take you to
another  bedroom  in the house and show you a secret part of this room
which  contains  some old bones. Take the bones then drop them. You've
just  learned the SLOW spell. And perhaps you've noticed how the mouse
is  trying to communicate with you. CAST SLOW ON MOUSE and he'll teach
you  the  DEATH  spell  (overuse of which will cause you to be evicted
from the game). Even though the mouse will pay attention to you, he is
not yet recruited.

     Mouse  in  hand,  go to the dragon. A terrible beast, he has only
one  vulnerable  spot  on his lizard body. Too small for you to reach,
but no problem for the mouse. Once again, you've stopped a belligerent
creature,  but  not  yet  recruited  him. Go back past the dragon, and
follow  the  halls  until you come to his hoard. Don't bother with the
gold, just take the piece of dragon-scale.

     You must now encounter the troll, a hideous woman interested only
in  wealth.  You  will  need some treasures for her such as the silver
plate,  silver fish, silver moon, silver sixpence, silver candlestick,
silver sliver, silver salver, silver fox or many others which you will
find in Middle Earth. Take advantage of this unusual parser and ask it
to  find the various treasures you've seen lying around, then put each
one  in the flour sack where they will not be stolen. When you have at
least  seven treasures, GO TO TROLL. Save your game here! Thousands of
things can -- and will -- go wrong before it all works out the way you
want.  Remove  your treasures from the sack while standing next to the
troll.  Wait  for her to steal something from you. When she does start
moving  away from her bridge. Go west if the bridge is to the east, or
go  south  if the bridge is to the west. She'll follow you (though you
may  have  to  wait  a  bit)  and, taking her time, will steal another
treasure. Move another step away and wait for her again to show up and
steal another treasure.

     Repeat  this  process until you are about four or five moves west
or south of the bridge where you found her. Then drop the remainder of
your treasures and GO TO BRIDGE. There is a door on the bridge leading
north  which  is  locked  by three bolts. The command, OPEN DOOR, will
have  to  be given three times before you can enter the troll's secret
room...IF  you  have  led her far enough away and left her with enough
treasure  to  distract  her.  Once  inside  the room, grab her wallet.
She'll  show up and beg for her wallet back. Don't give it to her, not
even if she bargains for it. Not until she admits defeat are you ready
to recruit her.

     Recruiting  in  Middle  Earth is no easy chore. In fact, you were
never  meant  to recruit anyone in the first place. Have you died yet?
There  is no permanent death (well, almost none) in Middle Earth. Like
Viking  warriors,  you're  scooped up from the battlefield by the ever
vigilant  Valkyrie  and  dropped  into  Valhalla, where you experience
resurrection  and  re-emerge  back  into  the  game. At the instant of
death,  all  of  a  player's  equipment,  except those being worn, are
dropped on the ground where they can be recovered after the adventurer
has  been raised from the dead. As a robot, however, you discover that
Valhalla  is,  appropriately enough, a repair shop where a useful item
is  kept  which  will affect other robots. First, you must find a dead
character.  The  adventurers  fight among themselves, so you should be
able  to  find one of their fallen. Or, if need be, kill one yourself.
Whoever  it  is,  give that character the glittering card you found in
the mouse hole.

     Now  wait  for the Valkyrie. She'll be there soon. When she picks
up  the  courier-carcass,  follow her or go directly to the glittering
gates.  Once  you  see the Valkyrie enter the gates with your deceased
card-carrier,  remove  the visor and cast the DEATH spell on yourself.
You're  dead.  Look  around  Valhalla and pick up the glittering card,
which  you  can  now see is a magnetic access card. Open the closet in
Valhalla  (which  would not be visible if you were wearing the visor),
and take the device inside -- the reprogrammer -- the recruiter.

     Once  you  emerge  from the pearly gates, you'll find the objects
you  dropped when you "died." Take everything, and once again wear the
visor.  Make  sure you have the garlic and the mouse (remember you can
use  the  "find"  command  should  anything be missing), and go to the
Graveyard.  You  should now RECRUIT MOUSE. South of the Graveyard is a
tomb  which  you  cannot  yet enter. South of that is a vampire. He'll
drink  his fill from the mouse (the garlic is protecting you) and then
teach  you  the KNIVES spell. Take the half-coin which is there and go
north.  You  may  wish  to  heal the mouse with your CURE spell or the
Valkyrie will do the job for you.

     Find  the  troll  and, using the recruiter, recruit her. Have her
follow  you  to  the tomb, then give her the half-coin; tell her to go
north then insert it in the recess in the Gravestone. She'll go north,
and shortly the tomb will open to reveal the DETECT spell.

     Find  the troll again and instruct her to follow you to the apple
tree  in  the  Garden.  Tell her to catch an apple while you shake the
tree. Examine the apple to learn the EMPATHY spell.

     Again,  with  the troll, return to the bridge. There's a piece of
slippery  rope hanging from the bridge. Instruct the troll to pull the
string,  while  you do the same yourself. As a result of your combined
efforts  a  ring  will  be  recovered from the water. Don't waste time
examining  it  at  this point. Go back to the fireplace (in the house)
and  throw  the  ring  into  the  fire.  Then  examine it to learn the
EXORCISE  spell.  (This  last  one was a trick question unless you had
read  THE  LORD  OF  THE  RINGS previously. If you're upset, blame the
authors). Now find the driftwood (which also defies reading), and cast
the EXORCISE spell on it. Here is the all-important FLY spell.

     Once more, with the troll, find the plaque in the Marsh. Instruct
the  troll to clean the plaque while you do the same. Only through the
efforts of both of you will the plaque become clean enough to read the

     Return to the Garden and cast FLY on the statue. Look under it to
find the SHIELD spell.

     You  are now ready to enter the Castle. Go to the Castle and cast
the  KNIVES spell on the ropes which are supporting the door. Cast the
SHIELD  spell on yourself, and boldly go south through the front door.
Cast  FLY  on yourself to go over the pool of acid. While you are over
it,  notice the button at the bottom of the pool. Cast the SWORD spell
and use the resultant broadsword to push the button. Continue south.

     At  the  end  of  the  hallway, go west and then north. Here is a
guard  who  quickly attaches a ball and chain to your leg. Don't worry
about  it (But make sure you have it strapped to you before leaving!),
and  go  north  until  you  find  a  suit  of  armor and a dagger in a
scabbard.  Wear the armor and take the scabbard, then return south. Go
east, past where you entered the hall, until you come to another door.
Open  it. (Without the ball and chain, as well as the armor, you would
quickly be fried.)

     Go  north and you'll encounter a monk who is most unhappy to meet
you. CAST FIREBALL and instruct it to attack the monk's spell scrolls.
Go north again and read the panel to learn the LIGHTNING spell. Return
south to the hallway, then west to the entrance. You can now cast GROW
on  the ball and chain in order to leave it behind. Go north until you
are out of the Castle.

     Find  the  troll (who will not enter the Castle) and give her the
scabbard.  With  her  holding  the  scabbard you can remove the dagger
which  contains  the  TELEPORT  spell.  Have  her  go  with you to the
Rainbird.  Instruct the troll to kill all the ants around the anthill,
while  you do the same. When the number of ants reaches zero (only for
a  second!)  take  the  piece of amber from the anthill. Examine it to
learn  the  MAGICIAN spell. Cast it on yourself, and if you've learned
the other 20 spells, you can recruit the Rainbird.

     Go  to  the  dragon  and recruit him. Give him the small piece of
dragon scale and escort him to the main exit. Once there go south, and
watch the fire alarm go crazy.

     Go back and get the Rainbird, the mouse and the troll. (This trio
tends  to  wander around a bit, particularly the troll, so keep an eye
on  all  of  them.)  Bring  the three of them down to the exit hallway
(where  the fire alarm is), and lead them all west. Instruct the troll
to  open  the Maintenance Hatch. Give the mouse to the troll, and have
her  put  the mouse in the hatch. You can now continue west to examine
the  Kiosk.  Instruct the Rainbird to enter the Kiosk. You've escaped!
Wonderful!...or is it?

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