King's Quest 6

1 On the beach:

     Pick  up the large piece of wood under which is a small box. Take
the  coin  inside  Also  pick  up the ring sparkling in the sand. Walk
north  and north again towards the castle. Talk to the guards and show
them  the  ring  gaining  you  entry to the castle. When you have been
instructed  to  leave  walk  south  back  to  the  junction  and  then
north-east to the village.

2 At the village:

     Enter  the  pawn shop and talk to the shopkeeper until he repeats
himself.  Pick up the nightingale offering your coin in exchange. Take
a  mint  from  the  jar  on  the  counter and exit. Enter the bookshop
picking  up  the free book by the door. Walk to the shelves at the far
right  of the bookcase. Pick up the piece of paper that falls from the
poetry  book.  Chat  to the bookseller until he starts waffling. Leave
and chat to the lamp seller.

3 The ferryman:

     Walk  north  from the village past the girl in the garden exiting
west  from  there. Don't worry about the boy in the water and knock on
the  door of the ferry. Talk to the ferryman telling him that Ali sent
you.  Once  you're  inside  pick  up the rabbit's foot from the table.
Carry on talking to the ferryman until he starts to repeat himself and
then leave the ferry and make your way back to the village

4 Back in the village:

     Re-enter  the bookshop and talk to the shopkeeper about the magic
spell  book.  Leave  and  enter  the pawn shop. Talk to the shopkeeper
about  the  magic  map and offer your ring in exchange. Leave the shop
and  the  village  exiting  to  the south-east. When you come across a
nightingale  in  a tree wind up the mock bird you have to coax it down
to  a lower branch. Give it the page from the poetry book and it flies
away. Go south to the beach.

5 Island hopping:

     If you use the magic map you can travel to the Isle of the Sacred
Mountains.  Once  you  arrive there pick up the flower and the feather
and  then  use  the map again to travel back to the Isle of the Crown.
Return  yet again to the village and make a thorough search of the bin
outside the pawn shop. You'll find an ink bottle inside. Return to the
beach and then use the map to make your way to the Isle of Wonder.

6 Snatching the pearl from the oyster:

     Once  you've  reached the island talk to the oyster that is still
awake.  Offer  it your help and then read to it from the free book you
acquired  at the bookshop. You can do this by simply clicking the book
on  the  oyster.  This make the oyster start to yawn and every time it
does so try to grab the pearl. This may take some practice. Eventually
you suceed and the oyster falls asleep.

7 Guardian gnomes:
     Walk  north and five guardian gnomes appear. To get past them you
have to use these objects:

Gnome 1 (Smell): Give flower from the Isle of Sacred Mountains
Gnome 2 (Listen): Use wind-up nightingale from the pawn shop
Gnome 3 (Taste): Give it the mint from the pawn shop
Gnome 4 (Touch): Give it the rabbits foot from the ferry
Gnome 5 (Sight): Use the ink bottle from the bin on Alexander.

8 Trading wares:

     Pick  up  the  floating words. Walk east and look at the spider's
web.  Pull  the  loose  thread.  When the spider falls grab the paper.
Touch  the  books  and  a  creature  appears.  Talk  to  him  until he
disappears.  Go  west. Go back to the pawn shop. Trade the nightingale
for  the  flute  and the pearl to get your ring back. Go south-east to
find the bird again. Give your ring to it and it flies away. Go to the
beach and travel to the Isle of Wonder.

9 Dancing flowers:

     Walk  north  to  the  forest.  When  you get there pick up a milk
bottle  from  the  tree and exit to the north-west. Pick up the rotten
tomato  and  the iceberg lettuce. You also want to pick up the hole in
the  wall  which  hides behind the wall flowers. Use the flute and the
flowers  start  to dance. When the music stops the flowers continue to
dance  giving  you  the chance to grab the hole in the wall. Leave via
the gateway to the north.

10 Lettuce salad:

     Attempt  to  get  past the two guards. When the Queen's disappear
grab  the  red  scarf and then go back to the beach and use the map to
travel  to  the  Isle of the Beast. Walk north to the boiling pond and
throw  the iceberg lettuce on it which cools the pond a little so that
you  can  walk  through  it  and take the lamp. Walk north pick up the
stone  brick  from  the  ground and then exit south. Carry on and walk
south again.

11 A red ribbon:

     Talk  to  the  creature  in the tree and use the words which were
floating on the water. Use the map to travel to the Isle of the Crown.
Walk  north  and  pick  up  the red ribbon the bird drops. Examine the
ribbon  in  the  inventory and this reveals a piece of hair. Go to the
pawn  shop  in  the  vilage  and exchange the flute for the tinderbox.
Return  to  the  beach and use the map to travel to the Isle of Sacred

12 The Logic Cliffs:

     Click  the  hand  icon on the puzzle and work out the answer. The
first  puzzle  has  four  words: IGNORANCE KILLS WISDOM EVALUATES. The
answer  is  on page 33 of the handbook. Click on one of the letters in
each  of  the  above words to make RISE. The second and fourth puzzles
can  be  solved if you read the section on the Ancient One's alphabet.
Once  you  have  reached  the  top  ignore  the  old  woman  until she

13 The Cave:

     Enter  the  cave  making  sure that you do not click on the berry
bush.  Use the tinderbox to get more light so that you are able to see
the entrance to the second part of the cave. Now enter it. Pick a mint
leaf  from  the  plant at the end of the cave and then go back out the
way  you  came  in. Walk north and you are taken to the leaders of the
winged  ones.  You  are  then thrown into the catacombs - you need the
maps to find your way.

14 The Catacombs:

     To  get  through  the catacombs use the maps below in conjunction
with  the  instructions. Once you have defeated the Minotaurin level 2
of  the catacombs you meet the oracle who gives you a bottle of sacred
water. You are then dropped on the beach. Use the map to travel to the
Isle  of  Mists.  Walk west and pick up the scythe and a piece of coal
from the fire.

   _______________         Ы = room 
   |_4___Ы_____Ы |         ________ 
              |  |________|Ы ____6|   ROOM 1: Pick up the skull 
              |Ы ___5___Ы__Ы |_____   that's next to the skeletons.
              |Ы |        |Ы____Ы_|   ROOM 2: Cross to the other side 
              |3 |                    in the following order:
         _____|  |__________                Ы6ЫЫЫ
         |_Ы_Ы_Ы_____2__ Ы |     ____       7Ы5Ы1
         | Ы__Ы__ Ы|    |Ы |_____| 1|       ЫЫ42Ы
         |  |   |  |    |Ы ___Ы___ Ы|       ЫЫ3ЫЫ
      ___| Ы|___| Ы|____|  |     |_Ы| ROOM 3: Pick up the shield from the floor
      |_Ы__Ы___Ы__Ы__Ы___Ы_|          ROOM 4: Pick up the coins from the remains
                      ENTER           ROOM 5: Use the stone brick on the cogs
                                      ROOM 6: Fall through to the 2nd level

      ___     ___
   |Ы_Ы_Ы__Ы__Ы___Ы___Ы___1|   ROOM 1: You start here. Use tinderbox
   _|Ы|_|Ы|___|_|_________|Ы|   ROOM 2: Use hole in wall against east wall and
  |Ы Ы Ы_Ы___2|3__4__|_Ы___Ы|           look through it
    |Ы |_   __|Ы|_________|Ы|   ROOM 3: Take tapestry
    |Ы_ Ы|_|Ы__Ы___Ы___Ы___Ы|   ROOM 4: Click red scarf on Minotaur when you 
       |Ы_Ы_Ы|                          enter lair and when you are over by the
         |_|                            girl.

15 Books and beasts:

     From the fire walk south and use map to go to the Isle of Wonder.
Go  east to the stack of books and touch them again. When the creature
appears  give  it the creature you found dangling from the tree on the
Isle  of  Beasts.  In return he gives you a rare book which you should
read.  Exit  west. Go north then north west Pick up little bottle from
table  before  returning  to  beach.  Use map to return to Isle of the

16 Tiny tears:

     From  the  beach  go  to  the bookshop. Give the rare book to the
shopkeeper  and  take  the magic spell book. Go to the Isle of Wonder.
Walk north then north-west. Give the milk bottle to baby tears and use
the  hunter's lamp to collect tears. Take the cup from the chair. Walk
north  through  the gate. When the queen asks you for your advice give
the  white  queen  the piece of coal. In return you are given a rotten

17 In the swamp:

     Go  south  and  south  again.  Use cup on swamp. When the log and
stick  argue  talk  to  log  and give it rotten tomato. When the stick
throws  swamp  ooze  at the log collect the ooze in the cup. Go south.
Use  the  map  to  go to the Isle of the Beasts. Walk north then north
again.  Use  shield  on archer. Pick a white rose and try to enter the
gazebo.  Use  scythe  on rose hedges. Talk to beast and take his ring.
Exit south then south again.

18 Speaking Spells:

     Use  the  map to travel to the Isle of the Crown. Walk north then
north  west  and then north again. Give the white rose and the beast's
ring  to  the  girl. Once the beast has found his queen use the sacred
water  from  the  oracle  on  the  hunter's  lamp. Use the lamp on the
waterfall. Speak the incantation you find in the spell book. Go to the
beach and then use the map to travel to the Isle of Mists.

19 Taking the heat:

     When  you  arrive  y ou are captured taken to a fire and put in a
cage. The lamp in your pocket heats up and you are saved. Use skull on
the fire's glowing embers. Exit south and use map to go to the Isle of
the  Sacred  Mountains.  At the bottom of the logic cliffs use hair on
the skull. Then use egg on the skull. Go up steps. At the top cast the
spell  to  charm  creatures. The horse there takes you to the Realm of
the Dead.

20 Dead and buried?:

     At the Realm of the Dead speak to the two ghostly figures and you
are  given  a ticket. Go east and cross avoiding all the zombies. Talk
to  the  female spirit on the next screen and take the hankerchief. Go
north  to  the  face  and  use the finger icon on the bones at the far
right.  The  skeletons  dance.  When they've stopped take the skeleton
key.  Give the ticket to the zombie on the right and enter through the
doorway to the north.

21 Crossing the Styx:

     Pick up gauntlet from dead man. Carefully walk along path to next
screen.  Use  the  cup on the river to the left. Give the two coins to
the  tall dark zombie so that he takes you across the Styx river. Once
across go north and try to open the door. Talk to the door and it asks
you a riddle the answer to which is love the word written on the piece
of  paper  from  spider's  web. Go through the door and walk up to the
Lord of the Dead.

22 A deadly challenge:

     When  you are told to kiss the hand of the Lord of the Dead throw
down  a challenge by clicking the gauntlet on his face. He then issues
you  with  a challenge but when he has finished speaking you must hold
the beast's mirror up in front of him. This wins you the challenge and
earns  you  a  ride  back  to  the Isle of the Crown with the King and
Queen. Lucky old you.

23 Feigning death:

     At  Isle of the Crown go to pawn shop. Drink from small bottle in
front  of  old man in black cloak. When you drop he thinks you're dead
and  goes  to tell his master Alhazred. Swap tinderbox for paintbrush.
Leave  shop. Offer lampseller your lamp and take fourth lamp from left
on  his  stick.  Go to castle. Go to side of castle and use feather on
cup. Use paint-brush on side of castle. Cast Make Paint spell from the
spell book.

24 Into the castle:

     Go  to  middle  cell  of  the three you can see. Once inside give
handkerchief  to  boy and he tells you where to find a secret passage.
Leave  cell  and  walk  north  to knight. Push its right arm to open a
secret  passage.  Go inside and look through hole in wall. Make a note
of what the guards say ('Ali'). Walk upstairs. Look through n ext hole
in  wall  and give dagger to Cassima. Go west then north west and look
through next hole.

25 Open alizebu!:

     Go  north  and  click the finger icon on left-hand panel of wall.
Use  skeleton  key on chest. Pick up recent letters. Open box and read
the  piece  of  paper  ('zebu').  Go back into wardrobe. Go south then
south  and  south  again. Look through hole in wall. Go downstairs and
look  in hole in wall. Exit through secret passage. Go west. Go to the
door  on west wall and talk to it. To get through say the magic word -

26 Cassima at last:

     Pick  up  sheet  and look at each item before exiting south. When
wedding music starts go south-east and then upstairs to the door. Look
at  the door then through the keyhole. Open door and when guard's head
speaks  to you quickly show him the letter you found upstairs. Walk to
Cassima  and  when  Alhazred leaves walk after him. Follow him up both
flights  of  stairs.  When  confronted by Genie offer him mint leaf to

27 The big scrap at the end:

     Just when you thought you were safe you are challenged to a sword
fight by Alhazred - Cassima's evil bethrothed. To save her from a fate
worse  than  marriage  pick up the sword from the wall and click it on
Alhazred.  When  Cassima stabs him with the dagga use the sword on him
again. Alhazred is dead. You've got the girl so sit back and watch the
end sequence.

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