King's Quest 1

Solution of: King's Quest

     walk   over  bridge,go  west,open  door,enter  castle,follow  red
carpet,bow  king, talk king,leave castle,walk bridge left,go north,get
carrot,go  west,climb  tree,  look  nest,get egg,go down,go south,move
rock,look hole,get dagger,go north, go east 3 times,in this location u
get  a magic spell from fairy gedmother,if she not disappears go other
lokation  and come back,if u have spell go east, go east,go south,look
in  stump,get  pouch,go  south  3 times,go east 4 times, get bowl,look
bowl,fill  bowl,go  north,look beach,get pebbles,go west,go south, get
walnut,open  walnut,go west (watch out),go south,swim trough water and
go  from  this location to the north(watch out),go west,eat house,open
door,enter  house,open  stove,open cupboard,get cheese,get note on the
table,read  note,  leave house,go north 4 times,go west,open gate,show
carrot,go  south  with  goat,  go  south,go  west,walk  over bridge,go
west,walk  over  bridge)goat  help  u), go south,look man,talk man,ask
name 3 times,get key,go south,go south,get clover,

     go  south,go  west,go  west,go  south,go west,go west,go south,go
west,enter house, give bowl,get fiddle,leave house,go east,go south,go
east,go south,go south, (now enter the strange house,inside use keys 7
and   9   to   go  up,down  3  and  1.)  unlock  door,open  door,enter
door,up,up,up,leave   cave,go  south,go  to  tree  and  look  hole,get
sling,go  north,go  west,  play  fiddle,walk in this location till the
giant  falls in sleep,get chest,go east,enter cave and go down,outside
the strange house go east,walk in this loc. till a little elf appears,
talk  elf,(u  get  ring),swim  east,swim and then walk east,go east,go
east,  outside  the cave,walk here till appears a bird,jump on bird in
the  right  side  from  the screen,use key 0,after landing go west,get
mushroom,go  east,jump  in  the  hole,go  south,go  west,give cheeseto
rat,open  door,enter  door,go  south,  get shield,go back to the first
room  with the strange creatures,play fiddle, go back to room king,get
sceptre,walk  up  the  stairs,go  to the hole,eat mushroom, outside go
north,clibm pail(jump bucket),go water,swim,dive water,swim trough the
hole,throw   dagger,get   miror,enter   hole,swim   up,climb   rope,go
south,swim east,go east,go east,walk over bridge and go to king..

King's Quest 2

     This  solution  to  the  Kings Quest II game was developed by the
joint  efforts  of:  Alan  Ford,  Brian Mann, Doug Gilliat, Paul Rodi,
Nancy  Pierce,  and  Tom  Harding. If you just stick to this and don't
explore, you will miss a lot of good entertainment in the game.

     Tremendous  thanks  to those on Compuserve, The Assassins Palace,
The Domain, and The Blue Ridge Express who gave us help with the tough

     The  numbers in parathensis are the accumulated points (185 max.)
The letter/numbers in brackets correspond to the map located below the

     HINT:  Stay close to the edge of a screen so if Hagatha, a dwarf,
or the Enchanter appear, you can leave the screen quickly.

   I. First Key
      A. Travel to the grandmother's house *D2├ and get the basket of
         goodies from the mailbox (3)
      B. Get clam shell and bracelet *G1├ (10)
      C. Get trident on the beach *B1├ (13)
      D. Walk around *F2├ until Little Red Riding Hood appears.  Give
         the basket to little red riding hood and get the flowers
      E. Travel to the door *B7├, read the inscription (19)
      F. Go to couch shaped rock *F1├
      G. Give flowers to mermaid (21)
      H. Ride seahorse (23)
      I. Give trident to Neptune, get bottle containing cloth (27)
      J. Get gold key (32)
      K. Return to the shore.
      L. Enter Hagatha's cave.*C2├  Stay close to the wall.  Go to
         the cage.  Get the cloth from the bottle (34) and place it
         over the cage (36).  Leave the cave. (38)
      M. Get the stake (40) by the tree *G2├, the necklace from the
         log *B3├ (47), and the mallet from the hole in the tree (49)
      N. Travel to the door *B7├.  Unlock the door and read the
         inscription (57).

  II. Second Key
      A. Get blessed by the fairy *D5├
      B. Go to the church *D6├, kneel, pray, say "Graham" to the
         priest's question, get cross (62).
      C. Go the antique shop *F6├, open door.
      D. Give the old lady the cage, get the lamp (68). Leave the
      E. Rub the lamp, get magic carpet (70).
      F. Rub the lamp, get the sword (72).
      G. Rub the lamp, get the bridle (74) (lamp disappears).
      H. Ride the carpet, walk to narrow passage between two rocks,
         do not cross the passage over to the side by the snake.
      I. Put the bridle on the snake, speak to the horse, get the
         sugar cube (85)
      J. Get the key from the cave (90).
      K. Exit the cave, "Ride carpet".
      L. Arrive at antique shop, go to *E6├, get brooch from hole in
         rock (98)
      M. Go to door (99) *B7├
      N. Open door (110)

 III. Third Key
      A. Go the dwarves house *C4├ (enter and exit until he is not
      B. Get the earrings from the trunk (114)
      C. Get the pot containing the chicken soup (116)
      D. Go to grandma's house *D3├.  Go to slow mode.  Enter and
         exit until grandma (not the wolf) is home.
      E. Speak to grandma, give grandma the soup
      F. Get the cloak and ring (122)
      G. Leave grandma's house, put on the cloak and ring (125)
      H. Put on cross (127)
      I. Go to the dead lake *B4├, in front of the castle entrance.
      J. Get on the boat with the ghoul.
      K. Before getting off the boat, eat the sugar cube (128)
      L. Travel up the path, past the ghosts, enter the castle.
      M. Travel to the left, up the ramp, and into the bedroom
      N. Open the dresser drawer, get the candle. (130)
      O. Travel down the ramp, light the candle at the torch (131)
      P. Go across the foyer, into the dining room, and get the ham.
      Q. Travel down the stairs to the right, into the dungeon
      R. Enter the room to your left, if Count Dracula is not asleep

      *Note: here the text is garbled, I deleted those lines - Ken├

         the ghoul, and enter the forest.
      Y. Remove the cloak and ring
      Z. Go to the door *B7├, unlock the door, and enter the Strange
         Land (163)

  IV. The Strange Land
      A. Go north, get the fish net (164)
      B. Stand by the water and cast the net.  If you don't catch
         anything, move up and down the beach.
      C. Get the fish and throw it back into the water quickly (169)
      D. Ride the fish to the island
      E. Go north, get the amulet (173)
      F. Go south, enter the tower
      G. Go upstairs, give the ham to the lion to make him sleep
      H. Open the door, kiss the princess (182)
      I. Say "HOME" and the rest is automatic.
      J. You are wed and win the game!!! (185 out of 185 points)

                             MAP OF KINGS QUEST II

       1             2           3             4            5            6
  : End of     : Trees,     : Edge of    : Dead Lake  : Edge of    : Trees,
  : Beach,     : Sign       : Dead Lake  :            : Dead Lake  : Lake
A : trees      :            :            :            :            :
  :            :            :            :            :            :
  :            : Forrest,   : Necklace   : Edge of    : Mallet in  : Trees,
B : Trident    : Lake       : in Log     : Dead Lake, : Hole in    : Chasm
  :            :            :            : Path to    : Tree       :
  :            :            :            : Castle     :            :
  : Beach,     : Entrance   : Forrest    : Entrance   : Forrest    : Bridge
  : Cliff      : to         :            : to Dwarves :            : Over
C :            : Hagatha's  :            : Home       :            : Chasm
  :            : Cave       :            :            :            :
  : *********  : Corner of  : Grandma's  : Forrest    : Church,    : Church,
  : Start Here : Fence      : House,     :            : Faire often: Monk
D : *********  :            : Basket in  :            : Appears    : Inside,
  : *********  :            : Mailbox    :            : Here       : Cross
  : Beach      : Trees,     : Lake       : Edge of    : Edge of    : Lake,
  :            : Lake       :            : Dead Lake  : Dead Lake, : Brooch in
E :            :            :            :            : Edge of    : Hole in
  :            :            :            :            : Good Lake  : Rock
  : Couch      : Red Riding : Edge of    : Dead Lake  : Edge of    : Antique
  : Shaped Rock: Hood often : Dead Lake  :            : Dead Lake  : Shop
F :            : appears    :            :            :            : Entrance
  : Mermaid    : here       :            :            :            :
  : Beach,     : Stake      : Edge of    : Dead Lake  : Edge of    : Forrest
G : Shell over : leaning on : Dead Lake  :            : Dead Lake  :
  : Bracelet   : tree       :            :            :            :
  :            :            :            :            :            :

King's Quest 3

     e,n,clean  kitchen  get  spoon,get  knife,get  bowl,get bread,get
mutton,get  fruit,  s,get  cup,w,up,wait  till  manannan  apears,enter
mananans  room,n,look  mirror,  open  drawer,open  closet,look  behind
clothes,close  closet,look on top off closet, open drawer,u have found
mirror,map,key  and  essence,leave  room and go up, look telescope,get
fly,d,d,n,open  cabinet,go  to  books,move  books,pull lever, d,d,look
shelf,get  powdered  fishbone,get  nightshade  juice,get mandrake root
powder,get  saffron,get  toad  spittle,get toodstool powder,up,up,pull
lever,  move  books,open cabinet,s,s,open chicken gate,get chicken,get
feather,open  gate,go  down mountain,on base mountain go w,show mirror
to   medusa,w,hit  return  when  medusa  appears,s,get  cactus,s,s,get
skin,e,wait  for  eagle, get feather, e,get mud by the river,e,e,go in
water   and   get   water,back   on   beach,n,n,climb   ladder,w,s,get
mistletou,w,open  door,go  up  stairs,open  drawer,get  thimble, d,get
porridge,leave  house,look  flowers,get  dew,w,n,look  hole,grab hole,
up,get  purse,look map,point to th village,f6 teleport,open door,enter
store,  get  dog  hair,look  shelf,buy  pouch,buy salt,buy fishoil,buy
lard,look  map,  point  at  base  of  mountain,f6  teleport,up  to the
house,open   door,up,east   in   ur   room,drop   all   under  bed,get
fruit,w,d,e,n,wait for mannanan,s,give fruit to mannannan,w,up,wait in
front  of  bedroom  tiil  he  sayd  he  take  a nap,e, get cat,get cat
hair,enter   ur   room,get  all,w,d,n,open  cabinet,move  books,  pull
lever,d,d,turn to page II

1.put the small feather in a bowl.
2.put the dog fur in the bowl.
3.put the snake skin in the bowl.
4.add a spoonful of powdered fish bone.
5.put the thimble of dew in the bowl.
6.mix with hands.
7.separate mixture into two pieces.
8.put dough pieces into your ears.
9.recite this verse exactly:
feather of fowl and bone of fish,
molded together in this dish,
give me wisdom to understand
creatures of air,sea and land
10.wave the magic wand.

Turn to page IV
1.put a pinch of saffron in essence
2.recite this verse:
oh winged spirits, set me free
of earthly bindings, just like thee
in this essence, behold the might
to grant the precious gift of flight
3.wave the magic wand.

Turn to page XXV
1.put the mandrake root powder in a bowl
2.put the cat hair in the bowl
3.put two spoons of fish oil in the bowl
4.stir mixture with a spoon
5.put the dough into a cookie
7.recite this verse:
mandrake root and hair of cat
mix oil of fish and give a pat
a feline from the one who eats
this appetizing magic treat
8.wave the magic wand

     look   map,teleport  to  spider  cave  f6,dip  eagle  feather  in
essence,fly   into  the  web,enter  the  cave,leave  cave,w,listen  to
birds,n,n,w,wait  untill  the  acorns are dry,get acorns,e,n,dip eagle
feather  in  essence,fly  up to house, eagle begone,myself,return,open
gate,open  door,n,pull lever,move books,open cabinet,s,up,e,put cookie
in  porridge,drop  all,get porridge,w,down,e,n,wait till mananan comes
back,s,give   porridge   to   mananan,w,up,e,get   all,w,down,  n,open
cabinet,move book,pull lever,d,d,turn to page VII

1.grind a spoonful salt in a mortar
2.grind the mistletoe in the mortar
3.rub the stone in the mixture
4.kiss the stone
5.recite this verse:
with this kiss, i thee impart,
power most dear to my heart.
take me now from this place hither,
to another place far thither.
6.wave magic wand

Turn to page XIV
1.grind the acorns in a mortar
2.put the acorn powder in a bowl
3.put the nightshade juice in the bowl
4.stir the mixture with a spoon
5.light a charcoal brazier
6.heat the mixture on a table
7.spread the mixture on a table
8.recite this verce:
acorn powder ground so fine
nightshade juice like bitter wine,
silently in darkness you creep
to bring a soporific sleep
9.wave the magic wand
10.put the sleep powder in the pouch

Turn to page LXXXIV
1.put a cup of ocean water in bowl
2.light a charcoal brazier
3.heat the bowl on the brazier
4.put a spoon of mud in the bowl
5.add a pinch of toadstool powder
6.blow into the hot brew
7.recite this verse:
elements from the earth and sea,
combine to set the heavens free.
when i stir this magic brew,
great god thor, i call on you.
8.wave the magic wand
9.pour the storm brew into the jar

Turn to page CLXIX
1.cut the cactus with a knife
2.squeeze the cactus juice on spoon
3.put the cactus juice in a bowl
4.put the lrd in the bowl
5.add two drops of toad spittle
6.stir the mixture with a spoon
7recite this verce:
cactus plant and horny toad
i now start down a dangerous road
combine with fire and mist to make
me disappear without a trace
8.wave the magic wand
9.put ointment in the empty lard jar

     look  map,teleport  to  the  village  f6,open door (taverne),look
sailers,give   gold  to  captain,leave  taverne,e,e,step  aboard,e,get
box,w,drop  box,jump  on  box,  jump  on  box,jump on ladder,up,w,open
chest,look  in  chest,close chest.e.get shovel,w,d,w,wait till land in
sign   and   anchor   is   down,pour  sleep  powder  on  floor,slumber
henceforth,jump  on  box,jump  on  box,jump  on  ladder,u,u,e,dive  in
sea,swim to island,e,n,s,look tree,count 5 steps to the earst from the
center  of  the  tree,dig,n,e,w,climb  rock,e,n,e,dipeagle  feather in
essence,n,e,e,s,  go  down to reach the first cave on the left,go down
to  the middle cave under in the screen,enter cave,go up in the screen
in  the  middle  of  the  screen, now u come out the cave under in the
right  of the screen,e,e,s,enter cave, climb the stairs,as soon as you
exit the cave:rub ointment on me,w,stir storm brew with finger,brew of
storms,churn    it   up,talk   to   rosella,untie   rosella,   e,enter
cavern,d,d,w,n,n, end!!!

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