King's Bounty: Warriors of the North

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Steam Achievements
Get the achievements "Greedy", "Collector", "Heartless", "Amateur Jeweler" and "Bane of Death".
Amateur Jeweler
Collect 250 chests during your travels.
Defeat the Undead Spider and all of its troops in under 15 rounds.
Astral Rider
You have helped to free the demon Lurfu from the astral captivity in boiling lava, and for this he rewarded you with the title of Astral Rider.
At Home Among Strangers
The elf Lin Evere has given you a branch of myrtle as a symbol of peace and friendship.
Bane of Death
Defeat Runorm and close the Dark Portal, losing no more than 30% of your forces, or without losing a single troop.
Bane of Life
Apply a total of 1,000,000 damage.
Beloved of the Gods
You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Christa, and for your generosity you are now a favorite of the gods.
Black Death
You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Gudrida, by destroying the army of orcs that were threatening your island.
Kael-shot, first blade, in gratitude for your service to King of Merlassar, has taken you into the ranks of the elven order of the Blossoming Blades!
Border Guard
You have completed the task of Korn Digor, & cleared New Kordar of the undead hordes. You can now rightfully be called "d'hukha marud" -- Border Guard
Destroy 25 enemy troops in a row without replenishing your army.
Receive 15 medals (at least to 1 level).
Collect 75 artefacts and game items.
You have returned Taor to sanity and killed the rebellious vikings of Chukata and Gronnum! Now everyone knows that it is impossible to resist you!
Defeat Eric with the fewest allies.
Collect all items of the set.
Cool Warrior
Win 50 fights without using Rage skills.
Dark Blade
You cut out the heart from the chest of the evil necromancer Ksaltotun, and his dark blood has forever tarnished your blade.
Defender of the Ice
You saved the Royal Egg of the dragon Massalatrix, and were awarded the title "Defender of the Ice." Now you are a great friend to the Ice Dragons.
Demon Conqueror
You completed the quest of the demon Xeona, and bent the four other demon lords to her will.
Demon Talker
You have entered an alliance with Xeona, leader of demonic army, & enlisted his support in upcoming battle with usurper Prince Consort Guilford.
Destroyer of Myths
You defeated the dragon Glaurmur the Dazzling, and now the "white bird of happiness" will no longer lure unsuspecting travelers into his deadly trap.
You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Hilda, defeating the mighty Veritory the Blood and his army of dragons.
Elemental Overlord
At the request of the magician-daemon Arkton, you tracked down and killed a strange creature of fire and smoke.
Enemy of the Kingdom
You have refused to side with the Prince Consort Guilford, and now he is your sworn enemy.
Equal to the Gods
You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Mista, by returning to her the weapon of Tyr, stolen by Fenrir.
Exterminator of the Undead
You killed four leaders of the undead and took possession of their weapons. That alone is reason enough to be proud to wear this title!
Destroy 250 enemy armies.
Friend of Dwarves
Perform all major and minor quests in New Kordar.
Friend of the Giants
You defeated the giant Loki in a fair fight.
Friend of the Griffins
You have helped with the griffin Sirranu with the dragon Massalatrix, and he awarded you this title.
Friend of the Pirates
You helped Captain Tigg and his friends from Undershore Brotherhood.
You have overcome a huge dragon Rikshenassitrax and took from him a powerful artifact called the Tear of the Dragon.
God of War
Defeat Loki in 10 rounds.
Accumulate at least 10,000,000 gold.
Heart of Flint
You left the poisoned Ele Taera to die in the cave. Of course you have a heart -- as cold as a piece of granite!
Lose 10,000 troops.
Heavy Striker
You won the Dwarven High Hammer, and now you are known across all the dwarven lands as "bhak udrut" -- the Heavy Striker! It has quite a ring to it!
High Mage
Inflict 500,000 magic damage over the course of the game.
Gain all the talents in your class tree (at least to level 1).
Jarl Protector
You have completed the task of the King of Asvald, and brought peace and tranquility to the island of South Vinland.
Keeper of Order
You killed the rebel Selmy Boros and his rebel troops have returned to their barracks.
Killer of Giants
You killed the giant Gloomgnaw, and captain of the palace guard, Renli Swann, has granted you this title in recognition of this great achievement.
Looking for Trouble
Receive 500,000 damage points in one game.
Lord of the Flame
You helped the strange fiery creature Zahar defeat his opponent, and he awarded you with this title.
Lord of the Giants
You have completed the task of the Valkyrie Regina, bringning her 10 giant creatures, and can now rightfully be called the Lord of the Giants.
Mad Courage
Defeat Guilford in the final battle, without using your Spell Book.
Master Player
Raise your character to the maximum level.
After battle with your brother, you fled your native island, & now your destiny, it seems, is to roam inhospitable islands on the cold & barren sea.
Thanks to your efforts, the artist Eye Vaz the Orc finally wrote his masterpiece, and has become reknown throughout the world.
Get the achievements "Valhalla's Favorite", "High Mage", "Mad Courage", "Confident" and "Reckless Fighter".
Ragnarok's Messenger
Complete the game on Impossible difficulty.
Reckless Fighter
Win 50 fights without using the Spell Book.
Sea Dog
You have been awarded honorary membership in the Free Brotherhood of Isterreng, making you a real sea wolf. Yo, ho, ho!
Snowy Mountain Pathfinder
Performed great service for pirate Simon Danziker, having found & buried remains of his cabin boy, & destroying pack of wild wolves who attacked youth
After the battle with Runorm, you were swamped by the Dark Portal and ejected in an unknown place. It is no wonder that the locals look at you askance
Strong as Hagyr
On Freedom Islands you defeated the necromancer Sirius Pale.
True Honor
You helped Ingvar Kopperrad and found the survivors of Fastland. In gratitude, he has awarded your faithfulness with an appropriate title.
Valhalla's Favourite
Raise all Valkyries to level 3 before entering Demonis.
Valkyrie's Favourite
Raise all Valkyries to level 5.
Get the achievements "Bane of Life," "Fighter", "Butcher", "Cool Warrior" and "Looking for Trouble".
Warrior of the North
You have passed your trials and became a full-fledged warrior of the village.
You overcame the magicians of Arlania and took possession of the Staff of Starlight!

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Прислал: lion,now Great :)
Кто играет в эту серию игр, прекрасно знает заклятие «Жертва». Очень полезное, один отряд губим — другой воскрешаем. Тут важно правильно рассчитать эффект, либо наш увеличенный отряд за неимением лишней славы станет нам враждебным. Так к чему это я? Некоторых видов войска не всегда в достатке в замках конунгов, а то и вовсе нет (ярлы, северные воительницы, например), а 1-го уровня много. Стоят они тоже дорого, а деньги лучше на артефакты откладывать. Так вот, заклинание помогает восполнить гарнизон, только вовремя рассчитайте количество — запишитесь, используйте заклятие на поле брани, посмотрите, на сколько переусердствовали — не стал ли отряд враждебным? Если да, перезагрузитесь и заранее отберите лишних воинов в гарнизон и колдуйте снова, не боясь переборщить. В стате ячейки можно посмотреть, сколько славы, сколько воинов данного вида можно содержать в отряде (гарнизоны не в счет, как в замке, так и в запасном). Теперь о самой части игры. Северное войско в игре просто кучу бонусов имеет в сравнении с другими расами. А северные воительницы — просто сказочные параметры несут пассивом, но малочисленны у торговцев. Поэтому перед сражением с первым боссом советую оставить воительниц и ярлов в гарнизоне конунга, ибо потом сложно будет без «родственных» войск. Со временем, когда поиграете без «северян» на чужом острове, поймете их превосходство. Друиды и Воительницы воскрешают воинов, вот и дерзайте — приносим в жертву стрелков или берсерков, а воительницами воскрешаем отряд. Мало? «Клонируйте» «лекарей» соответственным заклинанием, прокрутив еще раз комбинацию. Восполняя потери «Жертвой», можно играть почти без потерь (ачивки есть, бонус дают). Да, на поле битвы старайтесь использовать ландшафт (алтари), хватайте сундуки... Там могут быть как руны, так и артефакты. Перед тем, как пожертвовать валькирии предмет, записывайтесь. У меня был глюк. Необязательно отдавать один крутой предмет, можно два слабых (вроде, работало). О героях скажу так — всеми было интересно играть, колдуном только сначала тяжко, потом чуть ли не одним отрядом драконов можно, благо столько заклятий призыва и стихий в арсенале! Только для ачивки приходилось кристаллы не тратить поначалу. Вся серия игры просто умопомрачительна... И мало кто знает, что самая первая часть этой игры была предшественником игры «Герои меча и магии», похожей стратегии, но имеющей много отличий.
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Игра идеальная, в нее можно играть очень долго! Но прошу создателей King's Bounty: Warriors of the North добавить орков и демонов, и боссов крутых (хотя бы маленьких). Прошу также в игре добавить больше пространства. Удачи!

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