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Journey of a Roach

Steam Achievements
A new hope
Roaches never die!
Cleaning Bug
There's still some more dirt behind your antennae.
Drama, baby, more drama!
Fly Whisperer
So cute and fluffy... and so many legs!
Hardcore Walking
It's faster with six limbs!
Honest soul
But you know you're the only one here, right?
Like a boss! get out and get some fresh air!
Like a bull in a china shop
It wasn't me!
No additives!
For our environment's sake О©╫ As if that would make any difference now!
Once doesn't count
Again, again!
Out of the frying pan into the fire
Well, shit happens!
Pile'em Up
To infinity, and beyond!
Roach on speed
Congratulations, you have reached the flower below 18 minutes!
Slimy, yet satisfying
Hakuna Matata!
Super Retro!
And what happens when it crashes?
Walk like a roach
Gravity sucks!
Welcome to Alcatraz
I love pressure. I eat it for breakfast.

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