Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

     Warning:  The  following  contains information that will help you
solve the game. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll spoil
the  game.  Someone  worked  long and hard to create it - why must you
taunt them? Oh, forget it. Enjoy.

Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

MEDITERRANEAN SEA: October 6, 1262 B.C. 

     Step  onshore towards the windmill. Move forward again. The Agent
3  suit  arrives.  Click it. Go forward six times to the water's edge.
Look  down  and  pick up a rope. Turn around to the windmill and enter
the  opening.  Get  under the stairway and look up. Drag the rope from
inventory  and  release it, highlighted, onto the end stair above you.
The stair crumbles behind.

     Forward  once  up  the  stairs, look at the gears. Click Arthur's
thought  for  his  opinion.  Continue  to the top, open the hatch, and
enter  the  top  room. Approach the ladder and face it. Look up at the
roof  hatch.  Climb  up to the roof. Look down at Agent 3's time code.
Zoom  in  on it and Arthur records it. At the top of the screen, click
Andes Mountains to time jump there.

ANDES MOUNTAINS: January 29, 524 A.D. 

     Inside  the  well,  remove a rock from the drain. Pull the lever.
Climb  out of the well. Turn to the crank and take it. Go up the path,
turn  left at the fork and go up to the farm. Go left and take the big
basket.  Go  down  to  the  main path, turn left and go to the balloon
landing.  Walk to the edge, turn left and go towards the balloon. Turn
left and use your crank on the winch to lower the balloon.

     Attach  the  basket to the balloon's hanging rope. Zoom in on the
rope  hanging  below and pull up the hook. Use it on the other balloon
and  pull  it  to you. Zoom in on the time code in that basket so that
Arthur  records  it.  At  the  top  of  the screen, click on Himalayan
Mountains to time jump there.


     Go  down  the  slope and take the staff from the dead guard. Take
the control wheel. Go up the slope and enter the gatehouse. Go through
the  hole  in  the  far side and climb down the footbridge. Oops! Just
inside  the  gatehouse,  face  the control mechanism. Put your control
wheel  on the small gear hub and extend the footbridge. Now climb down
the footbridge.

     Move to the destroyed building on the right and use your staff on
the  window.  Enter and go to the blue Buddha. Use it's head to get to
the  window  ledge.  Look  down at another time code. Zoom in on it to
record it. Watch a movie sequence.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA: October 5, 1262 B.C. 

     Open the trapdoor and go down into the windmill's gear room. Pick
up  two gears and put them onto the gear assembly pegs. Pull the lever
(five  times  I think) to rotate the spars until one without a sail is
at  the  window.  Climb  out  the window and pull the lever again. You
automatically  jump  down  to  the  wall. Walk along and jump onto the

     Move  along  the crane arm to the yardarm and jump onto it. Go to
the  mast, turn right and go down the mast to the barge. Take the silk
scarf  on  the  deck,  step towards the front and get the gaff (hooked
pole)  on  the  left. Turn to the dock and jump across. Turn right and
find  the beggar who is speaking. Click him to capture his image, then
talk.  When  he  asks  for  money, say Sorry. When he asks about nasty
weather, say anything then return to the barge.

     Change  to  the  beggar guise, go forward to the captive Egyptian
captain  and  capture  his guise. Talk to him and ask for coins, which
you  get, and he asks if you want to say anything. Answer thanks, then
goodbye.  Go  to  the  dock  and  to  the  ferry.  Change to the barge
captain's  guise.  Capture  the  ferryman's image. Talk to him, select
jplot_sse, then give coin.

     Go  around  the corner and capture the guard's image. Talk to him
and  ask  all that you can. Say goodbye to the guard and return to the
ferry.  Talk  to  Kashi  and  select Potter, then give coin. Go around
corner  to  left.  From  outside  the  shop door, capture the potter's
image,  then change to the guard's guise. Enter and talk to the potter
about everything. Turn right and go to the clay machine.

     Turn  the crank and get the clay from the basket on the floor. Go
out  to  the walkway and go left to the oil shop. Change to captain or
ferryman, then capture the woman's image. Talk to the oil vendor about
everything.  Turn to the vases on the table and zoom in on the imprint
of the biggest one. Press your lump of clay onto the seal. Arthur says
a good place for gold is El Dorado. Exit the shop and time jump to the
Andes Mountains.

ANDES MOUNTAINS: January 28, 524 A.D. 

     Turn  right  and  go down the path to the well. A sleeping boy is
just  to  the  right  of  the  well. Capture his image. Go back to the
intersection,  turn left and go up to the stables. Change to the boy's
guise.  Go  around behind, capture the farmer's image then talk to him
about  everything. Return to the intersection, turn left and go to the
balloon landing area. Ride across to the mesa.


     As  the boy, climb the jplot_sse stairs and enter. Zoom in on the
mural on the left wall. When your cursor is a ?, click and Arthur will
interpret  it.  Repeat  this  on  the  one  the  scribe is working on.
Approach  the  scribe,  turn  and click on the ventilator shaft in the
floor. You see an image at the bottom. Capture the scribe's image then
ask him everything.

     Turn  left  and  get  a gold leaf from the large basket. Exit the
jplot_sse and time jump back to the Mediterranean area.

ATLANTIS: Potter's Shop. 

     At the entrance, change to the woman, his sister, and enter. Talk
to  the  potter and say that you will watch his pots. After he leaves,
go to the kiln. Open it and step forward. Look down and place the lump
of  clay  on  the  rotating platform. Place the gold leaf on the clay.
Turn  away,  step  forward, turn around and close the kiln. Rotate the
pegged  wheel,  open  the  kiln  and take out the gold medallion. Turn
around  to  the  side table and take the pitcher and bowl. Exit and go
around  the dock to the oil shop. Approach the vat of oil and use your
bowl on it. Return to the ferry and hire a ride back to the jplot_sse.
Change to the pottery vendor or his sister. Show the gold medallion to
the guard and get back on the ferry.


     Go  to  the  basin. Put your pitcher in the basin to fill it with
Healing  Water. Go around the right side to the end of the walkway and
look  down into the well. Use the gaff to close the water gate. Return
to the ferry and ride to the windmill.


     Go  up  to  the  windmill  entrance  and  change  to the Egyptian
captain. Just inside the door, go to the chest and open it for a clue.
Go  to the next room and talk to the windmill keeper. Use any response
to his Nasty Weather statement. Arthur adds a special greeting to your
list,  Looks Like Nasty Weather! Return to the ferry as anyone but the


     Change  to  the  beggar, get on the barge and talk to the chained
captain. Say Nasty Weather, the captain says, It may even rain. Arthur
adds  this  to  your  dialogue. Get back on the dock and change to the
captain  guise.  Go  talk  to  the beggar and say Sorry. He says Nasty
Weather,  so  you  should  respond,  It  may even rain. Then ask about
everything.  Return  to  the ferry and ride to the Windmill. Change to
the captain guise, then enter the windmill.

     Respond  to  the keeper's weather remark with: It's going to be a
long  winter. Ask about everything. Return to the ferry and go back to
the  dock.  Return to where the beggar was and get his bowl. Return to
the windmill.


     You  have  the  lower  section  to yourself. Near the door to the
handcrank,  pick  up  the  end  of  the  rope  and drag it left to the
fastener  on  the  column. When the rope highlights, release it and it
will  fasten  to  the  column. Turn the winch and the floor panel will
raise  up.  Enter  the  secret passage and arrive at an inner chamber.
Change  to  the  beggar. Climb up the rung ladder and go to the mural.
Ask Arthur about it. Turn left and step forward once.

     Turn  right  and ask Arthur about another mural. Turn left and go
to  the  next  room.  Before talking, examine the mural and ask Arthur
about  it. Talk to Saros the guardian about everything. He gives you a
sun  disc.  Get a closeup of the water clock. Turn the crank. Put your
sun disc on the crank and turn it again. Hear that rumbling?

     Turn  left  and  go back to some stairs that lead up to where you
closed  the  water gate. Open the water gate and a pyramid artifact is
suspended  in  the  water.  Take  it  and  an  automatic movie starts.
Afterwards, choose the Himalayan Mountains.


     Go to the Buddhist traveler lying on the snow. Capture his image,
turn around and cross the narrow footbridge nearby. Click on the group
of  six  colors  and remember what Arthur says, - Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me,
Hum  -  Click  the  inscription just to the right, ...the cause of all
suffering  being IGNORANCE, etc. Turn right to the yaks, and turn left
to face the Green Buddha statue. Click the writing on the statue base,
...shrine  of  the  ANIMAL  WORLD! Turn around and go towards the wall
grate.  Continue  around  the  wall,  up  the  stairs  and  enter  the


     Capture the gardener's image. Change to the Buddhist traveler and
talk  to  the gardener about everything. He must have a cold, not much
heat  in the green house. After you say goodbye, enter the tunnel vent
to  the right of the pond. Examine the tree roots. Use your pitcher of
holy water on the bottom of the roots and they glow with new life.

     Go  up  to  the  greenhouse and around the pond to the ladder and
climb.  Take the garden knife and the steam tunnel map. Take the fruit
from  the  tree, climb down and go to the Yellow Buddha on the edge of
the  pond.  Click  the  statue base and Arthur translates it. Put your
fruit in the statue's bow and get a Yellow Sphere. Go back through the
floor grating.


     Go  forward  to  the glowing area. Step past it and turn slightly
left  to  see  another tunnel. Enter it and arrive at an intersection.
Look  at  the  ceiling  to  see a cross symbol. Now, Arthur constantly
updates your position on the map. Drag your map up to the main part of
the  screen.  The  arrow  is actually backwards from the direction you
just came.

     Continue  forward  in  the tunnel and the ceiling will have a two
ring  symbol.  Continue  forward  past  another  steam vent to another
tunnel.  It's  intersection ceiling has a Shell symbol. Pull the lever
and  go  through  the  new  tunnel.  Go  past  a steam vent to another
intersection  and  it's  ceiling  will show a thick horizontal horn or
hat. Continue to a ladder.

     CAUTION:  At  the top is Kahn's tent and you don't have much time
to  react.  Climb the ladder, turn left, get the sword, climb down (or
get knocked down.) You must get the sword. Once you have it, return to
the  horn intersection and row the stone back. Turn around and go back
past  the  steam  vent  to  the shell intersection. Pull the lever and
enter the left tunnel.

     The  next intersection ceiling should have interlocking diamonds.
Continue  forward to a ceiling with two crossed horns. Pull the lever,
enter  the  new  tunnel  and  continue to an intersection ceiling with
three  eyes. Continue to a skeleton mural. Notice the sculpting tools.
Click  the  writing below the skeleton mural, ...Hell's Realm... Click
the  writing  just  left  of  the Black Buddha. Take the butter boiler
(bow) from the table.

     Exit  and go back through the three eyes intersection. At the two
horns intersection, pull the lever. Turn around and go back to the two
diamond  area  and  on to the shell intersection. Pull the lever, turn
around  and use the map to find your way back to the green house. Talk
to  the  gardener.  Exit  the  greenhouse  and  go  back to the narrow
footbridge and across to the gatehouse.


     Make sure you're the Buddhist traveler, turn left at the tapestry
and go upstairs. Capture the image of the warrior. When he asks if you
want to cross, say Yes and ask everything. Give the silk scarf and ask
any  additional  questions.  Say  bye,  go downstairs and approach the
bridge. It will extend, so go on across. Make sure you're the Buddhist
traveler. Enter the prayer hall.


     Approach the Blue Buddha statue. Click your ? cursor on it's base
to  learn  it's  the Human Realm shrine. Enter the small alcove to the
right  and  capture the Lama's image. Talk to him about everything. Go
back  to  the  Blue Buddha and put the begging bowl in it's open hand.
Get  the blue sphere. Exit the Prayer Hall, turn left and go down some
narrow  steps.  Turn  left and Arthur says the tent is Mongolian. Turn
slightly left and approach the Buddha statue.


     Click  the  writing on it's base. Give it the sword and receive a
red sphere. Change to the Lama and enter the tent.

     If you had entered as the Gatehouse warrior, you would know where
he  got the shiner. Talk to the Khan about everything. Exit, turn left
and enter the first jplot_sse doors.

TEMPLE ENTRY: White Buddha. 

     Read  the writing on it's base. Turn around to the prayer wheels.
Click  your  ?  cursor on each to hear Arthur vocalize the sounds. The
upper  right  one  needs  lubricating.  If  you  didn't get the oil in
Atlantis,  use  the  yak  butter.  Click the finger on the six for the
following  in  order; Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me, Hum. When it's correct, you
get a white sphere from the White Buddha. Enter the jplot_sse.

TEMPLE: Wheel of life. 

     Just  inside the doors, turn right and approach the tapestry. Get
a  closeup and click each of the six sections. Turn around and go down
the  stairs  to  the  floor  and examine it. Go around and look at the
White  Buddha  in  the  alcove.  Exit  the jplot_sse and change to the
Kahn's image. Go back to the Prayer Hall.


     Ask  the  Lama  about  the  test, then about everything else. Ask
about  all  the  realms. After asking about the Animal realm, the Lama
asks you, What is the source of all Misery? Of course you know this as
'Ignorance';  since  you've  read  the  writing near the colors at the
yaks.  Answering  'Ignorance'  gets  you the crucial Book of Life. Say
bye, cross the hall to the floor grate and enter the steam tunnels.


     Go  to  the first intersection (tree symbol), continue to the two
horns  area  and roll the stone to the left. Go to the three eyes area
and  roll the stone to the opposite side. Continue to the unicorn horn
(hat)  area,  the  east  steam  area, the shell area, the middle steam
area,  and  to  the two rings area. Roll the stone from right to left.
Arthur  should  detect  a definite change in temperature and say, 'You
did it, Gage!'

     The  idea  was  to  divert two steam areas to the skeleton mural.
Return  there  and get the Black sphere from the melted Butter Buddha.
Exit to the three eyes area and roll the stone to the east on the map.
Go  through the two horns area to the two diamonds. Pull the lever and
go  to  the  two rings area and throw that lever. Go through the Cross
area  to the west steam area. Go slightly left and through the tunnel,
pull the lever to the grating and exit towards the yaks.


     Put  the  Book of Knowledge in the slot at the statue's base. Get
the green sphere.

     For  a  temporary diversion, and a bit of fun (or revenge), enter
the  gatehouse  as  the  Kahn and confront the gatehouse keeper. Then,
downstairs  as the Lama, approach the bridge and it will automatically
extend. Return to the jplot_sse where you solved the prayer wheels.

TEMPLE INTERIOR: Central pillar. 

     Put  the  white  sphere in the statue's hand. Read the writing on
each stairway on your way up, placing the similar color sphere at each
statue. At the top, climb the golden petals, of the open lotus, to the
shrine.  Examine  the  mural of pyramids. Examine the mural of a lotus
being transformed into a pyramid. Take the spinning lotus artifact.

     Click the red lens between a mural's eyebrows to see the Buddhist
traveler.  Exit  the  jplot_sse,  go  to the main bridge, and ring the
bell. On the other side, return to the Buddhist traveler just past the
narrow  footbridge, and talk to him. He says that you should shed your
illusions.  Give  the  lotus to him. He says you must become your true
self.  Change  to  the  Chameleon suit and again give the lotus to the
Buddhist. Automatic time warp with the second artifact.

EL DORADO: Temple Entrance. 

     As  the farm boy, face away from the jplot_sse and turn right. Go
towards  the  next large building. Try going up the stairs through the
narrow  stone  walkway.  A warrior says the Shaman can't be disturbed.
Ask  about  everything.  Turn  right and step once down the path. Turn
left  and  step  through  the bushes. Cut the balloon's rope with your

     Step  through the opening in the wall and turn right. As the boy,
go  on  up  the steps to see the Shaman. A guard stops you, so talk to
him.  The Shaman appears and asks if you want to hear a story. Capture
the  Shaman's image, then ask all the questions. Now to find out about
that  talisman. Go back to the balloon landing and float across to the
farm area.


     Change  to  the  Shaman  and go down to the well. Talk to the boy
about everything, and tell him your talisman is broken, to get his. At
the balloon landing, ride back across to the central mesa. Change back
to  the  boy, go up to the Shaman area and turn left. Go up the narrow
stairs  to  an  open  area  and a large balloon. Get in the basket and
strike the flint with your flint talisman to high up in the air.

     Zoom in on the lines out on the plains for a closer look. Zoom in
on  the  Temple  to  see  four  faces arranged around the arrow shaped
opening  and draw rough pictures of the faces around an arrow shape on
paper. Zoom in on the area next to the jplot_sse. Turn around and turn
off  the nozzle to drift back down. Exit the balloon and follow around
the jplot_sse to the overgrown path on the opposite side.

Turn around and go through the bushes to the pool. 


     Zoom  in on the pedestal for a closeup of the triangular opening.
Put  your  flint  talisman  there and the pool will drain. Go down the
steps.  There  are  four  sets  of six stone heads, two sets on either
side.  Turn  to either side and click the particular head according to
the  drawing you made of the jplot_sse top, from the balloon. Continue
on  around  till  you've  clicked the correct head in each of the four
groups. A secret entrance in the stairs will appear.

     Go down the secret entrance and your way will be blocked by fire.
Exit  back up the pool steps and pick up your talisman. The pool fills
and  puts  out  the  fire.  Go  back through the secret entrance to an
artifact room. Approach the pedestal. Remember you saw it from the top
of  the  air  vent in the upper jplot_sse where you got the gold leaf.
Click each wall etching for Arthur's translation.

     Click  on the tongue of the serpent, on the pedestal, and get the
artifact. Automatically time jump back to TSA Headquarters.


     The  image  on the table is a combination of the projected images
from  the  three artifact faces. Arthur explains how the puzzle works:
If  any two images overlap, the overlapping parts cancel. If the third
face projects the same part, the image appears again.

     There's  two  ways  to  spin each artifact; rotate around on it's
base  to  show  a  different  image,  or rotate the particular face to
change the position of the pattern. The three patterns have to combine
so  that  the result is an exact image of the Symbol at the upper left
of  your screen. When the total pattern is correct, the final sequence
automatically starts. Sit back and watch one heck of an ending.

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