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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре JetFighter 2015

Автор: Dan
The game missions are totally unrealistic because it never explains in the first mission how the enemy ever took control of part of the U.S. (what happened to our marines, special ops, tanks missiles and other weapons). Why aren't they helping defend U.S soil? And if ever terrorists did really occupy U.S. soil you would probably have at least several aircraft as squad buddies with you it never explains where all the other U.S land, sea and airforces are. And what about our friends if a disaster like this ever did happen? I'm sure we would have at least one ally helping us, but the game never explains where they are. I think JetFighter 2015 would be much better if it would explain where these forces are like in Jetfighter Homeland Defender where it gives you info on where the U.S and their allies are.

Автор: Trapper
I tried playing the game. It's really hard to play with no allies. Why am I all alone? How is it that terrorists took over our land and yet I am the only survivor? Why can't I restock my ammo and weapons? JetFighter 2015 is unrealistic.

Автор: Monsidi
JetFighter 2015 is too hard, especially at the 3th level (Rings of Fire). Mission is not clear and too many planes to shoot. No cheats available. I do not recommend!

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