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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Автор: Xander
The characters are pretty well defined, the control over your character is acceptable and the possibility to finish the game on both the light and dark side is a nice addition. The only things I don't like are the lightsaber fight scenes. In these scenes your player is either higly superior or very weak. When fighting the last boss it's almost impossible to win with a frontal assault. I don't know about everybody else, but I like the game. Overall the game is pretty good.

Автор: Livingston
This game is rather dodgy in my opinion. I'm a big fan of star wars and especially the Jedi connection within the SW universe. The beginning of the game was good and seemed to have loads of promise for the higher levels as you can go into the options menu and see the moves and skills you will gain at upper levels. Abilities like horizontal super jumps and clinging to the wall jumps. However, these hopes were shot down for me when I reached these levels. The horizontal jump is a bit too difficult to execute as you have to hit Force Speed and jump at the exact same time and it's just not very efficient. Also the jump cling to wall jump option is very weak as you don't get to jump very far after the cling so it does little good and is hard to direct. It also doesn't stop you from dying if you fall a long way and stop yourself near the bottom by clinging to the wall before you hit. Your momentum is completely halted yet you still die...

The double bladed Lightsaber is a joke as it has a hard time even deflecting blaster fire. I walk into a room with my dual sabers, 10 people shoot me, and they die. I walk into a room with a double saber, 5 people shoot me, maybe 1 dies and I die. The Kata is very bad as you do this big jump kick which takes long enough to perform that a Dark Jedi can slip their blade right in and out before you even get to your saber swings, not to mention it being nearly stationary, so I imagine my character saying please walk into me so this will actually do something. Each swing of your "double bladed light saber" only hits with one side of the weapon, making the other side pretty pointless. To throw it, you have to switch styles to have only one blade on and in that style you get no Katas and no ability to change to fast, medium, or heavy. The same goes with dual sabers; if you switch to one instead of two, it's severely handicapped as you get no Katas and no style adjustments. So once you choose a dual weapon your fast, medium, and strong options are taken away.

Force users in the game are much more proficient with Force Push than you are, even the Padawans when you are a Knight. If they get a missile shot at them they will automatically push it back and if someone else pushes it back they will have this stand off where they keep pushing it in the middle till one of them runs out of force. You can't do that simply because no matter how fast you hit the button your Force Push won't trigger that fast and everyone else seem to have double or triple the amount of Force, so you wouldn't be able to outlast them anyway. Also there are heavy troopers that fire these huge blasts that can kill you in 1-2 shots. If Kyle is with you he just pushes them back into the troopers or if you turn one into an ally and it shoots at a Dark Jedi the DJ will do the same. If you try it you're dead because the blasts happen way too fast for you to accurately push them back. To fix this, there should be a way to set up a Force Barrier such as the Protection or Force Absorption features which will automatically push projectiles back and counter force pulls.

Speaking of force, the Dark Jedi use Force Anger like it's going out of style. They don't suffer the same negatives as you do for it so they can slam it on every 5 seconds.

If you are making a game with enemies that are supposed to work within the same class as you, make the rules apply to them as well. Computer characters should not be allowed to break the limits set on your character unless there is a specific reason for them to be able to do so. Which also brings another thing to mind, the Dark Jedi dual wielders have kata that you can't do. If they are the same level as you, you should be able to do those as well. And it's not a Dark Side Light Side thing as you can go Dark Side, and you still can't use them. Speaking of which, if you have a ledge that you are fighting near and a main boss can push you off, you should be able to push them off as well. In both games with Tavion, you fight her near a ledge which is impossible to push her off of. Use the same rules!!!

I would like to see a lot more options to actually use the acrobatics and for them to be more functional in game play. I almost feel like I am going through Alpha and Beta versions of the game.

I can say that the levels themselves looked very good with ancient sith temples and Jedi burial tombs. So kudos to the level design team. And I was very glad to see familiar faces from the trilogy implemented.

The ending is terrible as is the same with all the games of this line, except this one was the worst. If you are light side you basically get a pat on the back for saving the world and asked if you're ready for another mission.

I'm sorry but when I spend 2 freakin weeks or more playing a game, I want an ending worthy of my time, not a 1 1/2 minute pep talk. I want a good climax and conclusion worthy of the epic scope in which Star Wars takes place. Ideally I would be most pleased if the ending were up to half an hour long like some RPs as the whole glory of being able to work in the Star Wars galaxy is the huge possibility for story archs, but it could at least be around 5-10 minutes. Seeing as how Kyle has become such a popular character who only exists in the game realm, this is the only venue to really flesh him out and advance his character. If you're granted license to work in the Star Wars universe bloody use it to its full capacity.

So my overall complaints are:
  1. Make the computers follow the same rules as the character, including advantages and disadvantages.
  2. If you give cool moves for the character to use, make sure that they are functional in game play.
  3. If you make a cool weapon for the character to use, don't dumb it down making it useless.
  4. This is Star Wars!!! Give us an ending that makes us believe it!

Автор: Ghost
The only reason I'm commenting is because I was reading one of the others, and it made me angry at how he was dissing the game. Half of his complaints are not even truth, or they're because he's ignorant. One of them was about Jedi following the same rules as the player. He said something like that it was stupid that you couldn't push Alora off the edge even though she can to you. Well, that's the dumbest complaint ever. Did you see that there was a video at the end? That video wouldn't be relevant or make ANY sense if she had fallen off a ledge. So think about your arguments before you put them on paper? Another complaint was that the staff was useless and that it's moves were unusable in battle. My counter: The staff is equal to all other weapons - I've tested, man. It can reflect just as good as the others. And all of its moves were created extremely well. If you can't use them, that's your problem - but it's not the game-makers fault that you suck. All of the moves were assigned a good button relationship I believe and it all made good sense. Nothing was too difficult or too easy. I think it was a GREAT game! Well thought-out story-line, good graphics, great combat stuff, great selection. "Jedi Outcast" used to be my favorite game, and this is JK2 x 4 or more. I don't think I've ever seen a better Star Wars game. I commend you guys who made it!

Автор: ronja123
I think "Jedi Academy" is the best "Star Wars" game who has been created. You have freedom on the game, you can made our own lightsaber and caracter, join the light or the dark side. It is the best "Star Wars" game ever. The graphic and sound are good.

Автор: Matthew
I would have gave it a three, but the graphics were pretty decent so I gave it a four. My biggest complaint with the game is how extremely easy it was. Once you get level three heal and level three rage, you are unstoppable. Heal totally negates the side effects of rage and rage allows you to kill anyone, even bosses in one or two hits. Stormtroopers and such kill off themselves by end game and if that doesn't work, throw out a level 3 lightning, it kills everything on the screen except Jedis. I do however like the last few levels. Once in a while they enemies would get in a lucky strike and kill me off. By the way, I played it on the hardest difficulty first time through so it isn't like my complaint is not valid.

Автор: Jail Bird
I gave 'Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy' a 5 because it has good graphics, good gameplay, and is pretty realistic. You can dismember people's arms, hands, and if you type in a code, you can even slice people's heads off, chop them in half, and have them get down on their knees and hold where you sliced their hand off. I don't have many complaints about this game, it's pretty well made. One complaint is that sometimes when you get blown up or you blow up and enemy, their body will completely... I can't think of the word right now. You will have to see for yourself. That probably sounded dumb what I just said, but I don't care, I know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah, and something else, that doesn't really matter, is that when you chop a body part off, the inside of their body looks like, mud packed down with leaves or something. It's brown! Somebody earlier said that the double-bladed lightsaber is useless. What nonsense! He said the only 1 end of it actually hurts your enemies, so the other end is pointless, not true. I'm starting to wonder if he ever even played 'Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy'.

Автор: SGriffin
Without a doubt, the best Star Wars game I've played. The saber battles are absolutely superb, all the moves and stunts you can do are fantastic, plus there are lots of mods available, most of which are truly ace (like bloody dismemberment). There is tons of replay value in this game, secret areas, alternate endings, different moves to negotiate etc. I would recommend this game to any Star Wars fan who wants a Jedi game that has fantastic saber battles. 5 stars!!!

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