Steam Achievements
A Kissenger For All Seasons
Get kissed by an unhygienic individual on two separate occasions
Above And Beyond The Spider of Duty
Collect all 8 spiders in the restaurant
Around The World In 80 Puns
Visit all travel destinations in the world
Bloody Mary On The Rocks
Serve a bloody mary
Breaking The Mold
Consume vast quantities of jelly to fulfill ethical responsibilities
But She Can Fly...
Win a round of pillow fight
Clean As A Whistle
Find and utilize a bidet
Talk to 3 inanimate cardboard boxes
Data mole
Smuggle a carrier pigeon into the next level
DJ Compact Disc Jockey
Scratch 2 compact discs in the bachelor pad
Don't Get Involved
Kiss 3 people while wearing lipstick
Essence of Pigeon
Spray 3 people with pheromones
Exume To Consume
Discovered all of the artifacts buried in sand
Face Infectors
Defeat a microscopic squadron of bacteriophage
Hasselhoff In A Pinch
Rescue the drowning man in the swimming pool
Heroine Chic
Apply lipstick VERY generously to your face
Insurance Premiums Increase
Shatter all vases in the shop
Jacques Voyeur: Room Explorer
Explore other guest rooms at the resort
Long Distance Charges
Dial all phone menu options
Land awkwardly while diving at the pool
Saliva Surrogate
Assist a saliva deficient individual by fulfilling their stationary needs
Serious Degaussing Skills
Degauss 4 undercover agents in the park
Spongiform Encephalopathy
Consume one brain steeped sandwich
Verbal Morality Statute
Dial various four letter words into the Nippon Telnet phone terminal

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