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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Jade Empire: Special Edition

Автор: Satanel
It is one of the best role-playing games I have ever played! I am amazed by the gameplay, it's so well made, since I was worried when I heard the game was made for console I was thinking the gameplay will suck. It is also one of the only games that made me feel sorry for the decisions I made in the game... It keeps the Chinese culture as it is and when playing it makes you feel that you are really there. The graphic engine is good, but still not the best I have seen, the animations are very good, so it is compensating. There are no character quests and side quests are a little sloppy, not giving the player the freedom of moving. Still it's too easy and too short. Anyway it's one of the best RPG's

Автор: Kaushal4053
Well, I am lacking words!!! Jade Empire: Special Edition is too good to be true! The only game till date I have completed more than 10 times!!! That's too without using cheats, which I normally use for additional fun after completing the game once or twice! But the fun seems never to end even though I know who the real villain is and how the game ends! It's awesome!!!! I am going to buy the console version as well! :)

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