How to Start The Game.

     You  are  asked  to  select  a  space  ship  and  6 crew members.
Well....It  doesnt  matter  which you choose on the easier levels, but
keep in mind that you select a good space-ship, which:

                a. Has at least 6 (or more) gun-posts.
                b. Can carry at least 500+ Fuel.
                c. Has a cargo-space for at least 150

The Crew Members.

There are 6 crew-members,You can select them with the fuction-keys.

                F1 : Psycho(path?), this one will communicate with aliens
                     and will enable modifications of your crew.

                F2 : Engineer, the most important member of your ship,
                               will build and control everything.

                F3 : Scientist, will explore planets and travel
                                to a planet in your current sector.
                                This dude will also give information
                                about planets in your sector.

                F4 : Security, needed to attack or defend your ship.

                F5 : Astrodude, will travel between sectors.

                F6 : Medic, save, restor, encode/decode etc...


     The  first  thing you do when you enter the game, is to go to the
medic  and  the  paper-icon,  this  way  you  can set the screensaver,
autosave en animation OFF, dont forget the animation, you dont need it
and it just slows down the game...


     Press  the  screw-driver  and  your crew starts research, after a
while  the crew gets a higher experience-level so you can start making
more  objects.  You  can  only  do  research  when the crew isnt doint
anything else...


        Elements        : You can find them on planets.
        Materials       : Exists of elements, you can find them,
                          manufacture them, or trade them.
        Components      : Exists of other components or materials,
                          you can build them of or get them after you
                          destroy a enemy ship.
        Device          : The main goal. Exists of components or other

Collecting Objects.

     Use  your  probots to scan the planet (scientist-icon), but first
check  if  there  are  aliens  present,  if there are aliens they will
probably blast your probots and thats not something you want !

     Check all 5 options. After the scanned the planet, you might have
some  objects  located (press the retrieve option), green dots will be

     Go  to  the engineer and click the bot-control-icon, here you can
select the objects and put them into the cargo-bay.

     If  you leave a Minibot or manufactorer (also in the same option,
you  can  collect  more  objects.  But  this  will only work after you
travelled  to other sectors! But try to leave a bot on as much planets
as possible, this way you will get loads of elements/materials.

     *note:  Some  planets can not be reached (aliens might live there
with a powerfull shield).

     *note: NEVER send a probot to a STAR. only send them to planets!

Contacting Aliens.

     When  you  found an alien, you can communicate with it , by using
the  psych-dude. Presse the alien-option and type TRADE if you want to
trade.  There  is  also a SHIP-communication option, but that one only
works if there is an alien vessel present. This way you will know when
to attack ;)

Installing Objects.

When you have weapons or shields available (you have to create them),
     you   can  install  them.  Go  to  the  engineer  en  presse  the
object-icon.  This way you can select a place to put them (a gun-post)
and select whether you want a shield or weapon installed. Install them
as  fast  as  possible,  because sometimes an alien attacks before you
have a weapon!

Attacking Aliens.

     This  is  a  nice  thing  to  do,  because  defeated aliens leave
components  into  space,  this  is a much faster way then building the
components ;)

                a. Arm weapons
                b. Raise shield (when available)
                c. Masking ON
                d. ATTACK

     When  in  range  the  weapons will fire automaticly. just use the
controls  to  fly  towards  the aliens, but whatch out for CRUISERS or
FRIGATES,  they  are  a  little  bit  more dangerous then shuttles and
fighters,  so  best  way to defeat them is to be at 400000km away from
them, so you can use long distance weapons.


     After  you  scanned  all  pleanets  in a sector you can travel to
another  sector  (use  the  astro-dude). Select the planet you want to
travel  to  (starmap)  and  presse  the flame-icon. If you have enough
fuel, (if not you have to build a FUEL HULL you will go there.

     Travelling  between  planets  in  the  same sector is done by the
scientist,  just  press  the  secot-map,  click a planet and click the
fire-icon.  Dont forget to ask info about the planet (icon next to the


     The  scientist  has a nice logfile which contains all sectors you
have  been, if they have cargo ready for pick-up, where the aliens are
etc. Use this log to decide where to travel to!

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